5 Tips to Include a Chatbot in Your Web Project

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Have you noticed that technology has taken on many functions in our daily lives? With a smartphone in hand you check the weather, exchange messages, send emails, pay bills, call a Uber and meanwhile all your steps are calculated, literally, through a pedometer that tracks your walks.

The communication has changed a lot in this scenario of automation and in the segment was no different. The brands are closer to the consumer and the contact has become more horizontal. Therefore, using chatbot is an opportunity to escalate a conversation, ensuring a positive user experience.

Chatbot and other trends you need to follow

A Forrester Research study says that 84% of people use only five applications a month. So the consumer is more likely to interact with his brand on some platform he already uses, such as a social network. As a result, chatbot is gaining ground in the market as brands reconsider their investment in new applications.

The Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2017 , published by Gartner, a global leader in technology research and consulting, presents the organizational interfaces among key trends for this year. This means that the conversation between men and machines came out of science fiction films and became part of our daily lives.

In this context, working with chatbot development can be an opportunity to expand your service portfolio and increase your revenue. It is possible that your client is not within the technology trends, so it is important to explain how a chatbot works and present all possibilities of use.

Learn how to plan an efficient chatbot

Basically, chatbots simulate communication between people. For this to occur, the program uses an information base and selects the most appropriate response to interact with the user. Although developing a chatbot is not something very complex, especially for those who understand programming, it is imperative to plan each of the steps. Here on the blog has a post that explains the importance of planning your web project and describes a process that can be easily applied in creating a chatbot.

1. The creation of people

Building a chatbot begins with your personality. Imagine how he will talk to the audience and create a person to represent him. Next to the client define how he will behave in a conversation, whether the interaction will be more objective or complete, what language will be used, the most common terms and what can never be said. Define how chatbot will react to funny, serious or stupid conversations and whether it will use emoji, links, images, and gifs. All this is important for an efficient chatbot focused on providing a positive user experience.

2. The elaboration of the content

Content is an essential factor for a chatbot, as well as for a website or application. But as the robot interacts with the user in the name of a brand or person, it needs to be "trained". The content is crucial for the virtual assistant to respond correctly and strategically. If your client has a good website and keeps an up-to-date blog, chatbot can direct you to relevant information that contextualizes the conversation. Therefore, create a large collection of questions and answers to supply the chatbot with a lot of information.

3. The development of chatbot

Chatbot can be a virtual assistant that automates the care in several segments, such as doctors' offices, salons, tourism agencies, among many others. But, they can also curate content and provide relevant information to readers or entertainment tips. The possibilities are numerous and the programming language will depend on where the chatbot will run. This technology can be integrated into websites, social networks and messaging applications, such as Skype, among others. Some APIs can dialog directly with these platforms, in this case no graphic interface is needed.

4. Monitoring the strategy

With the chatbot developed and the integrations made is the time to monitor its operation. Track the performance of the tool and identify improvements in both the programming part and the content. Suggest that your customer analyzes the quality of the service, to see how satisfied consumers are with the automated communication.

5. Optimizing results

The forecast is that 85 percent of consumer interactions will be automated by 2020, according to the Gartner Customer 360 Summit . As such, chatbots can gain more and more space in the market. As a developer, you can perfect yourself to create more sophisticated tools, including artificial intelligence capabilities.

Now you know, whenever you are developing a new web project you should take into account aspects such as: user experience , mobile first and machine learning . With good planning and relevant content you will have everything to do a good job and achieve positive results. How about testing some of the most popular platforms for building chatbots: Bots for Messenger , ChatScript , Imperson , Microsoft Bot Platform , Pandorabots or Rebot.me ?

How about doing a post-sale with your customers and presenting the chatbot? This is a great opportunity to generate new business and increase your revenue.

3 Internet trends for business in 2017

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3 Internet trends for business in 2017

The internet offers more and more solutions for those who have business and digital marketing is one of the possibilities to succeed in the sales and propagation of the company. To help entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who want to invest in this online market, Fabio Ricotta, a specialist in Digital Performance Marketing and CEO of Agência Mestre , listed three opportunities to take advantage of in 2017 .

Inbound Marketing

"Throughout 2016 we confirmed that the strategy is very solid and can generate great results if applied in the right way. I saw a case in which sales of an e-commerce increased 400% using Inbound Marketing, "he says.

The specialist explains that in 2017 the market will implement much more strategy and for those who will start their own business, it is essential to acquire an efficient tool for managing leads - which are the contacts that can be transformed into customers - to do a personal planning , Purchase day and develop all channels of aquisition.


Ricotta says that one of the other trends for the coming year is the delivery of value to the customer through personalization, be it content, materials, points of connection with the audience, among others. "In the case of Inbound Marketing, for example, you can get to know your people better and their buying time, and from there you can personalize emails, ads, offers, approaches and even content such as e-books and videos "He explains.


One of the best opportunities for business will be investing in videos. This is what says the businessman, who since 2015 bets on the format to produce content on Digital Marketing. "I think 2017 will be a strong year for the videos, because broadband is being disseminated in world, and with more people with quality internet access, more videos will be consumed."

