SEO: 5 Smart Tips on Choosing Keywords

By November 14, 2017
Smart Tips on Choosing Keywords

Keywords are the main capital in making an article, the better and interesting the keywords of the published articles, the more likely the article will bring many readers. Yes if the article is shared on social media. What about readers coming from search engines? Certainly not enough with the title capital just interesting. You must be smart in choosing keywords in order to bring organic and non-organic traffics.

Responding to the difficulty of finding good keywords that many authors complain about in various forums about Search Engine Optimization, SEO experts from Online Business Guide will give you 5 smart tips on finding and selecting keywords that will be used in the production of content.

5 Smart Tip of Research and Choosing Keywords for Articles

Perhaps the voice of what I am about to explain is plain, and of course many have written about this. But this one is different because I will explain it with a secret that was never leaked by the previous author.

Are you ready? Please take a good look.

1. Find keywords that are always sought by internet users

The purpose of finding keywords that are always sought after by internet users is that your article has a chance to get traffic distribution. How to find it can use free tools like Google Trend and others. Or you can also buy paid apps. It will not lose because you will get many benefits.

2. Keyword Research

Once you find the most searched keywords, the next step is to research the keywords. For keyword research you can use free tools like Google planner, you can know the level of search and the level of competition of the keywords you use.

If your SEO ability is reliable enough, can choose keywords that high level of competition and high search rates as well. But if you still have not been able to optimize SEO properly, you should choose keywords that the search rate is high but the level of competition is low.

3. Add a word sweetener to your keywords

By adding additional words as a sweetener, you will have a great chance of getting visitors both from search engines and from social media.
Once you are sure of the keywords that will be used, the next step is to add sweet words that will attract the attention of potential visitors. For example, you want to use the keyword "How to choose keywords" Use sweetening sentences such as "5 powerful ways to choose keywords to be hunted by many visitors".

By adding additional words as a sweetener, you will have a great chance of getting visitors both from search engines and from social media. Because based on observations, the title of the article that gets the most clicks from potential visitors is an article that not only uses keywords alone but articles that use additional sentences as a way to provide advice for potential visitors. Visitors will feel confident that the article he meant to be on your site.

4. Use long titles

Long but keyword-rich titles are best for bringing in traffic. Because then the opportunity of your article title appears the first page of search engine getting bigger. And it will not only show up with targeted keywords, but it could potentially appear with some keywords.

If you are unsure of my statement, please do some searches on the internet. Look at the big sites that always dominate the search engines, surely you will find long titles on their site.

5. Use lasting keywords

If you do not want to be hard to find keywords, you can use lasting keywords. Keyword eternal is what? For example how to cure acne. We all know, if the acne disease will continue to attack every generation, there can not be a year of all humans on earth there is none that does not have acne on his face. So if today you do not get visitors from the article, next month or next year you will definitely get it.

Because an article will not immediately get the best ratings, but over time, search engines will position the articles that are considered most relevant in its best position. And the advantages of enduring keywords are very easy to update. So if one day you find a more appropriate way, you can freely to update it.

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Well, that's 5 Smart Tips on Choosing Keywords for making an article in order to have a good opportunity to continue to get a lot of visitors to the site you, be it visitors from search engines and from social media.

The proverbial today: Keep reading, because by reading then you will be able to write well.

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