3 Internet Trends For Business in 2017

By April 21, 2017
 Internet Trends For Business

The internet offers more and more solutions for those who have a business and digital marketing is one of the possibilities to succeed in the sales and propagation of the company. To help entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who want to invest in this online market, Fabio Ricotta, a specialist in Digital Performance Marketing and CEO of Agência Mestre, listed three opportunities to take advantage of in 2017.

Inbound Marketing

"Throughout 2016 we confirmed that the strategy is very solid and can generate great results if applied in the right way. I saw a case in which sales of an e-commerce increased 400% using Inbound Marketing, "he says.

The specialist explains that in 2017 the market will implement much more strategy and for those who will start their own business, it is essential to acquire an efficient tool for managing leads - which are the contacts that can be transformed into customers - to do a personal planning, Purchase day and develop all channels of acquisition.


Ricotta says that one of the other trends for the coming year is the delivery of value to the customer through personalization, be it content, materials, points of connection with the audience, among others. "In the case of Inbound Marketing, for example, you can get to know your people better and their buying time, and from there you can personalize emails, ads, offers, approaches and even content such as e-books and videos "He explains.


One of the best opportunities for business will be investing in videos. This is what says the businessman, who since 2015 bets on the format to produce content on Digital Marketing. "I think 2017 will be a strong year for the videos, because broadband is being disseminated in the world, and with more people with quality internet access, more videos will be consumed."

The specialist concludes that it is ideal to add these three opportunities. "Do not consider them in a segmented way, because the three boards will be mandatory in various strategies and will make a difference in several markets."

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