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4 The Cycle Determining the Development of Blogs

The Cycle Determining the Development of Blogs

Who the hell is not interested in living a success just from writing jobs on blogs? Of course, all bloggers are eager to achieve the same. But to be a successful blogger is not easy, and cannot be done in a short time because I think there are 4 phases or cycles that determine the development and success of a blog.

Maybe you've heard about the success stories of bloggers who can make a lot of money, hundreds, even thousands of dollars every month? and no doubt including myself I want to feel as successful as they are, so from that, I try to dig how to make a blog so that can make money.

Various efforts may we have done, but the success we want has not come yet, for those of you who are trying to achieve all that, do not despair, let both learn and learn in order to gain the expected success.

Once again I affirm, to achieve success is not an easy thing. Everything needs a process, it takes patience, and it takes hard work. Maybe you do not know about the development phase of a blog. Here I will explain it all.

Here are 4 phases or development cycle of a blog that we must know.

1. Phase of establishment

This phase is the phase where we have to build quality content, which is always needed by people, timeless content, content that will not be crashed in time, content that will always be sought by generation to generation. Do not be satisfied with 10 or 20 articles that we have created, keep writing and writing, science and knowledge there is no limit.

2. The growth phase of traffic or blog visitors

Is a 2-3-month-old blog will be able to bring good traffic? In this case, I concentrate on organic traffic, not social media traffic, not fake traffic, but really pure traffic from search engines. Surely it takes a very long time, and of course should also be supported with quality content, as I mentioned in the first stage, maybe after going through some Google algorithm changes. Then our new articles or content will generate the perfect organic traffic.

3. Maturation stage blog and monetize

This phase should only be done if our blog already has at least a thousand visitors per day that comes from organic visits. In order for the earnings that we get really pure, we will be free from prejudice clicks own ads and others. Meanwhile, to bring in organic visitors it is not easy, very, very takes time and patience.

4. The blog maintenance phase

After all three phases have been missed, then the last phase is blog maintenance, what else, content is enough, income already exists. All we have to do is take care of blogs to stay awake stability, both in terms of visitor and access speed and also keep the blog from spam-spam that is not preferred by Google. Although bloggers and other platforms have activated spam detection automatically and will notify us as a blog owner about spam that is harmful to the health of blogs, there also we are emphasized to be more intensive to take care of him.

That is the 4 phases or cycles that determine the success of a blog that must be known by every blogger. Thank you for reading, and success always for you guys.

Search Engine Optimization and Full Explanation

Search Engine Optimization

When someone asks how to get a website or blog easily found on internet search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others, the answer must be SEO. Then what is SEO?. SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO, according to Wikipedia in the article entitled Search Engine Optimization, is a series of processes performed systematically aimed at increasing the volume and quality of traffic visits through search engines to a particular website or blog, by utilizing the mechanism of work or commonly called the algorithm machine search.

The goal of SEO is to place a website or blog in the top position or at least can appear the first page of search results, based on certain keywords that have been targeted by the owner of the site itself.

And logically, if the website or blog can be ranked first in search engines. Surely it could have an impact on the increase in traffic that leads to the site. Because the chances are much greater when compared with sites that are in the second position, third and so on.

SEO, it is not a chance, but it could also be arguably pitted profit. SEO is no way or method in particular. SEO can be measured, and also SEO is scientific in nature can be learned by anyone. So it needs to be understood by all managers of blog or website so that website or blog and its article can compete in the forefront of the Search Engine.

Then how to get your blog or website to occupy the first page of the search engine? The trick is no other and no is not by optimizing the site or blog to what is needed by the search engine and what is required by the user.

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Search Engine Optimization

As I described above, the initial method of Search Engine Optimization SEO is that we must understand what the search engine wants and what the search engine users want, if we already understand it then the next step will be much easier in doing website optimization or blogs against search engine algorithms.

What does the search engine need?

Along with the increasing sophistication of search engine algorithms that continue to improve its performance in order to be able to display relevant information, then what is required by the search engine is nothing else but the information that is really relevant.

