Best SEO For Youtube Proves Powerful

By December 18, 2017
Best SEO For Youtube Proves Powerful

If just make the channel and video to be uploaded to youtube of course many people who can do it. Especially for now a smartphone device is also equipped with a variety of great ability to be used as a tool to make super good video. But if you want youtube channels and videos you can easily find on youtube search is not as easy as making the channel and video. You must know how to make your channel and videos appear earlier than videos from your competitors. To make this the answer is you have to master the SEO techniques for Youtube is good and true.

You probably think that every video that tops the list in youtube search is a good quality video and interesting, such assumption is wrong because there are millions of good and interesting videos that even never touched by the audience, because of what? because the owner of the video does not involve SEO into the uploaded video so that his position can be defeated even by a video copy re-upload by others.

Therefore here I will give you guidance on how to apply the best SEO techniques for youtube to get your channel and videos to get the best place according to its quality.

Here's how to optimize the best SEO for Youtube videos

1. Research keywords for video titles

Doing keyword research before creating a video is very important because then you can find out what keywords are most used by potential visitors to videos that fit your video niche. By doing the research you will know the estimated traffic that will be received later by your channel. Do not waste time creating videos that visitors do not like at all.

In addition to knowing how far the popularity of the video you will make, do keyword research is also useful to know your competitors who make similar videos. To do keyword research you can use some paid services and also free. If I myself prefer to use keyword planner from Google Adword.

Please go to Google Adwords Keyword Planner and select keyword planning, then click on get trend data and search volume then type the relevant keywords with the video you want to make, for example, "funny video" and finally please click get the search volume. You'll see how many searches for that funny video title.

2. Create interesting and long-lasting videos

Why make a video and have long duration? Because it has been proven that interesting video that has a long duration most often raised in youtube search. Even the average video residing on the youtube homepage is a long video.

So do not waste your time and energy just by making videos in short pieces that will make your audience bored quickly and will move on to other channels to find full videos.

3. Name your video in accordance with the keyword

Once you've finished creating your video, the next step is to name your video in accordance with the keyword research results you've previously done. Remember, this is very important, because if you carelessly give a name, then your video will be in the worst position, because the results of your previous keyword research is the determination of the keywords most often used by prospective visitors. As an example of a video you created on how to make money from youtube, then you have to use that name.

The more targeted a title with video the robot youtube will be the stronger your video crawl. Forget using titles that trap the audience, because even though today you get a lot of spectators, but very certain tomorrow or the day after the audience you will run away because they feel disappointed with the title that is not relevant to the video content.

4. Put the target keyword in the title

Maybe you have the intention to give a pen on the title, but it should still put the target keyword in the title. For example, you want to add words easily from targeted titles "how to make money from youtube" and added the phrase "easily", then the end result will be "how to get money from youtube easily". In the title, there are still keyword targets.

5. Put the keyword into the video description

When you finish uploading a video, the step that you have to do is enter the title into the video description. This is the power of youtube SEO, the more clever you put the keyword or title in the video description then the better the quality of SEO from the video.

6. Use keywords in video tags

In giving or tagging your uploaded video, it's important to add keywords, because the tags will signal a robot crawel if your video has a targeted title. Lots of videos that fail to get visitors just because of a small mistake like forgetting to insert a title into the tag.

After the 6 steps SEO optimization you finish, the next step is to build a good refutation for your channel is. As with how to share your video to a crowd of people who might like your video.

Join forums that discuss the same video with your videos to introduce each other's work and visit each other to give each other suport.

The more people who watch your video will make your channel refutation better.

That is the best SEO technique for yotube that I can deliver on this occasion. Keep in mind the next tips about SEO that I will share with sukerala on this blog. Thank you for reading and hopefully your youtube channel is getting better.

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