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3 Important Pillars In SEO What to Know: Newbie Special

This article will explain about the 3 important Pillars of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that must be known before using SEO.

 Important Pillars In SEO What to Know

When someone decides to create a website or Blog, of course, have hope if the website or blog becomes famous and become the best in an internet search. And to achieve all that, the path they take is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Everyone believes that SEO is the most strategic and free step that can deliver a website or blog to the top of popularity.

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3 Important Pillars of SEO that must be known

But you know, before getting into the rules or specific strategies used when you do SEO, you must first understand the 3 pillars of importance first. If we go back to the beginning of Google search engine search algorithm, you will remember the so-called PageRank. Because PageRank is the original algorithm of the first Google search engine built.

In the past, SEO practitioners competed to increase PageRank, they made dozens or even hundreds of sites just to provide backlinks to their website or blog, because they believe that the more links that lead to his website will quickly increase PageRank. The technique they use is limited to increasing relevance of links only. That way can already successfully achieve what they want.

But today is different with a few years back. This does not mean that link relevance is not valid, Google's judgment of a site still refers to relevant links, although sometimes Google is circumventing the facts remain that way. Google uses an LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) technology for keyword diversity and will show sites that have the most relevant link density.

I am very sure, whoever you read the above information will start thinking if it turns out that the so-called PageRank is still there, it's just hidden by different methods. We need to do something smarter in building relevant links to get their website or blog to gain the trust of search engines to become LSI's referrals.

Well to start all that you must know 3 important pillars as the basis or foundation. You have to be sure, if 2013 where Google measures the site based on PageRank, today it remains the same, though the rules are made as different, the pillars remain the same. And here are 3 important pillars of SEO that you must know:

1. Authority

Authority is closely related to the quality and number of relevant links built over time. The more authority a website has the more links that can be forwarded to the website. To measure the authority of a website or blog you can use a tool like MozBar and others. The higher the authority of a website or blog, then it is he who will dominate the search engine.

Is the cheating technique to raise the authority level of a link still there? I do not mean to tell you to do that, I just want to say that such a technique still exists. Even done not only by small sites, but thousands of large sites still do that to win the authority of the search engines.

2. Content

It is clear that the pillars of SEO one of them and arguably the most important is the content. Without having enough content, you can not possibly do much. The more quality content the easier it will be to build link authority, they will not protest in your ways of building authority despite the fraudulent steps.

In fact, they are not necessarily aware that the site they visit is limited to referral links. Because when they click the link will find the actual content that they think is very useful.

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3. Age of indexing

The third or final pillar of SEO is the age of the index for a content and a link. The ranking of a good indirect post page at the beginning of the content is published. You need to do a track record of links or links that can lead to the content, after which there should be an effort to maximize it.

So you should not be surprised if suddenly a lot of old content that appears in the top internet search because the perpetrators of SEO will continue to make improvements based on the most links that lead to the content. And if today you create content but do not come up with the keywords you are targeting and then you say fail, it's because you do not know about the important pillars of SEO.

SEO cannot be separated from the 3 important pillars that I mentioned above the authority, content and age index, then will start from the age of the index, content, and authority. If you already understand and understand what I mean by the 3 important pillars of SEO, then you can start doing SEO from now.

Well, that's 3 important pillars of SEO that must be known especially by beginners before deciding to use SEO as a specific strategy in increasing the popularity of the website or blog. Maybe useful.

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