5 The Most Popular Advice From a Bill Gates

By December 10, 2017
The most popular advice from a Bill Gates "Money is not the ultimate goal, the desire is to revolutionize the world by putting the Computer device on every desk of every person".

The Most Popular Advice From a Bill Gates

Who does not know Bill Gates? or the full name of William Henry Gates? He is the owner of Microsoft company with a total wealth of more than US $ 100,000,000,000.00. If all Bill Gates money is broken up into $ 1, then if neatly arranged it will be able to form a path from the earth to the moon's lunar 15-times round trip. Or if Bill Gates's pile of money would be transferred by airplane, it would take as many as 720 Boeing 747 aircraft. It would not be able to transport everything.

Do not be surprised if Bill Gates's money accidentally fell from his pocket as much as US $ 1,000 and not taken back. Because it takes at least 3 seconds to take the money, but in 3 seconds it has been getting back the income from the business worth the money that fell earlier. Or if he wants to donate US $ 20 for every person in the world, he still leaves his income US $ 5,000,000.00.

Like endless talking about this one genius. Here we will take the fifth most memorable Bill Gates in the world of Business concerning the initial ideals when first started Business build Microsoft Corp. that may be currently we are using together.

Bill Gates who is always focused in every job & his ideals give us 5 The most phenomenal advice as follows:

  • 1. Get used to say "NO" - There are only 24 hours of our time in 1 Day. And the difference between successful people and "not yet" success is how they make the most of their time. The message that is considered the best so far, because cleverly say not to many things, it allows us to concentrate more on the things that really make improvements. Focus is the essence of all our success.
  • 2. Accommodating Criticism - in his book "Business @ the speed of Thought" released in 1999, Bill Gates writes about the importance of negative feedback. Complaints, criticisms and customer dissatisfaction should be well reviewed and promptly corrected. The most unsatisfied customer is the most valuable lesson we have.
  • 3. Optimism - Optimism is often regarded as a false hope, but there are also some really false decisions. Stay focused with the optimism we have even though it often seems fake and is considered impossible for some people. Bill Gates's optimism about Computerization that will grow rapidly in the world becomes a tangible example of how this optimism works according to plan, then gets its own place.
  • 4. Meaning of Success - Written in the book "The Road a Head", Gates reveals clearly about the word Success rather than success itself. "Success is a bad teacher, because it can change the mindset of smart people to not accept failure". It should always exist and be replaced with new and better successes than previous successes. So, spend our failed share, and enjoy the success later. Failure and success that comes in a complete package, only sometimes people have given up when failure comes first.
  • 5. Measuring Self-Improvement - Annual Letter Bill Gates and Melinda (his wife) Gates Foundation, Gates writes about His Most Powerful Book in the World. A book on Steam Engines inventory stories and a great deal of what Gates got from there. This makes the Book even more popular until it is released and resold due to the huge market demand. Progress can only be achieved if we have set clear goals beforehand. Then determine the indications of progress and push ourselves for other advances.

It's easy to read and say what successful people say, but it becomes very difficult when we have to do it. Often the authors get complaints and difficulties by business colleagues who want to undergo a tips or success tips.

Do not protest with Microsoft Windows that you use, because if all the fans of Microsoft Windows technology in this world protest then claim because Computernya Hang, and reporter get US $ 1 per Computer user, then Bill Gates will immediately loss within 3 Years.

Focus are the words most often spoken by most successful people, as well as Bill Gates and all his epic tales. It is believed that Focus is the strategy & encourages other successful colleagues in carrying out all the business, hopes and ideals.

It may be much easier if we believe in the process and go through it step by step in accordance with our abilities and follow our business movement with perseverance. Focus and gradually, that's the common thread that inspires us this time.
"What about your focus today, ??".

Thank you for reading, and hopefully what you read can be an advocate for your own business progress itself.

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