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How to Get The Best Ranking on Google

How to Get The Best Ranking on Google

How to get the best rankings on Google is a big task and endless routine work done by almost all Blog site owners. They are constantly looking for ways to get their Blog site ranked 1, becoming a prima donna of search engines, and remain the greatest among the greatest. Including you, of course, do not be ashamed because I also want the same thing.

The advantage of being the best at Google is we will make a lot of money, that's my opinion. And you also do not have to argue, because by being number one on Google, our site will get a lot of traffic, so it's automatic, either sites featuring Google Adsense ads, or online store sites, or sites that run Affiliate business and other sites. will get many benefits.

And the proudest of me, being number 1 on Google means getting more than number 2 and beyond.

How to get the best rankings on Google is not really that difficult, even very, very easy. It's just that many of you are shackled in ways that you think will successfully position your site in the highest position of Google search engine.

Surely the readers are curious about the phrase "It's easy to get the best ranking on Google". I'm not joking because it's a real fact that I've been studying for months and today I'll divulge the secret to you all.

In order for the reader not to be curious, please refer to 3 of the most powerful ways to get the best ranking on Google that has proven successful.

1. Follow what Google wants

The first way makes sense. If you want to be smart of course must be diligent study. If you want to be healthy must be good at maintaining health. If you want to be rich of course must be diligent work and diligent saving, and if your site wants to get the best ranking on Google, want to be the best in Google, of course, your site must comply with what is desired by Google.

Then what kind of site is desired by Google it?

a. Sites rich with original and useful content

This is often what we hear from Google webmaster experts if Google will prioritize sites that have content rich in benefits and original content to get the best position on search engine.

So if you want the best position in the search engine, try from now on to continue publishing content that is useful and of course must be original content. The more useful content you publish then the slow but sure your site will crawl up to the best position according to Google.

But if you find a site whose content is useless and most of the copy and paste but is able to occupy the best position, it's all Google's will. Your task simply follows what Google wants. You do not need to protest, just keep publishing your best content. In time your site will feel the most valuable position in the Google search engine "just for a moment".

b. Do not engage in activities that violate Google webmaster policies

Activities that violate Google's webmaster policies include:

  • Buying backlinks from unhealthy sites by Google.
  • Doing fraudulent actions such as disguising keywords in order to fool search engines.
  • Make many sites solely for backlinks to make your site considered by Google robots as a referral site.
  • Publishes adult content highly disapproved by Google.
  • Publish content of copy and paste results that Google thinks is not to get the best position, the site was threatened will be deleted by Google.
  • Buying traffic from unknown sources.
  • And others.

But if in fact, the sites that you think have violated the webmaster quality guidelines are above your site in search engines, it's Google's policy and desire. Just follow what Google wants.

You need to be sure that one day a site rich in benefits and adhere to Google's webmaster guidelines and policies will get a quota for the best position "for a moment".

2. Optimize your site and content for SEO

The number two way I think makes more sense again. Because I often experience, as long as I really optimize the content for SEO, then it only takes days after the content is optimized immediately topped the Google search engine and can get tremendous organic traffic. Ever some content in a day can bring up to 1 million traffic.

Well if you have the ability in terms of SEO, please do this way. I guarantee your site will get the sweetest position in Google search engine. Though in the end after appearing other sites that write the same content and the emergence of hundreds of sites that copy paste your articles, then the position of your content will not be much better than the sites I mentioned.

Fixed traffic that you will only get from visitors who are already bookmarking your content. For traffic from Google search after the original diseases of webmasters who prefer to join in and prefer to steal other people's content will be fragmented. Because the position of each site continues to be played by Google.

If you feel hopeless in the first and second way, I will address the third impossible way to fail:

3. Advertise on Google Adwords

The key to any problems encountered by any original content creator site is that Google deliberately creates bugs or defects from its own algorithm. In order for each site before entering into the correct algorithm, it follows Google's first business ad is Google Adwords.

Sorry if many do not agree with me. Although I am not a professor of algorithms, from 2005 to 2009 I built an algorithm to find 1 Control Word equation (CW) for 1 Crypt8 of 182 trillion CW.

And to build Control Word from 00000000 to FFFFFFFF totally 182 trillion Control Word required a database of 192GB. Just imagine, no processor speed can do that, I have to use a VGA-powered 1224 CUDA nearly 5 years.

There is one thing you need to know about algorithm science, ie it is not possible to duplicate it in every 128 bytes of CW. The algorithm calculation system will definitely reject it if in 786 megabytes Control Words or about 4 million CW there is a duplicate.

To find 1 CW of 182 trillion CW it takes 30-45 minutes if my data is stored in Harddisk, and 4 minutes if my data is stored in SSD.

Apart from all, I say above is just a comparison and a statement that the real Algorithm will never happen duplicates.

The question is, why is the Google database or the so-called Google index engine can include duplicate data? Many of the content is 100% the same because it is the result of copy-paste but still can go to Google index? Why does the algorithm system not work? The answer to all the above puzzles is BUSINESS.

We use the Google search engine as a tool for business. Google also spend a lot of capital to create a giant database that can accommodate trillions of content. Will Google be forever willing if we only live? of course not, everything goes back to business.

So if you want to get the best ranking in Google please advertise on Google Adwords. So the real business algorithm you will feel, there is a new function called the seizing of keywords. The better the keywords you specify, the more expensive you have to PPC fee to your site. You'll get the best position on Google.

You believe me? if you believe please advertise on Google Adwords.

Conclusion: What I write above is quite readable do not be taken care of, let's just chirp birds Colibri. But if you really want the best position in the Google search engine, forget the original content, forget SEO, forget the policy violation, IMMEDIATELY join Google Adwords. By paying, my husband's 4-hour and can also appear on your site when it is clearly in violation of Google's policies.

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