Monday, November 27, 2017

7 The Challenge to Become a Blogger: Beginners Should Know

This article will explain about the tough challenges faced by every Blogger in achieving success.

The Challenge to Become a Blogger

Having a Blog with good content and having many readers is, of course, the main target of all bloggers. They will race to create the best among the best. Because they believe that the best will get the best reward.

But to be the best is not an easy matter, there are special challenges that must be faced, if you are able to face all the challenges, then the most beautiful gift you will get is a predicate as the best blogger.

What are the heavy challenges of a Blogger?

Here are 7 great challenges faced by every blogger who wants the best rankings. And I hope you think everything is important, so you will not be surprised if you fail to forget one of them.

1. Understand about CSS, HTML and so forth

First, you have to understand about CSS and HTML, because that's your main foundation in building a search engine friendly and user-friendly blog. Without understanding or mastering the science of CSS and HTML, you may not be able to do so.

2. Must be able to create unique content original and quality

If you just create content, everyone can, but difficult and a challenge for a blogger is how to create unique, original and quality content in accordance with the desired by visitors and search engines. Remember, the original unique content is not just the content that passed the plagiarism test, because you can do a way of rewriting the content from another blog and edited in such a way as to pass the duplicate test (Plagiat), but you still will not get the unique value as expected by Google.

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3. Must be able to write content continuously

Maybe if you only write 1 or 2 content up to 100 your content can still and remain consistent, but if it is above 100 is still able to remain consistent? The challenge of weighing you should still be in what way and how, so do not be surprised if the top blog or website spend a lot of money to pay the writer because the owners of this great site want their site more content rich and should be able to balance the passion of their readers.

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4. Must be able to get a lot of visitors

Creating lots of content in a lot of ways, like the one I mentioned above is paying a writer, but is it enough with just a lot of content? of course not, you should be able to bring many visitors or readers to your site. How to? many say to bring a lot of visitors to the site that one of them with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), well the weight challenge means you have to learn about SEO so that any content on your site not to be like diarrhea book that only you who read it.

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5. Must be able to interact well with the reader

Once your site begins to bring in a lot of visitors, start captivating the readers, start developing into a great site, then you will be faced with various questions, criticism, and praise from the content reader on your site. Now facing a variety of questions, criticism, and praise it is a challenge for you to stay able to interact well, do not just answer questions and be grateful when someone praises the mercy of your content, but you must be ready to face any criticism from your viewers.

6. Must be able to quickly cover the desire of the reader

The reader's needs change every time, readers want something new, and readers need the most updated site to provide information. As for example some time back booming search of agate, there are some big sites whose rating degenerated because of less rapid update about agate, but ask the reader at that time very much, even the record level of agate search according to Google trends data until the moment this has not been a trending topic that can be beat. Means a serious challenge for you is to always monitor updated information to quickly serve it on your site.

7. Must be able to increase and maintain the traffic

Getting too much traffic may not be too difficult, because according to my personal experience, the more content I make, the blog traffic every day is increasing, but the challenge is as a blogger how to keep our site traffic to keep from happening, even if it could be continued to be improved again. But the most complex problem back to problem number 2, ie you should always be able to create quality content so that your site readers do not feel bored to keep coming back to your site.

Well, that's 7 great challenges that must be faced by every blogger who wants to be the best among the best. Thank you for reading, success always for sites and blogs that you are managing.

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