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10 How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Please ask all website owners what they want most? Sure, their answer is "I want to get lots of visitors to my site". What will happen on this website has many visitors? Surely the business that you live will be more smoothly. There are many how to increase traffic to your site. And in this article, I will explain 10 ways that can be taken that is how to pay and also free.

1. Using advertising services

I'm sure you'll agree, because if you use an advertising service, whether it's search engine advertising or advertising services on social media. On the search engine, your site will be displayed first before a site that does not use advertising services, and in social media too, your site will be advertised to various users that fit your site's target.

Advertise on-site search, you can use Google Adwords advertising services. And in social media, you can use Facebook advertising. Because every advertising service has its own flaws and advantages. You must be smart to choose which service you will use. Using advertising services costs very much, but ... if you are smart in choosing, then the results will be worth the capital expended.

2. Get traffic from social media

If you get traffic from social media, more freeway than a paid way. And for this one way is not so need to create content that is too for the optimization. Because we can offer our content directly to prospective readers, provided that we must be proactive to follow their wishes.

There are 3 social media most interested by site owners to increase traffic, ie Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. And of the three social media that I mentioned, each has its own deficiencies and advantages as well. For example, if you are diligent share on Google+ and Facebook, it will help your site to appear on the web as well.

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3. Use interesting article titles

Without an interesting title, content that is long and rich in meaning does not necessarily entice visitors to enter your site. Wait do not protest first, you will say that that dominates the search engines is content that has enough words. That's right, but .... will the interest of potential visitors be strong if the title of the article seems less attractive?.

Especially if you will use social media as a place of promotion, they will be more interested in clicking on the link title is interesting. You must often see big sites in creating content titles. Surely you yourself as a creator will be interested to read it.

4. Maximize on-page SEO

Do not always think that SEO is dead. Please consider, what does the search engine most often show on your post page? sometimes only images, sometimes more often meta descriptions, sometimes also articles related to the title. So do not let you forget or eliminate it from every post you. To date, search engines still rely on relevant images, short and clear descriptions, as well as related articles that are relevant to the content.

Forget such things as spreading keywords everywhere, this is an impractical way to apply now. If you have an idea to create many keywords, why not create more titles than have to spread keywords in each paragraph? This will only exacerbate the meaning of the actual content.

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5. Use long-tail keywords

All SEO experts will agree if the traffic that contributes the most from search engines is from articles that use long tail keywords. Especially if you're not interested in using search engine advertising services. Because short keywords are more dominated by sites that use advertising services.

6. Get traffic from Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging or visiting and commenting on sites whose topics are similar to or the same as the topics covered on your site are still one of the most powerful ways to increase website traffic. Although this way is fairly tiring, and not necessarily your visit to get a visit back, I must be honest if 20% my site traffic-site obtained from Guest Blogging.

But remember, you must know ethics in doing Guest Blogging. Do not ever comment that deviated from the existing topic, especially if to leave the active link. Not a return visit that will get, just the opposite, your comments and your site will be considered spam by the owner of the site you visit.

7. Invite others to visit your site

You should not be embarrassed, when you've finished commenting or when you're hanging out with a lot of people in social media, if you look at the topics in case the right topic is on your site, tell them, "please visit my site to answer this issue." I'm very sure if more people will be interested to follow your invitation than to be indifferent.

If you are not able to tell others to promote your merchandise, then you alone must yell peddle your merchandise.

8. Improve the structure of your site data

Do not underestimate the problem of data structures, because they are closely related to engine crawlers. You may say the greatest thing about creating content, but do not expect much, get in the index and show up in searches if there's a problem with your site's data structure.

9. Make Sure Your Site is Responsive

You should know, if desktop PC users are so small when compared to mobile users, make sure your site is responsive is very important. Because they will regret and do not want to go back if your site is not convenient for access by mobile devices.

So in making a site or blog be sure to use a highly responsive template if accessed via desktop and also mobile. On the internet, many offer a choice of both paid and free responsive templates. You can choose yourself, and everything is not bad.

Even for users blogger platform now no need to bother looking for a responsive template. Because the blogger developer has provided some interesting template options and also has been customized both for desktop and mobile.

10. Prioritize site speed

In some countries, the internet speed is not so good. Even Google predicts internet users with 3G speed (slower) will be valid until 2021. For that not to prospective visitors to your site go because too long in loading page content, the speed of the site should be prioritized.

Well now I want to ask, out of 10 ways to increase website traffic, what have you done? two ways? three ways? or not yet at all? immediately follow all my suggestions, and wait some time forward, your site will be flooded with many visitors.

Thank you for reading, I hope your blogging activity is always fun

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