7 Best Affiliate Network You Must Know

By November 09, 2017
Best Affiliate Network

If you are a person who aspires to be an internet marketing person or someone who wants to earn money from online jobs, you have to know what is called an Affiliate Network.

Because Affiliate Networks are one of a million best ways to make money from blogs that are most interested in other than ad networks.

In this world a lot of affiliate networks that you can take cooperation to promote their products. But before you decide to choose an affiliate network as a source of income from your site, you must know first, what is an affiliate network and how it works so you can earn revenue.

The affiliate network is the owner or merchant, and the affiliate is the publisher. You will get rewarded if the product you market your site sold through the network of your site.

7 Best Affiliate Network You Must Know

And if you're interested in trying your luck by following an affiliate network, I'll show you the 7 best affiliate networks that will pay the most. Are you ready? let's get started!

1. ShareASale

ShareASale Is an affiliate network that is already trusted by thousands of affiliates. With more than 3000 types of products, I think ShareASale is the best choice for those of you who want to make money from the internet by promoting physical products.

In addition to physical products, ShareASale also offers a variety of software, and by 2017, ShareASale is acquired by windows affiliates as one of the most popular affiliate networks.

What is the minimum payment if I follow the ShareASale affiliate network? They will transfer the payment if your balance has reached $ 50 via direct deposit and check.

2. ClickBank

If you ask what is ClickBank? means you are really a beginner in the internet world, or indeed you are a lazy read. ClickBank is well known primarily for Information Products such as eBooks and Video Programs, and also offers products from various categories.

To follow the ClickBank affiliate network there is no provision of any niche, or in other words, the products offered by ClickBank can fit into any niche.

So if you have a niche site with a variety, I think it is very suitable to participate in ClickBank affiliate network program.

What is the minimum payment I will get if I join ClickBank affiliate network? They will transfer the payment if your balance has reached $ 10. Payments via direct deposit, wire transfers, and check.

3. Amazon Associates

Amazon, one of the most popular online stores in the world today. And that offers products from Amazon called Amazon Associates.

Amazon Associates has created internet marketing revenue for thousands of dollars. In contrast to Amazon who offers a small commission for each product.

To promote products sold on Amazon is a bit easier because Amazon is one of the most popular affiliate networks and one of the most trusted online retailers.

Amazon offers more than 400 million products, so you can more freely choose the products you want to promote.

What is the minimum payment I will receive if I join Amazon Associates affiliate network? They will send a payment if your balance has reached $ 10 through Direct Deposit, Gift Certificate, and Check.

4. eBay Affiliate Program

I would be very surprised if you do not know eBay. Because eBay has stood for more than 20 years, and eBay is one of the most popular online retailers.

eBay has over 800 million lists of products that you can choose to sell, so there are so many options that you can customize with your niche.

The payment you will receive if you follow the eBay affiliate network is if your balance has reached $ 25, which will be paid via direct deposit and PayPal.

5. Impact Radius

Impact Radius is one of Affiliate Marketing Networks that is not less popular on the internet.

With over hundreds of products they sell, leading companies like HostGator and ConstantContact are also interested in installing banners on Impact Radius.

Impact Radius was founded in 2008 by experts who founded companies such as Commission Junction and Savings.com, so you should not hesitate to join affiliate network programs with Impact Radius.

If you follow affiliate network in Impact Radius, you will receive payment if your balance has reached $ 100, and will be paid through ACH, Check and Bank Transfer.

6. Avangate

Avangate is one of the best affiliate marketing platforms for sites that discuss software products.

Maybe you have not heard of Avangate before, but trust me if Avangate is one of the leading affiliate marketing networks for a Software solution.

Avangate is trusted by over 4000 businesses such as BitDefender and Kaspersky. Avangate affiliate network offers high-quality software products that are highly trusted.

If you have a site that discusses the software, I think selecting Avangate's affiliate network as your site's revenue source is a brilliant idea.

They will submit a commission if your income has reached $ 100, and the payment is given via Wire Transfer, PayPal, and Check.

7. C J Affiliate

C J Affiliate founded in 1998, CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction) is a famous name when it comes to Affiliate Marketing Platforms.

C J Affiliate hosts affiliate programs for well-known companies like Apple and Zappos.

C J Affiliate offers thousands of products in various categories to choose from. And it is suitable for you who have a site with a variety of discussion.

C J Affiliate will send payment if your balance has reached $ 50, and payment will be sent via Direct Deposit and Check.

That's the best affiliate network I can tell you who are looking for a suitable affiliate network to monetize their sites.

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