Tips On Creating a Site For Online Stores

By November 02, 2017
Tips On Creating a Site For Online Stores

Do you intend to create an online store? You want your phone to keep ringing to receive orders? You want your consumers interested to see all the products you sell and buy them? If so, you must know how to create a site for a good online store and liked by the buyers.

Here I will explain some things to consider in making the site for the online store so that your site visitors have a strong desire to buy your product.

1. The name or brand of your site

When you start creating an online store site, the first thing you should look at is to determine the name or brand of your company. Give a name that is relevant to the product you are going to sell, there are two choices in determining a good name for an online store site, ie:
  • Use your name by including the product. As an example: "Gerry Fashion" your name is Gerry, the product that you will be selling is covering all kinds of fashion.
  • Using the product and the place where your store is located, such as "California clothing store", so your potential buyers will know if your store is in California, so the prospective buyer's desire will be stronger, and even more likely, your buyer will come directly to your store.

2. Use a quality hosting service

To achieve something big, you must dare to spend a large capital as well. Never use a cheap hosting service that is at risk of interruption in the server.

Do not let the incident, prospective buyers want to settle the payment, suddenly your site server is a nuisance, they will not think well, but will assume if there are fraudulent attempts.

Are such assumptions exaggerated? I think not, try to position yourself as a buyer, definitely think you will be the same as them. So, therefore, in choosing the hosting that will be used for the manufacture of online store sites, use a quality hosting service.

3. Use a bright template

99 out of 100 visitors to online store sites prefer a brighter site display, so it's best to store online sites it is more advisable to use a template with a predominantly white or green color.

Because the two colors will be very contrasted with any items posted on your site, or you can also use yellow, although sometimes the color is slightly painful to the eyes of visitors.

4. Use product merchandise layout with grid mode

Grid mode layout is a favorite of visitors online store sites because they can freely see the products they will buy. Even according to some trade experts, with a grid mode layout, it will create tremendous appeal to anyone who sees it.

In addition to other advantages when using the grid mode layout, all your merchandise will look very attractive, although there are some products that are classified as mediocre.

5. Complete with address and phone number and email

The three things are address, phone number and also email is included mandatory requirements that must exist on the online store site because it will facilitate your customers in interact with you.
  • If they know your full address, maybe they will come directly to buy.
  • Phone numbers are a means by which buyers can inquire directly about the products they will buy.
  • Email is a means of interacting with buyers and sellers at a very low cost, they can ask questions and complaints completely.

6. Use one or more account numbers with one name

If you decide to sell online, you have to be prepared with all the consequences, online business is full of deceit, so public trust is the main thing that you should prioritize.

For means of payment or billing would require an account, and remember, do not use multiple accounts with different owner names, because it will reduce the confidence of your prospective buyers.

That's some of the best tips you should do in creating a site for online stores to make your site a lot of visitors, many buyers and trusted by many buyers.

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