How to Attract Attention and Please Customers

By November 04, 2017
How to Attract Attention and Please Customers

Before I discuss how to attract and delight customers who shop at your store, I want to invite you to ponder for a moment.

Try to think that you are a buyer. What do you want from the seller in the store where you are shopping?
  • You want good stuff but the price is cheap?
  • Do you want to be warmly and wholeheartedly served?
  • Would you like to be given a chance to get a discount?
  • Do you want to get a change when you find the unfairness of the goods you have bought?
  • You want the seller in the shop to apologize while smiling for making a mistake?
I'm sure everything I say is true because that's what everyone wants. Pleasing customers is your main task in doing business.

How to attract attention and please customers

Once you can position yourself as a buyer, now position yourself as a seller, can you comply with all customer desires?

You should be able to tell! Because the only way that you draw attention to customers, and wait a couple of days ahead, your store will be met by prospective buyers queued up.

1. Give good stuff at a slightly cheaper price

Many people who have the wrong mindset, they sell goods at high prices, with the hope of a quick profit. That's true, but ... the next few days you will lose a lot of customers because they will run to the store that sells the goods for a cheaper price.

Let's change the mindset like that, we learn from entrepreneurs from China, they control almost 60% of the world's capital markets because they are able to sell good stuff but the price is slightly cheaper.

2. Prioritize quality

Quality is the main thing in boosting sales, pay attention to your merchandise before deciding to sell it. When you see the slightest lack, separate do not put together, you can sell it another way.

3. Discount the price

Taking the hearts of customers is not so difficult, giving a small discount on the price you set is enough to attract attention. Remember that besides you have millions of other sellers, you should be able to compete, but ... lest you drop the market price, stay in a healthy business corridor.

4. Provide full warranty

Maybe the moment before the goods you send everything is fine. But it could be the goods are damaged at the time of delivery.

Or it could be, you or your employees are less thorough, so do not see if the goods there are little defects.

It is certain that once the item gets to the buyer, your phone will ring, and you will receive a cry "why with my stuff?".

You do not panic let alone behind the scold, you should immediately say, madam or lord, calm it, we will replace our goods following the cost of delivery.

5. Friendly and patient-serving customer complaints

Sometimes human nature is different, there are friendly in complaining, there is also a scolding. Faced with any situation, you must remain calm and patient to serve.

Say sorry to them, and give assurance that the mistress or the master will not lose a bit of shopping in your place.

Those are some tips or ways to attract and delight customers, so they want to go back to shop at your store, even they will come with friends and family.

Thank you for reading, congratulating on business, and success always for you.

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