How To Get Traffic From Social Media

By November 18, 2017
How To Get Traffic From Social Media

In addition to using Search Engine Optimization techniques, another free way to get a lot of traffic to the site is to utilize social media as a place of promotion of content and your site. Although this way is considered less good if the site runs Google's advertising media. But it can not be underestimated if social media is the easiest place to attract visitors to the site. That way is often used by online business and advertising media other than Google.

Maybe some readers have asked, why traffic from social media is not good for sites that run Google advertising media? Because Google prefers publishers to get traffic from search engines or so-called organic traffics. This is because there is a close connection with Google Adwords.

But if your site runs other advertising media or follows the affiliate program, getting traffic from various social media will actually give a positive impact. Can increase the popularity of the site and of course can increase your income.

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The kind of social media that works best to increase website traffic

Actually, almost all social media have a good chance to become a source of website traffic/blog. But the most widely used by online entrepreneurs there are 4 social media. Among others:
  1. Google+
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Pinterest
And from the top 4 social media, if you can use it well, it could be a source of non-organic traffic is very good to increase revenue your site/blog.

1. How to get traffic from Google+

Google+ Is a social media where people gather from different countries. The users are more dominated by adolescents and adults, especially bloggers and online businesses.

Well if your site discusses blogging and online business, it is perfect to use Google + as a traffic source. How, please multiply followers and join the group discussing blogging and online business. Then tell me about your site and occasionally offer interesting links to be clicked by your followers.

In offering links do not be too frequent and try using short links, so as not to be considered spam by Google. And complete with a short description that will make them interested to click on it. But do not just any description as long as it is interesting. This should remain relevant to what you discuss on your site.

2. How to get traffic on facebook

I assume you are too old if you do not know Facebook. Since its founding in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook has become a gathering place for millions of people from different countries and diverse ages.

Millions of online businesses and blog managers have made Facebook a source of unlimited traffic and also free. Although there are some entrepreneurs who use Facebook ads to promote the site. But despite using free promotions, I'm sure you'll never run out of visitors.

To get traffic from Facebook, of course, you have to have lots of friends and fans. Please multiply your friends and create a facebook page to promote your site or business. Tell your friends in a polite and interesting language about the sites and businesses you manage. Invite many people to your Facebook page. The more enthusiasts the more likely it is that your site gets a lot of visitors.

And if necessary use facebook ads to promote every post you. I guarantee it will never lose by using ads on Facebook. Because you can set your own expense for the promotion of each shipment.

3. How to get traffic from twitter

Not lost on Google+ and Facebook. Twitter is also a social media as a source of traffic, especially by online business sites. Although there are some bloggers who use twitter as a means of promotion.

To get traffic from twitter you have to be a lot of active followers. So do not be interested in getting followers in ways that are not true, such as using software and so forth. Because later you will be able to many followers but not too many who follow every post you share on Twitter.

Please follow as many active Twitter users as possible. Slow but surely they will also follow you. That way it will be very easy to get traffic every time you post or tell about your site and your business.

4. How to Get Traffic from Pinterest

Surely you all know that Pinterest is a social media place to share interesting photos. Then the question is, can you get traffic to your site, while the site is not an image publisher? Of course, you can, you can complete each post with high-quality images.

You may find it difficult to get a picture to complement a good post. But do not worry, because of very many sites provider of good pictures and of course free. Among them:

Complete each post with a great picture, then share your photo on Pinterest. Do not forget to provide interesting information and provide a link that leads to every post on your site.

Well with so then you will have the opportunity to get thousands even millions of visitors from Pinterest.

That's a couple of ways to get traffic to your site from social media. Thank you for reading, and hopefully useful.

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