Getting Visitors From Organic With SEO is The Identity of Bloggers

By November 17, 2017
Getting Visitors From Organic With SEO is The Identity of Bloggers

You may feel proud to bring millions of visitors from social media to your site. Or feel the greatest ability to position the site and a lot of content at page number one search engine. But remember!, never feel more powerful than a writer who is able to position one article only but with natural SEO capabilities. Because the true identity of a blogger is he who is able to get the best ranking with natural SEO techniques.

There are many ways to get lots of traffic to the site, either by doing free or paid promotions on social media. Or it could be by advertising on Google Adwords. Or it could be done with a dishonorable technique. But whatever it is all still cannot show its identity as a true blogger.

Here are 3 reasons that make it clear that the author who is able to position the first page of search engines with SEO is the true identity of bloggers.

1. The person mastered the science of SEO well

Without having a good search engine optimization science it seems very unlikely that someone can position a site in the best search engine order, especially if it sees a very high level of competition. Because the giant site has warded off SEO with the popularity level of the site. They have used various media to popularize this site, so the crawler engine seems hypnotized to always refer to its site.

So if you see someone can position his site in the best search engine without the effort of popularizing his site to social media and others, there is only one word for him, you really master SEO.

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2. Have great writing skills

Yes, surely you agree, someone who is able to position his article at the top of the search engine must have a great writing skill. Due to the fact that today, the best position of a search engine is only dominated by 3 factors.
  1. Sites that are very popular and have high authority
  2. Sites that advertise on Google Adwords
  3. Rich sites with quality content

To beat popular sites and have high authority, also sites that use Google Adwords services, it's not an easy thing. But it takes a great level of writing ability. Because sites rich in quality new content will appear in the two types of sites that I mentioned earlier there is no answer to questions written by potential visitors to the site.

You do not think that in forbidden ways such as keyword compaction can easily conquer search engine algorithms. Or even if your efforts succeed will still position your site at number 1. Search engine algorithms are now very sophisticated, can read the cheats you hide. So only really great writers will be able to show the world, I'm a true blogger.

And can be used as a benchmark, with the ability to write, not only popular sites with high levels of authority and who advertise on Google AdWords alone can be defeated. But millions of other sites do the same search engine optimization.

3. Can be trusted by who need SEO services

Now I want to ask you. Do you trust the SEO services that say, "I am able to increase your site traffic with the best SEO techniques"? While he himself to get traffic must spend large capital by using the services of advertisers?.

Would not someone who was really great in search engine optimization, get an abundant organic visitor for free?

Please write your comment in the comment field I gave. Thank you for reading, and success is always for you.

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