7 How To Create Complete SEO Content For Blogger Platform

By November 09, 2017
How To Create Complete SEO Content For Blogger Platform

Maybe for you who manage the site be platform WordPress, how to create an article on the optimization of search engines is not a difficult thing. Because there are some plugins that can help you in writing good and correct content. Like SEO Yoast plugin, SEO All In One Pack and others.

But it's different if you manage sites that use blogger platform. In making the content must have special expertise to make content that is able to compete for the best position of internet search engine.

You may believe that the content that will get the best ratings of the search engine is unique and original content and has sufficient text. I deeply appreciate your belief. You are one of a thousand webmasters who have great potential for the successful blogging world.

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But according to my experience, writing in a style of language that flows like water sometimes unconsciously repeats a sentence that can destroy the uniqueness of the content itself.

It's like over-repeating keywords, while a search-friendly article is an article focused on a single keyword by not over-repeating the keyword. Or meet the standard density keyword in accordance with applicable rules.

7 How to create complete SEO content for Blogger platform

Here I will explain how to create content in blogger based on my experience of writing content in WordPress using SEO plugin. And after I apply the site to blogger platform was the result is very amazing, some articles that I writeable to occupy the topmost search engine.

There are seven important elements that must be properly equipped in creating content or articles to meet the standard SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Among them:
  1. Title is SEO friendly
  2. Focus on 1 keyword
  3. Using Heading with the correct order
  4. Added outbound links
  5. Added internal links
  6. Word count is at least 300 words
  7. Using description
Here's the explanation.

1. Title is SEO friendly

What kind of article title is friendly to the search engine? What kind of article title is friendly to the search engine? The title of an SEO friendly article is that it meets two conditions.
  1. Must contain keywords in it
  2. Length should not be more than 60 characters
And because in blogger we do it manually different from the site that can install SEO plugin, in making the title of the article we must be really careful.

For example, the title of the SEO friendly article is as follows: "How to create a blog for beginners only". And to focus his keywords is "How to create a blog for beginners only" Notice the bold!.

2. Fokus on one Keyword

This is one of the toughest challenges in creating content on the blogger platform, we have to stay focused on one keyword, it should not be excessive, and because there are no SEO plugins that help monitor every keystroke we get. It will be more difficult.

But you can use a manual tool like Microsoft word to control keyword, the best rule of application of keyword in the article is maximal 5% of the total word.

Or if the article has a length of 1000 words, then the maximum repeat keyword should not more than 20 times. And remember, it should stay focused on those keywords.

If the focus of the keyword is how to create a blog, then do not deviate to other things, because the type of article that does not focus on one keyword, will be very difficult to find a search engine, although sometimes can appear with any keyword, it is very rare.

3. Using Heading with the correct order

In an article sometimes requires an explanation of the topic being discussed, and for the search engine to understand with our intent it is necessary a good explanation, namely by applying a heading tag.
And if you do not understand the so-called heading tags, the order is as follows:
  • H1 = Title
  • H2 = Heading
  • H3 = Sub Heading
  • H4 = Minor Heading
An article should not have more than one H1, so to display the title in the article must use H2 (Heading).

As the example of the article, you are currently reading is 7 How To Create Complete SEO Content For Blogger Platform. I use H2, and because of the title there are 7 ways, then the way one of the seven ways I use H3 (Sub Heading).

You must remember the correct order after H2 is H3 after H3 is H4, do not put H2 after H3 or put H3 after H4.

You already understand? Okay, let's go.

4. Added outbound links

To strengthen the position of our article search engine is required to add outbound links in the article at least one link. But the link should really lead to another site that is relevant to the article. And also must be a healthy site.

5. Added internal links

Maybe you ask, what purpose of an article needed an internal link? in the science of the website there is called SEO friendly there is also called user-friendly.

Well, the purpose of having to add internal links in the article is to be user-friendly. Or make it easier for users to drill down other content on your site.

6. Word count is at least 300 words

In terms of the actual length of the article is not necessarily to be very long, short but relevant and can solve the problems facing the reader it is already very good.

But try not less than 300 words. Because there is competition in search engine regarding the seizure of the best position. And because of the high level of competition, sometimes the search engines will ignore the short articles if other sites have the same article with the number of words longer.

7. Using description

The description is a brief description of the contents of the article. And since search engines will first crawl the title and description, then be adding the description is something that is mandatory.

If you ever write a site that uses SEO plugins, the SEO level of the article will never be good if it has not added a description.


There is nothing difficult and impossible if we want to learn. Others may be proud of being able to create super SEO content but with the help of plugins.

You can also be grateful because by reading this article, you will be a great writer who is able to create quality SEO content, even if only using the site be platform blogger.

That's how to create complete content with special SEO optimization for blogger platform sites that I can deliver on this occasion. Happy work and success are always for you.

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