What does the user need?

What is needed by the user is no different from that required by the search engine, because the search engine is actually set in such a way as to be able to read human desire? Therefore, in any given information should not be solely intended for robots, but aimed at search engine users.

Well, it's starting to clear right? the desire of the search engine and the user is the same that is the content that is most relevant to what is required by the user, then which determines which articles and sites will first appear by the search engine is relevant content that is at once optimized (Search Engine Optimization).

The best practices of Search Engine Optimization

However, the search engine is just a robot that certainly will not be as smart as a human. But because the task is to deliver a message that is on our website or blog, then we should be able to clarify what is contained from the contents of our website against the robot search engine.

In what way? Actually, the robot maker has given a very clear explanation, that is to direct what is contained in the contents of the website by providing:
  • Relevant keywords
  • The description is clear
  • The content of articles that match the keyword also has a rich meaning.

Perhaps for some of the previous SEO experts, the above explanation will be slightly opposed to their experience. Because in some time backward, SEO search engine optimization practice is by:
  • Keywords based on level of competition
  • Include keywords in the first paragraph
  • Include keywords in the image
  • Include keywords in the final paragraph
  • Include keywords in the search description

In fact, some SEO experts still often rely on ways such as repeating keywords with the pretext of not more than 5% density keywords. Although, the contents of the article are completely disconnected. With an important goal can sit on the first page of search engines.

But for now, such theories and practices must begin to be abandoned. Due to the increasing sophistication of search engine algorithms, for now, the way robots work can read the entire content or articles and choose which ones are really relevant to their titles and descriptions.

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Explanation of keywords

Keywords are common phrases that are often used by search engine users. For example, someone searches for search engine optimization (SEO). about what sentence will he write? Certainly, the keywords used will be related to SEO. To be more clear, here are some examples of keywords used by someone who is deepening knowledge about Blogging and SEO.

Possible sentences that the person will write are as follows:
  • How to Make Blog on Blogspot
  • How to post titles always appear searchable google
  • How to bring organic traffic.

And many more sentences are likely to be written. And of course, from several examples above each has a different level of competition. So in the science of SEO, we are required to do keyword research or do research, which keywords are high medium or low competition level.

Once found the most widely used keywords by potential visitors, then we do the optimization of these keywords.

The types of keywords

As I mentioned above, if keywords have different levels of competition, and certainly in practice optimization will have different levels of difficulty. Keyword types include:
  1. Short keywords (typically high-competition keywords)
  2. Medium keywords (usually medium-level keywords)
  3. Long or often called long tail keywords (usually low-competition keywords).

1. Short keywords

For short keywords whose high competition level means that keywords are the most used by search engine users. And if we decide to use keywords that high level of competition, of course how to optimize its SEO must be really meticulous and needed more capabilities.

Sometimes we need to do repetition of keywords, but still, the main one should be able to provoke robots by providing content that is long and rich in meaning, not rich in keywords.

That's the difference between SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or search engine optimization now with the old one. We are not enough to play the keywords alone, but still must be able to serve the contents of the article that can convince the search robot if what we write it is really relevant to the keywords and description.

2. Medium keywords

For medium or medium competition keywords, in terms of SEO optimization (SEO Engine Optimization) we will not experience any problems, just need to repeat 2-3% of keywords only, in accordance with my experience provided with long and relevant content, can already appear on the main page of search engines.

3. Long keywords

Well let alone for the type of long keywords, hardly any difficulty that means in doing optimization, simply by entering the keyword in the first paragraph, in the final paragraph and in the description of the content though is too long is usually able to appear on the main page search engine.

With a note, however, short any article we make, it should still give priority to the relevance of the keyword.

Important note in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Use your language well or use a good foreign language according to the language we use on our blog or website. Why is it necessary and mandatory? because the real search engine is a robot is not human, and certainly, the name of the robot will only be designed to read the language that should be used by humans.

