4 The Cycle Determining the Development of Blogs

By November 17, 2017
The Cycle Determining the Development of Blogs

Who the hell is not interested in living a success just from writing jobs on blogs? Of course, all bloggers are eager to achieve the same. But to be a successful blogger is not easy, and cannot be done in a short time because I think there are 4 phases or cycles that determine the development and success of a blog.

Maybe you've heard about the success stories of bloggers who can make a lot of money, hundreds, even thousands of dollars every month? and no doubt including myself I want to feel as successful as they are, so from that, I try to dig how to make a blog so that can make money.

Various efforts may we have done, but the success we want has not come yet, for those of you who are trying to achieve all that, do not despair, let both learn and learn in order to gain the expected success.

Once again I affirm, to achieve success is not an easy thing. Everything needs a process, it takes patience, and it takes hard work. Maybe you do not know about the development phase of a blog. Here I will explain it all.

Here are 4 phases or development cycle of a blog that we must know.

1. Phase of establishment

This phase is the phase where we have to build quality content, which is always needed by people, timeless content, content that will not be crashed in time, content that will always be sought by generation to generation. Do not be satisfied with 10 or 20 articles that we have created, keep writing and writing, science and knowledge there is no limit.

2. The growth phase of traffic or blog visitors

Is a 2-3-month-old blog will be able to bring good traffic? In this case, I concentrate on organic traffic, not social media traffic, not fake traffic, but really pure traffic from search engines. Surely it takes a very long time, and of course should also be supported with quality content, as I mentioned in the first stage, maybe after going through some Google algorithm changes. Then our new articles or content will generate the perfect organic traffic.

3. Maturation stage blog and monetize

This phase should only be done if our blog already has at least a thousand visitors per day that comes from organic visits. In order for the earnings that we get really pure, we will be free from prejudice clicks own ads and others. Meanwhile, to bring in organic visitors it is not easy, very, very takes time and patience.

4. The blog maintenance phase

After all three phases have been missed, then the last phase is blog maintenance, what else, content is enough, income already exists. All we have to do is take care of blogs to stay awake stability, both in terms of visitor and access speed and also keep the blog from spam-spam that is not preferred by Google. Although bloggers and other platforms have activated spam detection automatically and will notify us as a blog owner about spam that is harmful to the health of blogs, there also we are emphasized to be more intensive to take care of him.

That is the 4 phases or cycles that determine the success of a blog that must be known by every blogger. Thank you for reading, and success always for you guys.

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