How to Increase Sales With SEO

By November 04, 2017
How to Increase Sales With SEO

What I mean by "Increase Sales With SEO" is bringing millions of visitors to your site by using SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimization).

Now try to think of it, in the search engine there are thousands even millions of human beings are looking for something that actually exists on your site. While the site you are currently the most distant, are they going to get to your site? If your product will be sold? Of course not.

Now you are trying to type the name of an item that is on your site in the search engine. Why are there other sites that appear at the top of search engines and are not ads?

The answer is SEO, they have done the right thing, bringing many visitors to the site with excellent SEO techniques.

Now my question, What have you done to increase sales? Do you use advertising services? Or are you using social media to promote your site? If not, why do not you try to use SEO as a way to increase your product sales?

You should not be ashamed to answer if you do not understand it.

With the help of this article, I strongly believe that you will understand and will do very well.

Increase sales with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What is SEO? SEO is an attempt to explain to the search engine if our site there is something relevant to that searched by internet users.

Well, simple is not it? Then why they say that SEO is very difficult and must use SEO services? That's their business strategy, if you can why not do it yourself? You will be the luckiest human, you will save money and get a lot of profit. Believe me.

Then how to apply SEO techniques so that your site and products can easily be raised at the top of search engines?

Understand how search engines work

Then how does the search engine work? Search engines are designed to understand human needs, after which search engines will search the sites that are most relevant to the human's wishes.

Your job is to give a detailed explanation of the search engine to direct your visitors to the site.

Actually, SEO technique is very easy, just four things you have to do.
  • 1. Relevant title
  • 2. Use brief and clear descriptions
  • 3. Describes the product
  • 4. Add captions to images

1. Relevant title

How to create relevant titles should be short but clear, for example, your store is a leather football seller. Then make the title "Sell football boots of genuine leather".

By just reading the title alone, potential visitors will be very interested to enter your site so your sales volume will begin to increase.

2. Use brief and clear descriptions

In order for the search engine to better understand the title, it is necessary to give a brief and clear explanation, for example if you use the title "Sell Football Shoes From Genuine Leather "So a good description is: "Stores are a site that sells various types of soccer shoes with original leather base".

3. Describes the product

I think you better understand this. Explaining about the product is very important to increase sales, you have to know as much detail about the product, then explain in your article.

Let the prospective buyer read the description of the product to buy, and remember, not because you want to top the search engine rankings, you use false words in order to trick search engines.

That SEO should be prioritized for humans, not for search engines, but it will automatically search engines can also understand it.

4. Add captions to images

When inserting an image in an article, you are required to provide an explanation of the image. The goal is for search engines to understand the image because search engines can not read images if not using information.

If you follow all of my suggestions, wait in the next few weeks, your site will be flooded with buyers, and your product sales will increase sharply.

That is how to increase sales by using SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimization). Congratulations on doing business and have a nice day.

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