SEO Techniques To Avoid In A Website

By November 10, 2017
SEO Techniques To Avoid In A Website

In building a website, we have an obligation to know the basics of SEO techniques (search engine optimation). In addition, we also have to know and understand in advance about how so that search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines can know the existence of the website we have easily and search engines can the meaning of knowledge of what we discuss in our website. How do you do?

The trick is to start studying the characteristics of the search engines. by the way, you should implement the SEO techniques that are true and correct. So your website can automatically be seen by visitors around the world.

How do I implement SEO techniques (search engine optimation) in building websites, that entered the first page in search engines?

This is a question that very often in asks by many website owners, especially for beginners. often they build websites without studying SEO techniques in advance. Whereas SEO techniques is a basic learning so that search engines can know the existence of your website easily and quickly.

In making the website so favored by the search engines, there is also a saying that:

" Forget SEO and make the article original and most sought after by visitors "

That's the reason that it is often said by the website owner may not know the importance of the application of SEO.

But wouldn't it be better if we build the website with the correct way to implement SEO, so the preferred search engine? What do you think? Please respond via the comments field that I provide.

To build a website, applying the correct SEO techniques are required. Sometimes I personally see some websites that implement the SEO techniques wrong and still think is right, even though such techniques can be a bad thing for your website ranking in the eyes of the search engines like Google and Bing.

Then, through an article this time I will explain to you before you start to create a website about SEO techniques to avoid in building a website, so that your website could be better again in the eyes of the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

SEO techniques to avoid in building websites

The following are the SEO techniques to avoid in building a website. the following explanation.

Error Applying keywords

Sometimes website owners before creating the article, they don't do the keyword research first. but keyword research is very important to see the rivalry between the other website.

In addition, there is also already a key true research, after that, they are using the right keyword phrases in a frequency that is not reasonable. so it could be considered spam by the search engines.

The next mistake is they don't Include keywords and its variations in the opening paragraph of the article title, and meta-description of search.

The application of the wrong Image SEO techniques

The role of an image in an article is a form of information to clarify the meaning of the description of the topic of the article. the following is the application of techniques of SEO images that often made the owner of the website.
  • Do not give the name of the image file that is relevant to the topic of the article.
  • Do not give a description of Alt tags, title tags, and image descriptions
  • Do not perform compression of images, so loading the website became slow.

If you do not implement the SEO techniques above, then search engines are hard to see pictures of your website. Why? because search engines require a textual description to understand what is shown the images on the website.

Install the internal links to pages that are not relevant

Internal links are useful for informing visitors about your article more appropriate topics that are being read.

For example, if the article you are discussing the car, and then you install internal links that point to articles about the topic of cooking, then the internal links as it is a fatal error.

Link Backlink on the website that is not relevant to the topic of your website

It is true, a Backlink is a very important SEO techniques to strengthen the position of your website in search engines.

But the mistake that is often made in linking their backlinks have linked the backlink to a website that is not very relevant to the topic of the website.

The second mistake was too many backlinks to other websites linked to the comments. Then it will cause a negative impact and considered Spam by the search engines.

The posting URL link is too long and there are no keywords

If you are still a beginner in managing the website, you may not be paying attention to the post URL Link is too long. examples like this.

example: https:// www.example .com/how-to-make-website-business-online-with-easy-and-only-without-coast .html

You can see how long the posting URL Link in the example above. If you have a Link URL like that, then its negative impact is the search engine will be hard-pressed to crawl the URL.

Error sharing website Postings to social media that are not relevant to the topic of the website

Share postings on social media like facebook, twitter, Google and other social media plus indeed is one of the SEO techniques are great for promotions. But if you share your social media to a forum that does not fit the topic, it could have a negative effect on search engines.

Errors often occur are when they share postings to social media, they just think about the number of visitors in the get later and don't pay attention to whether the visitor is in compliance targets. the following sample share to social media.

If your website is about cars, then you share postings to the forums of social media Isn't about cooking, it is a fatal error?

Then, before you share postings to social media, please select the appropriate topic community forum or website that you discussed.

That's some errors frequently do SEO techniques website owners that I can tell. But if by chance you have problems with the application of SEO techniques as above, below I will explain to you about how the application of the correct SEO techniques in building the website.

The correct SEO techniques in building website

To implement SEO (search engine optimization) is right in building an online business website, you should apply some important part on every article page of the website, including:


Do keyword research in advance according to the business products you have. You can use Google's keyword planner to determine the keywords with the most searches and have low competition.

Next, enter the keyword in the title of the article with its variations and enter keywords in the opening paragraph, alt + image title, link URL and description search.


When you want to insert an image in the article, do the first drawing compress so that the loading speed of the website when opened by visitors are not too heavy.

Moreover, do not forget to give the name of the image fits the topic and enter your keyword. next contents Part description of the image, the Alt tags and Title tags.

