6 How to Create a Blog site to Make Money

By November 09, 2017
Explains how to create a blog site from scratch until it can really make money for beginners

How to create a blog site to make money

It's been a lot of sites that write about how to create a blog. But this is different because this article will teach you how to create a good blog until it can really make money.

Yes I know, you got here because of information on how to create a blog to make money you've read and you've done it all confusing. So much time you throw away without any encouraging results.

But you can smile in relief because today is a day of luck for you. After reading this article I am very confident, you will be a great internet marketing.

Because the article you are reading now is a true story of my own, where some blog sites that I manage have given my welfare because every month I always get money from the results of my hard work.

6 How to create a blog site to make money

Actually how to make a blog to make money is not as complicated as they say. Because all questions will come back to you as well, ready or not?

Why did I say that?

Because I often see a lot of misguided, do not have the ability to build blogs continuously but still force. Finally, many who stop with no results, there is also a forced forward but perform actions that are prohibited. It's like deliberately stealing someone else's content for not having an idea to write.

How to create a blog until it can make enough money to do 6 steps, which include:
  1. Define blog topics
  2. Choose a platform
  3. Start blogging
  4. Organize templates
  5. Start creating content
  6. Start making money

And if the six steps above you do a neatly arranged, then according to my promise, you will be a great internet marketing that will never feel tired or confused in taking care and develop your blog.

Are you ready? Let's start!

1. Define blog topics

Deciding what topics you want to write on your blog is the key to your success. And this should be considered carefully. Make no mistake in determining the topic.

Why is determining the topic should be considered with great care? Because your first article is a challenge and heavy responsibility for the future.

You must be aware, do not dream, blog sites that will succeed in earning continuous income is not a site that publishes 100 or 200 articles and stop and calculate profit.

But ... a blog that will make money every time it is a blog that never stops making content to entertain the reader. Well, how can you do that when determining the topic of blogs is wrong?.

The best way to determine a topic so you will never lose the idea of creating content is to learn what's inside of you. What are your skills?

You are a wooden furniture craftsman? make a topic about it. Or are you a farmer? make a topic of how to farm properly and properly.

But there is one other thing you need to consider, what is it? Not all topics are loaded into a blog and published into articles, can be used capital to make money online.

As an example you are an expert in making bricks for building materials, it's a bit difficult if your content will be sold to online business. Because what you will wrestle is internet marketing, so try to determine the topic must be closely related to the perpetrators of online business as well.

Okay, I assume you already understand the above explanation on how to determine a good topic for your blog can be used as capital to make money.

2. Choose a Platform

Once you have a choice of topics to be the main pillar of content on your site, the next step is to choose a suitable platform.

As a suggestion you can consider, if your site will load more text content with fewer complementary images, then using the Blogger platform is also more than enough.

But if your site will use many images and files downloads, then you should use WordPress platform. It will make it easier for you to manage your site.

3. Start Blogging

After choosing a Platform that suits your site needs, the next step is to start creating a blog or website. Please login to the platform you want and start by creating a name for your site.

Please note, in creating the name or title of the site, it should be relevant to the topic you will be discussing. For example, you want to discuss topics about business, use titles that contain business sentences. Like my site, because of the main discussion of online business, then I gave the name of Online Business Guide.

4. Organize templates

Once you've finished making a good and relevant title for your site, the next step before starting to fill in the content, you should first rearrange the template of your blog site.

You should be able to create comfort for your site visitors. As in terms of site speed, brightness size, and clear navigation menu, so that visitors to your site can freely uncover all the available content.

And because today most internet users use mobile devices, then in choosing a template should be mobile friendly. Even highly recommended to use AMP template.

5. Start Creating Content

Please publish your content on your site. And I hope this is a good start and will bring good luck to you.

You need to know if a good site and will evolve to follow the times, not a site that blindly in making the content and stop for a long time.

But consistent sites continue to keep articles regularly even if only two or three articles each day.

The more routine you make the article, the faster it will bring good changes. And according to the author's experience, it only takes 12 months to bring in 5000-10000 visitors per day.

6. Start making money

After your article is enough, visitors to your site a lot, then you can start making money from your site.

Can make money from where? That's a good question.

You have to believe me. For sites that have good development, have quality content, have many visitors, you do not have to bother offering your site to the owners of capital.

You are diligent enough to open an email, will be a lot of incoming email from those who scramble want to put banner ads on your site.

Or if you are not patient enough to wait for that moment, you can register your site as an ad publisher. Like to Google Adsense and others.

Or you can also follow the affiliate program. You do not worry, for a quality site, very potential buyers of capital. The most important thing for you is to build your site first to the best to develop.

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That's 6 how to make a blog site to make money that I can convey on this occasion. Thank you for reading, and success is always for you.

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