5 Cause of Online Business Failure To Know

By November 08, 2017
Cause of Online Business Failure To Know

Of the millions of successful people through online business, no less also fail to fail and eventually stop. Yes, that's the name of the business, sometimes with only a few mistakes can be fatal and lead to failure.

Many people say that success and failure depend on fate. Oh no! that's the wrong mindset. Precisely that success can be achieved if we learn from failure. Or in other words, failure is the key to success.

Maybe you are lucky today, your business is smooth, but you do not get too late because you make a mistake, you will be faced with a psychologist because you are experiencing mental disorders due to your efforts failed.

To anticipate the worst thing to not happen to you, you must know some things that can cause failure in online business. And the following are:

5 Causes of failure in online business that you should know

What I will explain may sound simple to you. Because now you are successful although you often do one of the errors that I will explain. But be assured, if you do not fix that mistake right away, next month or next year, you will not be able to enjoy the winter vacation with your family anymore.

1. To believe in employees

Trust in employee honesty is the main thing in doing business. Because if you have an unbelieving nature, then your sleep will not be sound, and your vacation will be less fun. Because in your mind there is fear that your employees cheat.

But ... To believe that it is not good, sometimes you must plunge yourself to control your company, whether it controls goods and also finances.

Let all your employees know, if for example within 10 days will be a regularly held audit of goods and financial audits. That way, the bad intentions of your employees will be closed. Because they will also be afraid to lose their jobs.

If today you are still entrusting any management company to your employees, and do not perform the audit as I described above, then just wait for the worst day for your business.

2. Too stingy to employees

Basically, every company that will hire employees has already made a written agreement and under applicable law. For example employee basic wage $ 150, money $ 5 per day, and so forth.

But that alone is not enough, a loyal attitude towards employees in order to avoid small frauds that could result in the destruction of your company is still needed.

Occasionally invite your employees to drink coffee or eat beef steaks, for example, it is advisable to establish intimacy and foster a sense of responsibility more of your employees.

Who knows the size of the company's profits of the employees themselves. And they when you profit big but not get a bonus will whisper with his friend, our boss is stingy ..!

I've heard a story from one of my best friends who have a business of chicken cattle. In recent months many received reports that chickens than a week longer will be harvested many who died. Apparently, after investigation, the chickens are not dead, but deliberately cut by employees and sold.

When asked what is the reason? because he never got a bonus from his boss. And because they think that only 10-20 chickens at each harvest will not make the company lose, then they dare to cheat it.

Things like this can happen in an online business, employees engage in forbidden partnerships with buyers, by raising a small price with the deal divided more by two. And many more cheating gaps that can be done by your employees. If you are too stingy.

3. Selling is too cheap or too expensive

For the sake of a great profit, you sell goods at prices above the average market price. You have a pretext of the quality of the goods you sell above the average as well.

Or... in order to master the online market, you sell goods at a price cheaper than the market price, but the goods you sell above average quality.

Both ways above may be today will bring you to its peak. But what you do is an unhealthy business, which will invite jealousy from your competitors. Wait for my destruction that you will experience.

Because your competitors will be jealous, and they can do even more fraudulent things to knock you down.

Healthy competition in online business is not necessarily mutually dropping with fellow competitors. But must have a target to control a certain percentage of consumers of the existing amount at this time, they provide the best service to your customers (not consumers of others).

So with so, your regular customers will bring new customers your site.

4. Does not have good management

Management is the main thing that will take you to the top of the glory or vice versa, will plunge you to the brink of destruction.

Therefore, before starting a business, the most important thing you notice is to manage management as well as possible.

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5. Low in customer service

I am the person who has left hundreds of online stores where I usually shop because I feel less satisfied with their service.

Maybe you would think that I always get a bad thing, or I feel cheated on the price, or I often experience stuff not matching the order. So I leave their online store.

Your estimates are wrong! I left them just because my SMS was not replied, my SMS is slow they reply. I left them because my phone was not answered, my telephone slowly replied.

Because of the usual thing? Oh no..! as your online businessman do not take for granted such a thing. Your customers will be comfortable working with you if served wholeheartedly. So one of the five causes of online business failures you should know is the lack of service to consumers.

That's the five causes of failure in online business that I can convey in this article. Hopefully useful for writers as well as readers. Thank you for reading, hopefully, your business is more successful, and hope your day is always fun.

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