5 The Cause of Blogging Will Not be Successful

By November 12, 2017
The Cause of Blogging Will Not be Successful

Hot news about the stories of successful people in the world of blogging has hypnotized millions of humans to become a blogger. But behind it no less also the news that circulated if hundreds of millions of people who have failed. Hopefully one of the people who has failed it is not you. And if you have failed to run the profession as a blogger, this article will help you to succeed. Because here I will explain 5 Causes of failure to become a blogger.

Before I go on to discuss the causes of a blogger's career journey, I will first discuss what the real meaning of blogging is. According to, Wikipedia Blog is an abbreviation of a weblog is a form of the web application in the form of writings (which is published as a post) on a web page. These writings are often loaded in reverse order (the latest content before being followed by the longer content), although not always so. Websites like this are usually accessible to all Internet users according to the topic and purpose of the user of the blog.

Now you enter the Blogger.com homepage, once you enter will appear writing, make your hobby into income. Yes or not? Why do I underline the word Hobby? That's what I will discuss in detail Because that's the main cause of the number of bloggers who fail in performing their duties.

5 The Cause of Blogging Will Not be Successful

Maybe what I will write can offend you. But if you are angry it means forever there will never be a success. Because the man who will achieve success is a man who is aware of his mistakes and who learn from the mistake. You agree? Either by answering agreed you have opened the door of success.

1. Do not have a hobby

You do not argue first. We return to the blogger homepage, it says clearly, "Make a hobby into income" If today you have failed means you do not have a hobby that can be used as capital to make money. Sorry, I'm not a fortune teller, but I look at the experience of successful people through blogging. Like the build Ezy example, he is a hobbyist who makes a wide range of wooden furniture, and every time he finishes making a project, he writes it on the blog. And now knows how many thousands of dollars of buildEzy earnings from his blog.

If you are still evasive, then what hobby you have written into a content? means no, you just follow-up writing something that is not your hobby. Padahall if you want to observe more seriously, every human being has advantages. Very unlikely if you do not have a hobby.

Your hobby of cooking? write into articles every time you finish cooking. Your hobby is farming, write every time you finish something. You understand very well by planting trees well, but others are not necessarily, Well if you write about it, then others will benefit from your writing. And your hard work will pay off.

So one of the causes of someone failing blogging is because the person does not have a clear hobby.

2. You are lazy

You must be disappointed with my statement. But no doubt, one of the causes of someone failing blogging is because the person is lazy. Okay, you can avoid it at first, you are very diligent to make posts. But because after hundreds of posts you make, still can not make money.

Blogging is like farming when you finish planting, then a few months later you will harvest. Well after harvesting does not need to plant anymore? Of course, you need to keep planting in order to keep harvesting.

If you feel just enough to plant one time and will continue to reap the results, it means not wrong my guess, if you have a lazy nature that has made you fail to blog.

3. You are not patient

You may be saturated because the first or second year of blogging has not been successful. Though you need to know if blogging is a long-term investment. As an example, one of the successful bloggers to date is Linda Ikeji. How many years did he build his site? how many thousands of articles he has published? he just enjoyed the results after almost 5 years since he started blogging.

If until now you are new 2 or 3 years of blogging, it means you have not failed, there is still 2 more years if you want like Linda Ikeji. But if you keep stopping here, your failure is because you are impatient.

4. Do not know how to monetize blog

If you do not feel doing the above three errors but still you fail, meaning the cause could be because you do not know how to monetize a blog. Surely you have not failed, and still can be fixed, you can find information on the internet about how to blogging to make money.

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But if you feel you've learned a lot about how to blogging to make money but still fails. Means you need to consult with me directly, please send questions directly to me, I will help you succeed.

5. Likes to steal other people's content

The fifth is the most dangerous. Many bloggers who enter the mental hospital because of failed blogging. And the cause is because the person has a bad habit, ie like to steal other people's content.

Bad habits of stealing other people's content early may make you feel almost perfect. Without the need to work hard already can make a lot of money. But you must know, if one day your stolen content will disappear from circulation, you will lose a lot of viewers, even to the end.

After you lose the reader after you lose the income, what can you do? fix the content? it's a futile job. Because your footsteps are tarnished. Search engines and readers will no longer believe in what you publish.

If you fail because of a fifth error, only one way you can do if you do not want to fail again. Is that? Immediately delete the site with the contents of the stolen content. then delete your email account. After that, you create a new email to start blogging again in the right ways.

That's 5 causes someone failed in the world of blogging and how to fix the mistakes that I described above, hopefully, this article is useful. Happy work and hopefully tomorrow I hear the news that you have become a successful blogger.

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