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What is SEO content? Complete Guide to Creating Content for SEO

What is SEO content

Whoever you are starting a career as a Blogger must be familiar with the term "SEO Content" because this is very important for the career you are pioneering. Do not argue, every Blogger would want the content that he created could be the best in search engines. You are in this article, not by accident, but I deliberately invite you here through search engines to learn to create complete SEO content especially for beginners.

This beginner's guide is designed to answer 3 common questions:
  1. What is "SEO Content"?
  2. How to create SEO content?
  3. Like what SEO strategy I use?

If you have questions about strategies to create SEO content that may not be answered by this article, feel free to post a question on the comments page. As much as possible I will answer, and if not possible, I will answer it through another article.

Well, let's start the full discussion!

1. What is SEO Content?

To make it easier to understand, I'll explain it in a separate sentence. Because of the sentence "Content" and "SEO" have different meanings.

  • "Content": in the internet search is divided into several types. There is content in the form of writing, there are pictures, there is video, and there is audio. Everything is concluded to be "online content".
  • "SEO": if SEO is the goal to optimize the content to be easily found in a search engine or commonly called Search Engine Optimization.

If the two things above put together into SEO content or content that has been optimized in order to attract visitors from search engine.

So if you find the content in the form of youtube videos or pictures or blog articles can appear in internet searches like top Google. That's because the content is optimized for SEO content.

2. How to create SEO content

Here I will not explain everything because it is too complicated to be understood by beginners. I will explain the important things only. But believe me, by creating content for SEO that I will explain, your site will get a tremendous traffic surge:

  • Keyword research: If you want to get traffic from search engines or commonly called organic traffic, then doing keyword research is very important before you start writing content. Because in this way, you can focus on keywords whose search volume already exists, and must already be part of the information that internet users will search for.
  • Optimize keywords: After finding the keyword, the next step is to optimize the keyword in the article. Or often called by the term how to insert good and correct keywords in the content. Remember never to use the technique of spreading many keywords in one content except using link building techniques. To use the link building technique you must first create other content whose keywords will be inserted through the link building technique. If you do not have relevant content you should still focus on one keyword. Or if you want to force the keyword to optimize it by involving the keyword derivative, you should use an outbound link to the site that has the keyword.
  • Set up original content: Content that is easy to be optimized and liked by every search engine is genuine content. In other words not the content of the copy and paste results or re-write content. Although it is happening now the content of copy and paste results and re-write content often dominate the top search engines. But will not have a landing page that results in high conversions. So do not be surprised if the content of re-write results when paired with Google Adsense ads, then its CPC will never be as good as the content that first get landing page.
  • Expand the words in the content: Based on my observations over 20 months of managing 14 blogs, the fastest content getting the best position on search engines is content that has a minimum length of 1000 words. Especially if for English-language blogs, several times I tried to publish content that is only 2000 words, let alone to get the best position, to be indexed only by search engines is very difficult. So one of the requirements to create SEO content according to my experience, try to have a 1000 word length for local language blogs, 2500 words for English blogs.

3. Like what SEO strategy I use?

Regardless of how to create SEO content by doing keyword research, optimizing keywords, creating original content and replicating words in each content. There is still more strategy that must be executed so that the content is able to get the best position or SEO, that is by increasing visibility.

Ranking a post page is not enough with your expertise concocting a content. But it should still involve some strategies that include:
  • Promoting content: To promote content for high visibility I only use the freeway, by sharing content to social media as a way to get non-organic traffic to my blog. Social media that I use often Google+ and Facebook. With so the visibility of my content becomes higher, and slowly every content becomes popular, eventually, the search engines also volunteer to position the content in the best position.
  • Update content: Maybe some regular readers or subscribers via e-mail lately many people thought I was lazy to create new content. Though I have 9 emails to manage 14 different blogs. And for this blog, I update more often than publish new content. Because one of the best SEO strategies I've read from some forums, updating an unproductive article is much better than publishing 10 new content, especially for content that already has many readers. Because if not done you will lose a lot of customers.
  • Checking the health of blogs: In a world filled with so many bad guys who are always doing various ways to bring down others, one of them is to deliberately spread the disease to our blog. As with deliberately making an email to comment on our blog then they deliberately delete the email. With so automatic comment into a dead link that will derive SEO from that content. Therefore, checking the health of blogs such as checking the link error on the blog is my regular activity as an SEO strategy.

Closing: A complete guide on how to create SEO content and keep that content fixed SEO is definitely far from the reader's expectations. Therefore, for those of you who feel still beginners do not hesitate to ask questions, and for those of you who already have experience and more understanding, please share their knowledge to us-we are still learning.

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