URL Link Posting

At the time you make the article title a Link URL, website postings will follow the title. in this case, try to create an URL link in a nutshell and there are keywords in it. You can look at the posting URL link error is too long, then the correct link URL and appropriate SEO technique are like this:

Example: https://www,example,com/how-to-create-website,html.

Internal links

An internal link is a link that leads to a page of your other article postings on the insert in the pages of postings. so that visitors can see other articles.

To determine the correct internal links appropriate SEO techniques and preferred search engines, create internal links that are highly relevant to the keywords previous articles and do not spawn too many internal links. A maximum number of internal links in one article page is an internal link to 1-2 per 1000 words.

Outbound links

Outbound links are links that point to pages of other websites. for example as in the link I put above i.e. outbound links lead to Google's keyword planner.

SEO techniques using Outbound links are very nice to determine the ratings of your website in search engines. Note Outbound links should be relevant to the topic and keyword articles that you discussed.


a backlink is a relationship between one site with another site. the meaning of is you put the URL of your website link on the page of the site another website so that your website can be open in these other websites by visitors without having to sign in to the Web page you have.

The benefits of creating backlinks are indeed very important done to strengthen website ranking in search engines.

How to make very easy Backlinks namely can with the way other website page commented by putting the Url links that point to your pages.

However, to make the appropriate Backlinks SEO techniques, create Backlinks that are relevant to the topic of your website articles and do not mislead too many backlinks because it can be considered Spam by the search engines.

Use the tags H1, H2, and H3 on every page of the website article postings

When you make Posting articles, please use Tags H1, H2, and H3. its purpose is to provide information of the target keywords about your topic discussed when search engine robots to crawl your articles. Here is how to put the Tags H1, H2, and H3 appropriate SEO techniques.

The future or future of the application of Tags H1, H2 and H3 on posting articles is you have to rewrite the article titles containing the target keywords specifically with how to thicken (BOLD) and enlarge the writing.

If you are using the Blogger platform, you can use the Tags H1, H2 and H3 Headings, which include subheading and minor headings as in the picture below.

Here is a way of applying the techniques of SEO tags H1, H2, and H3 are right on the page posting the article website.

Title tags
Title tags are the writing target primary keyword that is located above the body of the page posting the article.

Tags H1
You can place the Tag H1 on the title page of the corresponding target keyword.

Tags H2
Tags H2 is writing the target keywords in a paragraph on the opening page of the article in a way (BOLD) thicken and enlarge.

Tags H3
Tags H3 is writing the target keywords in the middle of the article page with the way (BOLD) thicken and enlarge.

For the application of Tags H1, H2 and H3, you can immediately see the example image below.

Share Postings to social media

The role of social media to build a website is very important to do and is one of the SEO techniques. because we can't rely on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo just so that it can be seen by visitors.

but you can take advantage of social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus to promote Web sites that you have.

To share postings to social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google plus, please choose a forum or community that is relevant to the topic of your website, so that your target keyword can be achieved to get more visitors.

After your website is popular on social media, then automatically search engine can judge just how important the topic of discussion of the website you it could be more and strengthen the position of page ranking of your website in search engines.

Create an article with a minimal amount of 300 words or more

When you create the article, try to at least 300 words or more is better. because the search engine is very fond of long articles and contains a topic that could be useful for the reader.

Please note that the Search Engine, like Google, has a Tool serpIQ that acts do research to find out the average word length of the articles that appear on the first page of Google.

Surely you've seen while browsing the internet such as Google, the average article that appeared in page rank 1 to 3 are articles that have a length of 2500 words. Why?

Because of the lengthy Article usually contains a lot of information. the more information in the article, then the more visitors satisfied and get the information they want. automatic and visitors will come back to read your new articles etc.

Furthermore don't forget enter keywords in the headline, first paragraph, second paragraph, third paragraph, image and link URL.

Create Original content

Original content has a very important role and is still the King of the entire SEO techniques. But that does not mean you do not need to implement SEO techniques because SEO techniques aim so that it can easily crawl or read a page of the website that you have in the search engines.

Important to know that, if you want to succeed in building a website, never once did take other people's copyright works such as doing Copy paste other website articles. because the article copy-paste activities could destroy the reputation of your website in search engines. even your website could be dumped on every page of the search engine if your website is reported to Google DMCA.

Google DMCA is a service of Google specifically for website owners that his article on copy paste by others. so if your article to report on these other websites, your website will be lost in the search engines.

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SEO Techniques To Avoid In Building A Website

That's what some true SEO techniques and you should apply it in every page posting articles that I can tell.

So this time the blogger Tips articles i.e. about SEO techniques to avoid in building websites. and hopefully, this article can help you on how to correct SEO techniques application in building the website, so that your website can do better in the search engines to be able to compete with other great websites. Thank you for visiting.

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