There is a way to ascertain whether the language we use is correct or not by translating our writing. If for example, we write the national language, please translate to the international language that is English, after the English language please translate back to the national language, then note whether it is back to the language we originally wrote or so chaotic ?. There we can easily make repairs until it actually contains the correct national language before we decide to publish our article.

Also, vice versa if you use English for your article please first translate to the national language until what we write it actually contains the correct English language, do not be screwed up later and will certainly be ignored by search engines.

Avoid using strange or unusual languages

What kind of strange and unusual language is it? for example, you write a phrase and replace with paper or I replace it with myself, it is obviously unusual and search engines will read it, it should be noted, as sophisticated search engine algorithm system, until whenever will not be able to read strange language, so again I emphasize, use good and correct language in accordance with the language used by your blog or website.

Maybe I can tell you about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Hopefully, there are benefits for myself as a writer and for those of you who are studying in the same field.

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The Site's Ranking is Due to Search Engine Optimization or Popularity?

Search Engine Optimization or Popularity?

I'm very sure, you and millions of bloggers around the world have the same question, is the ranking of a site determined by one's ability to optimize search engines, or because of the popularity of the site? Especially for those of you who feel they have done their best in applying search engine optimization techniques, but your site is still inferior to major sites. Whereas if paid attention, articles published by large sites that almost do not use optimization techniques, even how to write articles seem less quality.

Actually, I've been wanting to answer this question for a long time. But I am afraid that many who claim to be search engine optimization experts feel offended. Because what I'm about to say is very contrary to the false acknowledgment of those who say, "I am able to improve your site's rank in less than 5 days". Sounds very funny.

Do you think a site can get the best ranking on the search engines because of their greatness in optimizing any published content, or by using dishonorable tools like creating a site that strengthens the crawl of a content page?. Of course, you can not answer. Well, I will answer all the puzzles that have puzzled you all. I have done some research on one of the big sites that any article published by the site always gets the best position in the search engine.

I tried to do some research recently by typing the keyword "How to Turn Content Into an Actual Product" I found there are 15 sites that appear in sequence. Because of the limitations of loading images, I can only display a small part. If you are curious please type in your own keyword search engine Google. Of course, will make your heart stop beating for a moment.


Surely you will immediately assume if the 14 sites that follow the first site is garbage sites that duplicate the content. Yes No?. Your presumption is not excessive because I myself also initially assume the same.

But before you are prejudiced, you should try clicking on one of the URLs with the same title as the topmost site. So what's the conclusion?.

I found something very surprising, all the URLs I clicked on contained only the title and a link pointing to a single site.

Some examples:


If you are unsure, please click on all URLs whose article title is the same. If you have already clicked on everything and have found evidence. Now answer my question, is it a search engine optimization technique based on the quality of a content or the coercion of search engines?. If you want to reply here, you send me a short message.

That's their search engine engagement. Not to mention how they popularized content on dozens of social media by using hundreds of auxiliary accounts.

Now the above question would you be able to answer correctly, if that gives a ranking of a site and a content that, search engine optimization (SEO) a professional or popularity?. You do not need to answer because it is the job of search engine owners that Google should answer. Because Google Adwords performance is at stake.

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Now you live to determine your own fate, whether to continue furiously until you really die to fight for SEO and still believe in SEO? Or you want to follow their steps?.

Thank you for reading, and have a nice day.

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7 Ways To Make Your Life Successful

Ways To Make Your Life Successful

Success is the right of anyone, including you, of course, therefore you should strive to achieve it. If today you fail, then you are waiting for a turn to succeed. Trust me.

Indeed to achieve success every person has their own way. There is a success only by continuing the efforts of parents, there is also a successful result of the business itself.

I am very sure, you who are here reading this article is someone who has failed and is looking for ways to achieve success. This is a good start for you. Because in this article will explain:

7 Ways To Make Your Life Successful

Maybe you ask if the success tips that I will explain it can be trusted the truth? Everything is true, because what I will describe comes from various sources including the author's own life experience, and most of it is the result of interviews with some people who often fail but eventually become successful people.

