Tuesday, March 7, 2017

You Do not Have to Be a Hero So Simply Monkey

You Do not Have to Be a Hero So Simply Monkey

I remember once, back when junior grade one, when there is a performance art show, there was my friend who advanced perform the monologue of humor, well, sort of stand up comedy was about now.

He was so confident, though to be honest, I think he brought humor material, tends not cute. Even if there were laughs, only two possibilities:
1. The laugh is merely a formality, or 2. His sense of humor concern.

And proved, indeed only a handful of laughed at that.

I do not remember how the process, probably because he realized that the material is not funny, but clearly, my friend incredible self-confidence then change the appearance of a monologue format into a guessing game.

Ah..... that is a tactical step, at least, the debriefing, he can interact with the audience, so that the atmosphere can be more lively appearance and not rigid.

"Although it is not funny, it is still smart enough also to my friend's" inner me.

But the basis is the soul that is not funny, guessing that I thought would save my friend's appearance was much drier and not funny rather than a monologue.

Imagine, guessing his first direct reference to one of the most frustrating guessing throughout life: "What fruit whose color is yellow, sweet, and who knows just a monkey?"

These guesses are not very popular. And I'm sure there would be no spectators was answered. Not because they do not know, but because almost everyone knows. In addition, this type of guessing who did not deserve to be answered, no fun guessing this type of question.

Almost drinking coffee, and my guess is correct. None have raised their hands to answer.

Suddenly, my sorry soul appears. For the sake of seeing my friends who apparently started pale because no one in the crowd was keen to answer what-guessed, I then raised my hand and said, "Banana ... !!", in a tone that I made as enthusiastic as possible.

The friend we were confident as hell is then immediately shouted to me, "Wahahaha, meaning you monkey" he said with a face that is very, very satisfied because there are also targets hit by guessing not quality.

And unexpectedly, when my friend's call me a monkey, it turns out there are quite a lot of audiences laugh. Some even have come calling me, "Bobby Monkey........!"

I understand the consequences of this, because I know, this is the ultimate goal anyway guest.

After that, the guessing game continues. I will not tell it here. But clearly, I just wanted to tell you all, that to be a hero, you do not have to be a hero, so it is enough monkey.

And thank God,

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You Do not Have to Be a Hero So Simply Monkey
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