3 Smart Tips Avoid Fraud While Shopping Online

By November 12, 2017
Smart Tips Avoid Fraud While Shopping Online

The current online shopping activities are indeed increasing sharply and are an appropriate choice to get the seller the goods we want quickly. ranging from small communities as well as the upper class, they prefer to shop online because there is no need to get out of the House that can add unexpected expenses.

In addition, it is now a great many provider sites online store that you can choose as you wish. some online stores also offer discounted prices, as well as cashback, can save your monthly budget.

But of all the activities of online shopping, have you ever thought what if the online store site providers commit fraud against you? because while doing the online shopping we only Transact online, ranging from booking until payment using a credit card.

As we already know, it's been an awful lot of sites online store that you can get. and may we also don't know if the online store site can be trusted?

On the issue of fraud when shopping online, while many who claim to have been victims of fraud when shopping online. after they do the ordering of goods and make payments, it turns out that the goods are not up to your home safely.

Problems like this can happen because those who have become victims of fraud when shopping online less understand how to do online shopping and can't tell the difference between the online shop site to be trusted and cannot be trusted.

Then, through an article this time I will give smart tips before doing online shopping so that you don't become a victim of fraud.

The following is an example of online shopping scams are often conducted online store website provider in General.

When you shop online and booking the goods, the site's provider online stores typically offer cheaper rates and discount prices. After you agree to purchase the item, then you will be ordered to make payments using the card credit the bank.

Next time you make a payment, it turns out that the price of the goods not in accordance with the already agreed price together before. When you ask about the price of goods that do not fit, the online store site usually provides the reason for the less obvious and complicated.then with a forced, you must purchase such goods with prices more expensive.

In fact, the more it gets worse again usually goods are not delivered to your home after making the payment. and after you check the contents of your bank credit card savings turned out its contents are already empty.

That's an example of the process of deception that often occurs when you shop online at the online store site is not to be trusted.

Then how to avoid fraud when shopping online that often occurs as the problem above?

3 Smart tip avoid fraud when shopping online

1. Meet directly with the seller at a location already specified for the transaction

Online shopping activities are indeed very easy, practical and fast to do. and you don't have to get out of the House to make the payment since the online store site provider already provides a means of payment via credit card bank.

But although you can shop online in a very easy way like that, maybe it would be better if you could meet directly with sellers in a location that is already defined for the transaction. then that way, you can see the items to be purchased in the real and obvious here.
When you decide to meet directly with the seller, try to meet during the day and there are a lot of people around you.

2. Avoid transactions at home or meet the seller in your own home

Usually, the site provider of online stores that want to commit fraud, will invite you to meet in their homes or to your home to do the transaction. because of that way, they have many opportunities to commit fraud.

3. Never give your personal information

In General, the site's provider of online stores that want to commit fraud is always asking for your personal information such as home address, telephone number, and other personal information.

Then, to avoid fraud when shopping online, don't provide your personal information during the processing of the transaction. you only have to meet the seller in a secure location, view and check the goods, which is the last payment. completed.

That's some smart tips on avoiding fraud when shopping online that I can tell. so you can be more vigilant and cautious while shopping online.

When you do your online shopping activity by following smart tips that I have described above, typically online store providers that want to commit fraud will think twice will cancel the transaction and suddenly. It is because they are afraid of fraud they will be known by many people. may be useful.

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