1. Have a Strong Determination

To achieve everything must necessarily start with a strong determination. You must have a principle that other people can why I do not? Someone else is smart why am I stupid? Other people rich why I am poor? the other can achieve success why I do not ?. Decide on your resolve if I can too.

So the main thing to do is to have a strong determination first, the stronger your determination the more successful chances will be.

2. Dare to try

One way to achieve success is to try. Sometimes as a normal human there must be anxiety and fear. But you have to fight it all with courage. Usually when in business, worry to try it if using the loan capital that number is not so big.

If in work there is a feeling of fear of not being able to. The nature of such anxiety should be eliminated if you want to succeed. By trying you have a chance of failure and there is a chance of success.

3. Do not be afraid to fail

The person who will succeed in life is the one who never fears failure. Their failure is a delayed success. They are not even worried that the third and so on are still failing. And they always take the wisdom of the failures that always experienced.

Perhaps you have never heard the story of someone who has failed 199 times and just succeeded after trying the 200 times. If you just failed 198 times, then there is still a chance 2 more times.

4. Never give up

Every human being must have the chance to succeed, even if it is only 1 time in his life. If someone else can succeed in trying 200 times, maybe your luck is in 201, or even in 2001 trials. So do not occasionally say a sentence, I give up. The more often you fail to get closer to the door of success.

5. Learn from experience

People who believe in achieving success are people who learn from experience. They keep a record of what makes their business fail, and will not repeat the same mistakes in the next attempt.

6. Learn to be careful

If today you experience failure because of lack of caution, then for the next action you must learn to be careful. You have to know if the number one disease that causes failure is because it is always in a hurry to make a decision.

7. Learn from those who have been successful

Of course, when you're a kid, you often hear the old saying, my child, if you want to be smart then learn, and have to mingle with smart people. So also if you want to achieve success. So learn from those who have been successful before. Because they will tell you about why they failed and when they succeeded.


Not a single person is successful, except those who have a strong determination, have tried, never failed, never give up, learn from experience, be careful in taking action, and those who want to learn from successful people.

3 Tips For Enhancing The User Experience Of Your Online Store

Tips For Enhancing The User Experience Of Your Online Store

With a variety of templates that are available to the online store at this time, the problem of usability design, it seems that it's not anymore done by many online store owners. But sometimes there are still people regroup in the desultory look of online stores that they have and is not concerned with the type of business that is on offer. This is actually a big mistake that will bring marketing products offered to be bogged down.

In addition to a good product quality and competitive rates, the success of the online store will not be separated from the look of the site is user-friendly. This is one of the hearts of business success in online stores. The following are things that support the functional an online store into success.

1. Make The Visitors Who Come Are Not Easily Go

To enhance the user experience, make sure You complete web store and no mess, there are a few reasons to make your online store a well-organized and can be used easily by either people or search engines. Any person visiting your online store should be easy to navigate everything on your site so that they remain willing to come and come again. In addition, sites that are search engine friendly is also urgently needed in order for easy online site appears in the search results.

In essence, build a successful online store is an appropriate placement which in placing deals on every customer. A neat layout will always make visitors interested in sight-seeing what is on your site. Easy navigation on the site will certainly further enhance the user experience and will even preach at other people to visit your site. Besides the search engine will also take into account the visibility of a site that is user-friendly.

2. Optimize your Search

Every visitor to the site, most of them will certainly be gladder if as soon as possible what they need immediately found. If visitors cannot find what they are looking for in a time of one minute, most visitors will leave the site to find other sites. The menu at the bar is an important part of the much-used to navigate your site. Therefore make sure that everything looks neat and is also clear.

Be sure to always optimize search functionality on your site, so that all visitors can find the products they need in a folder that is not complicated and make sure there is a wide choice of products. Make all the products that you are offering has some modification, good color, size, model etc. With so visitors would be easy to find things like this sometimes make visitors satisfied and will come back again someday.

