8 How To Get Your Blog Articles to Appear on Google Top

By November 18, 2017
How To Get Your Blog Articles to Appear on Google Top

Every blogger will do the same thing, that is looking for ways to blog articles can appear on Google above. Because if the blog and every article appearing in the first sequence of Google search engine, surely the blog will get abundant organic traffic, and can quickly popularize the blog. Therefore do not be surprised if various ways are done to get the best position, which is to be number one on Google.

Among readers may ask, why should be the best in Google search engine? Still many search engines besides Google? It is very true if the search engine is not just Google, but there are many other search engines, such as bing, Yandex, and others. But cannot be denied, if the king of the search on the internet is Google. So do not be surprised if only the best position in Google is the priority of almost all bloggers or webmasters.

But the problem here is how to get the best position on Google that we can achieve? Of course, there are some ways and methods, in particular, I'm sure all bloggers though still newbie or beginner can certainly do it. Origin has a strong intention and patience because let us still learn, a great writer once said, if to bring up content/articles on the top pages of Google search engine, it takes between 4 to 6 months, depending on the level. search and level of competition.

Well, based on the experience of some articles on my blog, which is optimized well, its position is now getting better, although searching for some keywords. Therefore in this article, I would like to share my experience on how I optimize my articles to be number one on Google.

8 How to create articles on our Blog appear on Google at the top

Here I will explain the 8 ways I've done so in a way that I'll explain later, has brought some articles that are on my blog can appear in the top Google search. These 8 ways include:

1. Learn search engine algorithms

Search engine algorithm I mean nothing else is Google. We all know, if the search engine always updates or always make improvements, even at a certain time Google will do a big update. Some time backward, the world of blogging was surprised by Google's latest algorithm called Google FRED algorithm.

Many small sites and large sites are affected by Google's FRED algorithm, many blogs are experiencing a tremendous setback. All of the impacts of Google FRED algorithm is actually due to lack of understanding of blog owners in learning how search engines work. So to get the best position, they have violated some Google webmaster policies.

So that at first the position of the article above, once shaken can go down to worst position. In fact, many blog owners complain that some of their articles disappear altogether from search. So if you want your articles and blogs to always appear and stay on top of Google search, the first thing you should do is learn how search engine algorithms work.

2. Create original content

What is original content? Is not it as long as the content we write and we publish is not the result of copy-paste it is original content? The answer can be right can be wrong. Because I think the original content is divided into 2 categories.
  1. Content is written based on ideas. Original content written based on ideas may be due to keyword competition. As an example of the content I'm writing now, I'm titled "How to make blog articles appear on google topmost" certainly not based on my own skills, but just trying to compete for keywords. I strongly believe that all authors will agree with this statement. Unless the content we already have a high page authority and has a strong backlink will survive even though there is content from other blogs that much better. But to build authority and backlinks is not easy and can be achieved instantly, still need extra time and effort.
  2. Content is written in their own skill. Original content is content that is actually born from self-expertize, does not see the keyword search level, let alone the intention to compete. Now for original content born out of ideas, thoughts, skills, and self-experience, although the initial position is not good, as time passes, surely its position will increase. Because it has a unique value that is more prominent, and will always appear on top of Google search.

Like this, you are an expert in creating blog templates, such as Arlina Design. The owner is an expert in creating templates. When someone writes the Arlina Design keyword template, the search engine will display its Arlina Design blog, although many other authors have written about the Arlina Design template, it is not possible to move the Arlina Design blog from Google's top page.

In contrast to written content rather than from their own expertise and experience, or simply leverage their SEO expertise and write it down. For example many posts about on-page SEO, but if the layout of the menu on the site is broken, to ask here and there because he can only write without knowing its meaning.

There is also a write about how the search engine optimization, but his own blog optimized by others. When a question comes up, you can only answer it "yes so", it will not give you any answers because you yourself do not have enough skills and experience to answer all the questions related to how to optimize your site. for search engines.

And even if you write about it, it could be that at first, you get the best position, but the reader's lack of readiness automatically creates the bounce rate of your articles, will slowly lower the position of your article from the Google SERP. So once again I affirm, if your blog article wants to appear on top of Google search, always write something based on the original skills and own experience.

