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6 How to Create a Powerful SEO Blog Content: For Beginners

How to Create a Powerful SEO Blog Content

As a beginner, of course, you have a lot to learn about how to create SEO-optimized content that is good and powerful. Because without that effort, it is very difficult to position your content in the best position of the search engine.

In the previous article, I have written about What is SEO content? Complete Guide to Creating Content for SEO. And on this occasion, I will explain 6 How to Create a Powerful SEO Blog Content For Beginners.

Many bloggers are not so concerned with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or even do not know about SEO. They usually write content regardless of important points in their content that can affect SERP on Google or other search engines. Does that include you?

For people who are accustomed to SEO activity, they will usually write content takes longer than other bloggers who do not care about SEO because SEO players always pay attention to many factors before publishing content.

6 How to Create a Powerful SEO Blog Content

I'm not forcing you to be a Blogger who knows very well about SEO. But just sharing some tips to maximize your content in the search engines. Here are 6 ways to create more SEO blog content.

1. Create Original and Qualified Content

If we talk about SEO then it will not be able to move from the quality and originality of the content. If we create a blog whose content is just copy paste from another source, not the best ranking you will get, but it will be exposed to search engine algorithm penalty.

Regarding the original content does not mean the content is not there at all on other blogs. But how to create your content should use your own style of language to make it better and more interesting than the content on other blogs.

2. Enter Relevant Images or Videos

Like a flowerless garden, maybe that's the best parable if in a textual content none uses a picture as a compliment. Especially if the content is discussed in the tutorial, of course with a few drawings will further strengthen the SEO of the content.

Because search engines will direct visitors to blogs that can answer questions from what visitors write in their search engine. Therefore do not until you damage the quality of your own content by forgetting one element that can strengthen the SEO image or video.

3. Create descriptive titles

A descriptive title is the main capital of SEO because the title is the initial information that will be digested by potential visitors when they see it in the search engine. Titles that are less convincing are sometimes ignored, as their contention will not contain quality content.

Like example title content How to create a blog, less descriptive and less interesting, different from the title how to create a blog to make money. Of course will be the main attraction for prospective readers.

4. Using tags with a fair amount

Beginner bloggers who do not understand the tag function and do not know Google's algorithm lately will choose to include as many keywords and tags as possible. This even includes unnecessary tags in their content. Tags on content aim to display the topic of content created, well if the tag is inserted very much then it will make our content is not focused and like SPAM. For content, it would be better if we enter a maximum of 5 tags that really relate to the article created.

5. Incorporate reasonable keywords in the content

Almost as well as tags, putting keywords into content is important for SEO. But note to include keywords that are related to the topic created. Enter keywords naturally into your content, starting from the first paragraph to the last paragraph. Do not put too many keywords in the content because it will be considered a keyword stuffing or SPAM activity.

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6. Creating Links To Related Pages

You should know that Links to related pages be it internal or external is one good way to improve the quality of SEO a content page. By creating links to other pages whose content is still related means your content comes with a reference link that makes your content more complete.

If you follow the 6 things I described above, then you have mastered How to Create a powerful SEO Content Blog. And after this, you are no longer a novice blogger but has managed to become a professional blogger who is able to create quality SEO content.

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