Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Site's Ranking is Due to Search Engine Optimization or Popularity?

The Site's Ranking is Due to Search Engine Optimization or Popularity?

I'm very sure, you and millions of bloggers around the world have the same question, is the ranking of a site determined by one's ability to optimize search engines, or because of the popularity of the site? Especially for those of you who feel they have done their best in applying search engine optimization techniques, but your site is still inferior to major sites. Whereas if paid attention, articles published by large sites that almost do not use optimization techniques, even how to write articles seem less quality.

Actually, I've been wanting to answer this question for a long time. But I am afraid that many who claim to be search engine optimization experts feel offended. Because what I'm about to say is very contrary to the false acknowledgment of those who say, "I am able to improve your site's rank in less than 5 days". Sounds very funny.

Do you think a site can get the best ranking on the search engines because of their greatness in optimizing any published content, or by using dishonorable tools like creating a site that strengthens the crawl of a content page?. Of course, you can not answer. Well, I will answer all the puzzles that have puzzled you all. I have done some research on one of the big sites that any article published by the site always gets the best position in the search engine.

I tried to do some research recently by typing the keyword "How to Turn Content Into an Actual Product" I found there are 15 sites that appear in sequence. Because of the limitations of loading images, I can only display a small part. If you are curious please type in your own keyword search engine Google. Of course, will make your heart stop beating for a moment.

SEO technique is not sporty

Surely you will immediately assume if the 14 sites that follow the first site is garbage sites that duplicate the content. Yes No?. Your presumption is not excessive because I myself also initially assume the same.

But before you are prejudiced, you should try clicking on one of the URLs with the same title as the topmost site. So what's the conclusion?.

I found something very surprising, all the URLs I clicked on contained only the title and a link pointing to a single site.

Some examples:

Backlink Or Spam

If you are unsure, please click on all URLs whose article title is the same. If you have already clicked on everything and have found evidence. Now answer my question, is it a search engine optimization technique based on the quality of a content or the coercion of search engines?. If you want to reply here, you send me a short message.

That's their search engine engagement. Not to mention how they popularized content on dozens of social media by using hundreds of auxiliary accounts.

Now the above question would you be able to answer correctly, if that gives a ranking of a site and a content that, search engine optimization (SEO) a professional or popularity?. You do not need to answer because it is the job of search engine owners that Google should answer. Because Google Adwords performance is at stake.

Interesting articles that you must read: SEO Techniques To Avoid In A Website.

Now you live to determine your own fate, whether to continue furiously until you really die to fight for SEO and still believe in SEO? Or you want to follow their steps?.

Thank you for reading, and have a nice day.

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