5 Tips to Include a Chatbot in Your Web Project

By October 18, 2017
Tips to Include a Chatbot in Your Web Project

Have you noticed that technology has taken on many functions in our daily lives? With a smartphone in hand, you check the weather, exchange messages, send emails, pay bills, call an Uber and meanwhile all your steps are calculated, literally, through a pedometer that tracks your walks.

The communication has changed a lot in this scenario of automation and in the segment was no different. The brands are closer to the consumer and the contact has become more horizontal. Therefore, using chatbot is an opportunity to escalate a conversation, ensuring a positive user experience.

Chatbot and other trends you need to follow

A Forrester Research study says that 84% of people use only five applications a month. So the consumer is more likely to interact with his brand on some platform he already uses, such as a social network. As a result, chatbot is gaining ground in the market as brands reconsider their investment in new applications.

The Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2017 , published by Gartner, a global leader in technology research and consulting, presents the organizational interfaces among key trends for this year. This means that the conversation between men and machines came out of science fiction films and became part of our daily lives.

In this context, working with chatbot development can be an opportunity to expand your service portfolio and increase your revenue. It is possible that your client is not within the technology trends, so it is important to explain how a chatbot works and present all possibilities of use.

Learn how to plan an efficient chatbot

Basically, chatbots simulate communication between people. For this to occur, the program uses an information base and selects the most appropriate response to interact with the user. Although developing a chatbot is not something very complex, especially for those who understand programming, it is imperative to plan each of the steps. Here on the blog has a post that explains the importance of planning your web project and describes a process that can be easily applied in creating a chatbot.

1. The creation of people
Building a chatbot begins with your personality. Imagine how he will talk to the audience and create a person to represent him. Next to the client define how he will behave in a conversation, whether the interaction will be more objective or complete, what language will be used, the most common terms and what can never be said. Define how chatbot will react to funny, serious or stupid conversations and whether it will use emoji, links, images, and gifs. All this is important for an efficient chatbot focused on providing a positive user experience.

2. The elaboration of the content
Content is an essential factor for a chatbot, as well as for a website or application. But as the robot interacts with the user in the name of a brand or person, it needs to be "trained". The content is crucial for the virtual assistant to respond correctly and strategically. If your client has a good website and keeps an up-to-date blog, chatbot can direct you to relevant information that contextualizes the conversation. Therefore, create a large collection of questions and answers to supply the chatbot with a lot of information.

3. The development of chatbot
Chatbot can be a virtual assistant that automates the care in several segments, such as doctors' offices, salons, tourism agencies, among many others. But, they can also curate content and provide relevant information to readers or entertainment tips. The possibilities are numerous and the programming language will depend on where the chatbot will run. This technology can be integrated into websites, social networks and messaging applications, such as Skype, among others. Some APIs can dialog directly with these platforms, in this case, no graphics interface is needed.

4. Monitoring the strategy
With the chatbot developed and the integrations made is the time to monitor its operation. Track the performance of the tool and identify improvements in both the programming part and the content. Suggest that your customer analyzes the quality of the service, to see how satisfied consumers are with the automated communication.

5. Optimizing results
The forecast is that 85 percent of consumer interactions will be automated by 2020, according to the Gartner Customer 360 Summit. As such, chatbots can gain more and more space in the market. As a developer, you can perfect yourself to create more sophisticated tools, including artificial intelligence capabilities.

Now you know, whenever you are developing a new web project you should take into account aspects such as user experience, mobile first and machine learning. With good planning and relevant content, you will have everything to do a good job and achieve positive results. How about testing some of the most popular platforms for building chatbots: Bots for Messenger, ChatScript, Imperson, Microsoft Bot Platform, Pandorabots or Rebot.me?

How about doing a post-sale with your customers and presenting the chatbot? This is a great opportunity to generate new business and increase your revenue.

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