The specialist concludes that it is ideal to add these three opportunities. "Do not consider them in a segmented way, because the three boards will be mandatory in various strategies and will make a difference in several markets."

Time To Start Your Business

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Time To Start Your Business

At some point you thought about starting a business, a business or a project. At various times you had brilliant, wonderful ideas. You then visualized how this idea would change your life. It would make you a better person, help people around you, bring more income to your family.

But it was a few seconds, a few minutes ... and you went back to what you were doing, to your routine. Or he did nothing else. What could be another website shining on the internet, plus a company or a business generating income and jobs, did not happen.

With each new day you have a new choice: create something new, or continue doing the same thing you always did.

I'm here to tell you that creating something new is possible: with the advancement of technology, the cost and time required to start a business or product has dropped precipitously in recent years.

Check out 5 key steps to launch your own business and the solutions for each of them.

1. Business plan

To understand the market potential that your product has, you do not need very complex searches. Some online tools allow you to quickly identify a favorable scenario, or not. You can use Keyword Planner , Adwords , or SEM Rush to understand the volume of searches performed on Google for the product and / or service you want to offer. Even here, you can understand how much the clicks on your ads will cost and estimate the investment needed to get it on the internet.

Want to go deeper into your research? The crowdsourcing platforms were designed to raise funds for the business you want to accomplish, right? But you can do a lot more, how to understand how many people actually want to buy your product or service and how much they are willing to pay for it, without the need to manufacture it. That is, it is no longer necessary to produce something for people to test and decide whether they want to buy or need it. Crowdsourcing platforms have reversed this cycle and made it much easier to launch new products and services.

2. Creation of the brand and visual identity

A few years ago, in order to create your brand, it was indispensable to hire a professional designer or an agency, which is great, though, expensive. If you need to start a business and want a professional-looking visual identity, get in touch with services like WeDoLogos . In a short time, this network of designers can bring good visual proposals to your company, and you only pay for the option you like.

3. Online presence

The cost and complexity of having an online presence, that is, an internet channel (website, store, or blog), has dropped significantly. There are already specific plans and services for each level of expertise and need that a person may have.

For example:

  • Do not you know what HTML is? No problem. There are already solutions , such as Site Builder , that allow anyone, even without design and programming knowledge, to easily create a website in just a few steps. You can click, drag and delete elements, and play with images and text content. It is an affordable, easy-to-handle solution that can be your gateway to the online environment. Worth a try!
  • For those who have an intermediate level in HTML and know how the environment of a blog works, there are solutions that meet this profile, such as WordPress Hosting . It is a service optimized for those who want to have a blog or website that is easily editable and updatable. The control panel is simple to use and comes with a tool that performs automatic backup.

  • Are you programming expert and need a customizable environment? A VPS server is a feature that provides root access, that is, allows you to install and configure systems according to your needs in relation to your site or virtual store, such as choosing scripts, software and other settings.

  • For those who have a website or e-commerce that has a lot of traffic , that is, many daily visits, a dedicated server is the best solution. This type of service provides full control over the hosting environment, making it fully managed by the client. The infrastructure is robust, and the performance and processing power are very high. For this solution, HostGator technical support is also done via WhatsApp with a team of experts.

  • Also, if your intention is to set up your own business in the field of web hosting and online presence, it is indicated the reseller hosting service , which gives flexibility to manage hosting plans and provide this service to own customers.  

4. Launching Your Project

Putting your website on the air is a big step, but you need to publicize your business and attract visitors. Before, it was necessary to take expensive courses and spend a lot of time to learn how to perform such actions. Currently, there are portals such as Alura (100% in Portuguese), Coursera (partially translated) and MxCursos (100% in Portuguese) that allow you to study with teachers from the best universities and schools in the world for an affordable value ), And various workloads and complexity levels, from 4 hours to 2 months in duration.

5. Business management

Do you have no background in administration, finance or sales? This is no longer a problem. Sebrae offers several tools to control cash flow, structure the cost of its products, map and identify competitors, among others. Already Endeavor brings 50 tools to assist in running a business, creating a sales plan to the 360 - degree assessment of the business.

The world has never been so supportive of new opportunities.

How about starting your business?

Should I Purchase A New Domain Extension For My Site?

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Should I purchase a new domain extension for my site?

Driven by the saturation in the volume of extensions of most popular domains, the new generations of first level domains have been gaining space and world trend status on the internet. Do you already own a domain? Learn why this should not be an excuse not to pay attention to the new domain extensions available for use.

Verisign, the world's leading provider of domain registration and internet security, released data from a survey conducted in 2016 that points to more than 143 million URLs using ".com" and ".net" extensions, And another 149 million that use acronyms of countries, like ".br". Still, there are 41 million domains that make use of other extensions, among others many published data.

See also: Digital Marketing Optimization Company

Faced with this scenario of scarcity in relation to the traditional ".com" and ".net" extensions , ICANN ( Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) , which controls the granting of domains and extensions to the Internet worldwide, has A project that is expanding the number of generic domain extensions, the gTLDs. The result of this action will be the significant increase of new possibilities of domain names available for registration. An example is the existing generic extensions ".tech", ".host", ".space", ".me", ".mobi", ".press", among other creative and innovative alternatives to this question of demand faced currently.

