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How to Build a Cheap Virtual Store

How to Build a Cheap Virtual Store

Want to know how to set up a cheap virtual store for my business? This question I have heard countless times and the answer begins with an expression I particularly detest; It depends.

Unfortunately it would not have otherwise, because the concept of cheap virtual store depends a lot on the circumstances. First, we must evaluate what budget is available for the e-commerce project , obviously including digital marketing.

What's more, what is a cheap virtual store? The low-investment virtual store or the one that, because of its resources, generates such a return that the initial investment and the maintenance lose much of its expression in terms of expenses for the creation and maintenance of an e-commerce?

As I have just demonstrated, the term "cheap virtual store" varies greatly depending on the approach. But let's focus on the most common understanding of how to build a cheap virtual store, where the initial investment is very small.

Is there a cheap virtual store?

Of course, it exists. The Brazilian market already offers cheap solutions for virtual stores with prices starting from $ 100.00 or even less. The question then becomes: Why do some stores cost so much more.

The answer is simple; Resources. The price of a virtual store varies in the direct ratio of available resources, such as everything in life. A BMW is more expensive than a Fiat Uno because of the features it offers. That simple.

When in other articles I say that there is no free virtual store the basic argument is the same. Why would anyone invest the time, money and technology to develop an e-commerce platform for you to make money without being paid for it?

I have been criticized several times for saying that free virtual store does not exist, but my argument is simple and irrefutable, the cost may not be in the system, but at some stage of the process of purchase, configuration or hosting, there is a built-in cost that pays Directly or indirectly the system developer. Nothing juster.

A virtual store is worth what it offers

A common question that we come across in our e-commerce consulting is the question of the value of the e-commerce platform .

Many people come to us with the distorted view that they can set up a virtual store with a few swaps. This is not so. An e-commerce project is not restricted to the purchase of the virtual storage system. In fact, this is one of the lowest costs of a virtual store today.

Digital marketing is the hallmark of modern e-commerce. Issues such as SEO design for e-commerce, sponsored links, email marketing and social media marketing are increasingly decisive for a successful e-commerce.

What are the options of low investment virtual stores?

The Brazilian market is full of options for those who are in search of how to set up a cheap virtual store. The choice will depend on the resources you have. I'll explain.

There are basically two options for you to open a virtual store without spending too much on the system, one of the most expensive elements of any business.

The first is you create the store yourself, from ready-made templates, also known as Open Source e-commerce platforms. The two most indicated are Magento and WordPress.

The Magento is a more robust system, and I can say quite complicated, especially if you're not used to it. So we would leave that option to those who really have deep knowledge of systems, which your is not the reality of most people.

The other option, even in the area of own systems, is to build your store using WordPress, a simple platform that is capable of producing stores of the highest standard, with a low investment and does not require so much programming knowledge as well.

The option that does not involve programming is to go to a leased virtual store, ready systems that you pay for the right of use and can already leave setting up as soon as the contract is signed between you and the system supplier.

The cost, in this case, varies greatly depending on the system you intend to adopt. In our section of Suppliers of E-commerce Platforms, you will see stores that cost from $ 100 and account for the market. This is a very viable option for those who want to build a virtual store without spending a lot of money.

How to advertise a virtual store without spending too much

This is another big challenge for anyone who is looking to know how to set up a cheap virtual store and to be defeated depends only on their personal commitment. Of course, there are digital agencies specializing in e-commerce, but the amount to be invested is not what you can call cheap.

So, if the budget for setting up a virtual store is short, the best option is to start with the marketing of your own resources, and the best way to achieve this is the areas of SEO, search engine optimization and marketing social media.

In the case of SEO, you will seek to put the pages of your store in the best possible settings on the Google response pages. It's not easy, but the result is simply sensational in terms of sales.

For this, the best way is to take a good SEO course and learn the techniques to achieve positions of relevance in Google. These techniques do not involve programming but require a thorough knowledge of the method.

The other way is the spread of social media. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great allies at this time and with a good campaign, using the right techniques and an extremely professional approach, you can turn your Facebook page into a true sales machine.

Also, in this case, we recommend that you train yourself, for a Facebook marketing campaign, for example, there are appropriate techniques that will ensure you a good return.

The best way is also to empower and seek a good course of Facebook Marketing is one of the best ways to ensure good results in this area as well.

Now that you already know how to set up a cheap virtual store, if the problem was the resources, the path of the stones has already been given.

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