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3. Use reasonable SEO techniques

Getting the best position on Google can indeed be easily achieved by optimizing SEO, both on-page and off-page SEO. But it must be maintained in a reasonable context, is not the site affected by the FRED algorithm that sites that implement excessive SEO techniques? While Google itself has provided a statement if SEO cannot be guaranteed articles and your site is always in the best position.

4. Share articles naturally

Many site owners to pursue high traffic for the purposes of article authority pages quickly, they share in social media blindly. However, this way will not increase the authority of a page, it can only generate high traffic for a while. The thing that will position your article in Google's best position is by keeping traffic from organic sources and visitor comments that match the topic of the article.

That will happen if you share an article in excess, not the best position you will get. But quite the contrary, your article will be removed from the Google search engine, because it is considered to perform spam action. In fact, there are some examples of cases, articles have not been indexed by Google, but have gained much traffic from social media, it will be very difficult to appear at the first page of search engines.

The right time to share an article to social media is, once the article gets enough traffic from organic sources, and to improve it again, please share it with social media recommended by Google, such as to Google+ to twitter and facebook. And it must be done very carefully. Preview the places you will use to share articles, make sure their members have people that match your article.

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5. Answer every question of your audience

Every time your article shows up on Google search and gets traffic, it will definitely pop up questions from your viewers via the site/blog comment page or email incoming questions. A different form of a question, sometimes there is appropriate for the topic, there is also a deviation from the topic, well your job is to answer with the best comments and questions as it is. You need to know if more relevant comments appear in the article. Then the article authority page will be higher and will strengthen the position of your article on the top page of Google search.

6. Update articles regularly

As time goes by and the search engine algorithm changes, then we are obliged to update the article periodically. For example, there is no prohibition to paste excessive keywords in the article, and thus your article is able to get the best position on Google. But as the search engine becomes more sophisticated, you must use relevant keywords only, otherwise, the worst risk of your article will be removed or displaced by the article from another more relevant blog.

Moreover for the articles that discuss the tutorial. A small example of a tutorial on how to list Adsense for example. Surely everyone who ever signed up to be an Adsense publisher will know if the way Adsense list in 2016 different from the way of Adsense list in 2017. Well, when the year 2016, your article may be in Google's best position, perched on the top page, but if in 2017 you do not update the article, it is certain his position will drop sharply.

So if you want your articles to stay in the best position of Google, keep them up to date with changes that occur at any time. Do not be negligent, because if there are articles from more relevant sites, it will be difficult for you to return your blog article to its original position because Google indexing engine has assumed that your article is no longer relevant.

7. Update the article images according to the changes

Updating images in articles is also very important because sometimes they are displayed by Google search engines, not just relevant article titles, but often only images appear. For example, if you're writing about creating a blog, for example, you should know that blogger views in 2016 are different from blogs in 2017 now.

Especially if you write about how to make the default blogger template to be fully responsive complete with tutorial images. For now, this article is outdated, has expired, because Google itself has released several new themes, innately responsive bloggers, both for mobile and desktop displays.

To keep your article position in Google's best position. So in addition to updating articles, images for tutorials are also mandatory updates. So that when potential visitors find articles and images of your articles on search engines, have a strong desire to go to your blog. Unlike the case, even if the article has been updated, but still using the old image, will be a negative value for your article.

8. Submit articles to Google regularly

There are some bloggers who give a statement that submits the article URL is enough to do once. That's true, but not 100% true, because Google itself instructs every webmaster, to notify us of any changes that occur on your site. Because according to my observations, Google's index engine works based on a predetermined schedule for each site/blog and based on direct orders from the owner of the site/blog itself.

But the submission of articles must be done carefully, do not submit the same article in time too close. Because Google's crawler system will detect unusual activity, and the risk that you will get, if submitted excessively, will be categorized as spam activity. The fastest time to submit the same article is 4 x 24 hours, or 48 hours once.


The most appropriate way for blog articles to appear on Google above and to be the best Google can be done by anyone. No matter you are still a beginner like me. As long as we have strong intentions and desires, and know the right way, how to do it, how well, according to the search engine's desires, and in accordance with Google Webmaster policies.

Maybe that's all I can say on how to get blog articles to appear on Google at the top. Thank you for reading, and success is always for you.

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