3. Offer your product in Detail

All the technical problems that have been mentioned in the above two points are not going to be useful if you could not mention in detail the products you offer. In buying online, surely people will not be able touches the item they buy directly, for it buyers require detailed information about the product being sold. In this case, you do not also have to write the length of your product, but you should provide a structured description, simple but still covers the most important aspects because the buyer should know about it to make choices for buying it or not.

In addition to presenting the content in detail, that image also knows you worth a thousand words, for it to make sure that the photographs and the image you show have a good quality so that the product you offer also looks interesting. If you have time, make short videos about your product, this would really help marketing your product.

One thing that is more important than these three tips above is about the final price of the product you are offering, there is nothing more frustrating than additional costs and also the shipping costs that are sometimes very expensive. It's better for all additional costs and also delivery better-bundled packages with existing products.

That's some tips that we can tell, the end of the word remains the focus with the products you have to offer and good luck.

SEO: 5 Smart Tips on Choosing Keywords

Smart Tips on Choosing Keywords

Keywords are the main capital in making an article, the better and interesting the keywords of the published articles, the more likely the article will bring many readers. Yes if the article is shared on social media. What about readers coming from search engines? Certainly not enough with the title capital just interesting. You must be smart in choosing keywords in order to bring organic and non-organic traffics.

Responding to the difficulty of finding good keywords that many authors complain about in various forums about Search Engine Optimization, SEO experts from Online Business Guide will give you 5 smart tips on finding and selecting keywords that will be used in the production of content.

5 Smart Tip of Research and Choosing Keywords for Articles

Perhaps the voice of what I am about to explain is plain, and of course many have written about this. But this one is different because I will explain it with a secret that was never leaked by the previous author.

Are you ready? Please take a good look.

1. Find keywords that are always sought by internet users

The purpose of finding keywords that are always sought after by internet users is that your article has a chance to get traffic distribution. How to find it can use free tools like Google Trend and others. Or you can also buy paid apps. It will not lose because you will get many benefits.

2. Keyword Research

Once you find the most searched keywords, the next step is to research the keywords. For keyword research you can use free tools like Google planner, you can know the level of search and the level of competition of the keywords you use.

If your SEO ability is reliable enough, can choose keywords that high level of competition and high search rates as well. But if you still have not been able to optimize SEO properly, you should choose keywords that the search rate is high but the level of competition is low.

3. Add a word sweetener to your keywords

By adding additional words as a sweetener, you will have a great chance of getting visitors both from search engines and from social media.
Once you are sure of the keywords that will be used, the next step is to add sweet words that will attract the attention of potential visitors. For example, you want to use the keyword "How to choose keywords" Use sweetening sentences such as "5 powerful ways to choose keywords to be hunted by many visitors".

By adding additional words as a sweetener, you will have a great chance of getting visitors both from search engines and from social media. Because based on observations, the title of the article that gets the most clicks from potential visitors is an article that not only uses keywords alone but articles that use additional sentences as a way to provide advice for potential visitors. Visitors will feel confident that the article he meant to be on your site.

4. Use long titles

Long but keyword-rich titles are best for bringing in traffic. Because then the opportunity of your article title appears the first page of search engine getting bigger. And it will not only show up with targeted keywords, but it could potentially appear with some keywords.

If you are unsure of my statement, please do some searches on the internet. Look at the big sites that always dominate the search engines, surely you will find long titles on their site.

5. Use lasting keywords

If you do not want to be hard to find keywords, you can use lasting keywords. Keyword eternal is what? For example how to cure acne. We all know, if the acne disease will continue to attack every generation, there can not be a year of all humans on earth there is none that does not have acne on his face. So if today you do not get visitors from the article, next month or next year you will definitely get it.

Because an article will not immediately get the best ratings, but over time, search engines will position the articles that are considered most relevant in its best position. And the advantages of enduring keywords are very easy to update. So if one day you find a more appropriate way, you can freely to update it.

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Well, that's 5 Smart Tips on Choosing Keywords for making an article in order to have a good opportunity to continue to get a lot of visitors to the site you, be it visitors from search engines and from social media.

The proverbial today: Keep reading, because by reading then you will be able to write well.