Reasons to purchase a new domain extension for a website.

Ok, you already have a registered domain, and your site has been active for some time. So you must be wondering "why should I think about changing my domain or buying a new extension available?" Here are some reasons.

Boost the brand's breadth

Acquiring an existing domain in a new extension can increase the reach and coverage of a brand on the network, as it gives scope for a domain to be found in different ways. For example, a www.hostinger.com.br site can use an extension www.hostinger.site , www.hostinger.tech , and so on. This is not to say that you necessarily need to stop using the traditional ".com.br", but rather, add other options, increasing the competitive advantage.
Another very important reason is that by acquiring the brand name in new extensions, you become the owner of them and automatically prevent another company from making use of the same name, to a different extent, by changing only the TLD . In the competitive environment in which we currently live, being aware of and protecting a brand is very important. As there are many combinations available, the tip is to focus only on the most relevant to the business. In this case, the user will be directed to the site in question by accessing any of the extensions, increasing the chances of conversion on your site.

Strengthen brand identity

Owning a domain with an extension that complements the name of a brand or company is a great way to consolidate your identity. Many of the new domain extensions refer to a specific type of interest, business or location. This facilitates the understanding of users and consumers in relation to a specific product or service.

If you have doubts about the user's adaptation to this news, do not worry. The level of adaptation in relation to the evolution of new devices and platforms is more than proven with the innovations launched in the market in recent times, besides the fact that it is a change that gives better experience in the digital environment.

But what about the SEO of my site?

Google has already stated that new extensions will be treated in the same way as existing ones, requiring the same settings and having the same weight when indexing, sorting and crawling the URL. In this explanatory video , it is clear that search engines continue to rely on the relevance of site content, among other issues, rather than on registration time or type of domain extension.
Step by step to change a domain
If you want to change the domain of your site, know that this is possible, but some care is needed not to undermine the existing indexing and all the SEO work that has already been done. The search engines see a new domain as something that starts from scratch, so that a site does not lose position in the migration process, one must follow a step by step proposed by Moz, world reference in SEO services:

  • Create a current site sitemap
  • Create new site content
  • Set up and install the new domain
  • Register and verify domains (new and old) using Google Webmaster Tools
  • Develop a 404 page, with a custom message, directing the user to the new address
  • Test the redirects from the old domain to the new domain in an online testing environment
  • Perform 301 redirection from the old domain to the new one - key point for the migration to succeed
  • Send the old domain sitemap to Google and Bing
  • Fill out the Change of Address form of Google Webmaster Tools
  • Make a sitemap of the new domain and send it to Google and Bing
  • Check the updates and the diagnosis given by Google Webmaster Tools, and correct the errors that are pointed out
  • Analyze search results on engines, making sure the new domain is being indexed

The process may seem a bit complex, but by following this step-by-step it is possible to perform a trouble-free domain migration.

MARKET ANALYSIS : The Importance Of Understanding Your Consumer And Your Competition

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Planning is indispensable for important actions in any commercial segment, regardless of the niche in which the enterprise operates. And it is worth emphasizing that, faced with the turbulent economic scenario that Brazil is going through, any and all commercial activity is subject to face the impacts caused by abrupt changes in the behavior of its consuming public, increasingly fearful and cautious to spend.


The same goes for closely following the trends of its main competitors: the moment demands total attention in the dispute for new customers and also for the loyalty of the public.

In the race for the best conditions to acquire their goods and goods, the public, then weakened by inflation and diminished purchasing power, will spare no effort to find more attractive prices, as well as benefits and advantages.

One of the most assertive and concise means to gather solid data and follow the market of your company's performance is the market analysis .

An Accurate Look At The Current Market Bring More Change Of Success

Imagine a scenario where your product mix counts on potential marketing items at seasonal peaks, such as back-to-school or Mother's Day, for example. How to know, in fact, if your customer is willing to buy it at the conditions and prices offered by your store? Or, imagine that in your catalog, regular marketing items show fluctuations in sales and, consequently, in your revenue.

In both situations, without the information and data needed to assess the demand for your products and the competition offer, any action taken may lead to an even greater imbalance in sales and conversions.

By evaluating the most sought-after products by the public, your store will be able to understand consumer preferences and act by making available and highlighting the items in your catalog that are high in searches.

In this way, measures such as price formation, marketing actions and also sales, such as the elaboration of promotions and offers will have a wider reach, based on the preferences and real demands of the consumer.

It is worth remembering that your more attentive competitors tend to follow the same pattern, investing in the products of greater demand and exit. With the help of market analysis , even competitors' actions can be monitored, giving your business greater chances of competing with more realistic prices and availabilities.

When analyzing your competitors' measures, your team can more accurately calculate the strategies for approaching the public, optimizing stocks and making prices flexible according to the real possibilities of profit,

You need to carefully and realistically assess the breadth of your most aggressive actions, without harming your current revenue with poorly planned price confrontation, and also avoid delays and unforeseen customer service that could harm your brand image.