5 Error Promotional Products Business in Facebook Page Which Should be Avoided

By November 13, 2017
Error Promotional Products Business in Facebook Page Which Should be Avoided

When you start to open an online business venture, of course, you have to promote your business products through social media networks like facebook, twitter, and Google plus, so as to attract more consumers.

Why should through social media networks to get more consumers?

Since almost 80 percent of users of smartphones worldwide has always spent their time to open social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and much more plus other to communicate between fellow media users social and have become the trend of our time. Then, you can take advantage of this situation to do promotional products online business you have.

Talking about the application of social media for business promotional products, any current business entrepreneur more use of social media like Facebook. because facebook has ranked number one who has the most users than other social media applications.

Facebook is a social media network that may be especially appropriate to do promotional business products online. because in addition to having the most users, a Facebook application also provides special services to the promotional products business. You can use the features of the FB ads to promote your products very easily and quickly.

However, in doing business promotion via Facebook, some are saying that they failed to attract consumers through Facebook. Whereas facebook applications is a social media application that is potentially very large to capture consumers compared with other social media. Why does the error happen?

When you do business promotional products online through Facebook, there are a few important points should be avoided so that no failure occurred.

Then, through an article this time I will try to explain a mistake promotional products business in a Facebook page what should be avoided and is often done by business entrepreneurs, so as not to further failure occurred. just you see his comments below.

5 Error promotional products business in Facebook Page

Business observers from the Online Business Guide have summarized 5 mistakes to avoid if you are promoting a business via Facebook in order not to adversely affect your business. Here's the explanation:

1. Post Only discusses the Business sells products only

Business entrepreneurs are often too often do a post on the Facebook page discuss business products only, not about other things so that the consumers do not get bored. That's the most common mistake made. What is the correct way?

The trick is if for example, you have a business selling building materials products, you could post about other useful information such as:
  • How to choose a quality building materials
  • How to use the correct building material

Then, with the way you provide important information such as the above example regarding building materials,, consumers will get more knowledge about building materials. consumer auto and you will be a lot more.

2. Too often do a post for promotional products business

If you intend to attract consumers to a Facebook page, so don't post too often for promotional products business. Why?

Because your followers on Facebook, will certainly get tired of seeing the posting too many business products and they will not be the focus of the business to see the product that you have.

To perform an ideal business promotional products with a minimum has around 9000 followers of Facebook is doing a post just one to two times a day. at the ideal time are Sunday and the weekend.

3. Do not post status on a topic that could offend or alienate customers

At the moment one of the customers see your business product posting on the facebook page, the first activity you wish to view by customers is a personal profile about your facebook status about anything that you have posted.

Then, when customers see your Facebook personal profile, try not to post a status on a topic that could offend or alienate customers. for example, you post your status on religion and politics. Why?

Because the topic of politics and religion could spark a debate among customers on the facebook page the comment column. so they'll lose focus on the business to see the product that you have.

So in conclusion, do post in your facebook profile private only about topics related to your product or business activities while using building materials in your home.

4. Never Argue with a customer who commented negatively about your business products

Important to know that, in the world of business, the customer is King. then give the special services without having to utter harsh words even though they commented negatively about your product. always be professional.

If you do business in product promotion facebook page, of course, there will be an only negative comment about the products your business. Such a thing is something that is common.

Then, to address the problem of customers who commented negatively about the products your business, do the analysis of the product of your own business about mistakes what if could give rise to negative comments on the product of your own business. so you're ready to respond to negative comments in stride and still be professional.

5. Do not use Photos or Video to explain the business products

When you do business in product promotion facebook page just use the writing, then your consumers lack understanding about the products you offer. so they will turn in direction to find information on other facebook business page.

Then, take advantage of the use of the photo or video to clarify how the quality or the workings of your business.

Surveys have proven that business promotional products, on a facebook page with writing that is accompanied by photos and videos get more page views and subscribers, compared to just using the writing course. then maximize the use of photos and videos

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That's some mistakes while doing business promotion through the facebook page that you should avoid before failure come your way. and one more thing that is important to remember is to always be professional in the world of online business. good luck and success.

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