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Friday, November 17, 2017

4 The Cycle Determining the Development of Blogs

The Cycle Determining the Development of Blogs

Who the hell is not interested in living a success just from writing jobs on blogs? Of course, all bloggers are eager to achieve the same. But to be a successful blogger is not easy, and cannot be done in a short time because I think there are 4 phases or cycles that determine the development and success of a blog.

Maybe you've heard about the success stories of bloggers who can make a lot of money, hundreds, even thousands of dollars every month? and no doubt including myself I want to feel as successful as they are, so from that, I try to dig how to make a blog so that can make money.

Various efforts may we have done, but the success we want has not come yet, for those of you who are trying to achieve all that, do not despair, let both learn and learn in order to gain the expected success.

Once again I affirm, to achieve success is not an easy thing. Everything needs a process, it takes patience, and it takes hard work. Maybe you do not know about the development phase of a blog. Here I will explain it all.

Here are 4 phases or development cycle of a blog that we must know.

1. Phase of establishment

This phase is the phase where we have to build quality content, which is always needed by people, timeless content, content that will not be crashed in time, content that will always be sought by generation to generation. Do not be satisfied with 10 or 20 articles that we have created, keep writing and writing, science and knowledge there is no limit.

2. The growth phase of traffic or blog visitors

Is a 2-3-month-old blog will be able to bring good traffic? In this case, I concentrate on organic traffic, not social media traffic, not fake traffic, but really pure traffic from search engines. Surely it takes a very long time, and of course should also be supported with quality content, as I mentioned in the first stage, maybe after going through some Google algorithm changes. Then our new articles or content will generate the perfect organic traffic.

3. Maturation stage blog and monetize

This phase should only be done if our blog already has at least a thousand visitors per day that comes from organic visits. In order for the earnings that we get really pure, we will be free from prejudice clicks own ads and others. Meanwhile, to bring in organic visitors it is not easy, very, very takes time and patience.

4. The blog maintenance phase

After all three phases have been missed, then the last phase is blog maintenance, what else, content is enough, income already exists. All we have to do is take care of blogs to stay awake stability, both in terms of visitor and access speed and also keep the blog from spam-spam that is not preferred by Google. Although bloggers and other platforms have activated spam detection automatically and will notify us as a blog owner about spam that is harmful to the health of blogs, there also we are emphasized to be more intensive to take care of him.

That is the 4 phases or cycles that determine the success of a blog that must be known by every blogger. Thank you for reading, and success always for you guys.

Search Engine Optimization and Full Explanation

Search Engine Optimization

When someone asks how to get a website or blog easily found on internet search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others, the answer must be SEO. Then what is SEO?. SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO, according to Wikipedia in the article entitled Search Engine Optimization, is a series of processes performed systematically aimed at increasing the volume and quality of traffic visits through search engines to a particular website or blog, by utilizing the mechanism of work or commonly called the algorithm machine search.

The goal of SEO is to place a website or blog in the top position or at least can appear the first page of search results, based on certain keywords that have been targeted by the owner of the site itself.

And logically, if the website or blog can be ranked first in search engines. Surely it could have an impact on the increase in traffic that leads to the site. Because the chances are much greater when compared with sites that are in the second position, third and so on.

SEO, it is not a chance, but it could also be arguably pitted profit. SEO is no way or method in particular. SEO can be measured, and also SEO is scientific in nature can be learned by anyone. So it needs to be understood by all managers of blog or website so that website or blog and its article can compete in the forefront of the Search Engine.

Then how to get your blog or website to occupy the first page of the search engine? The trick is no other and no is not by optimizing the site or blog to what is needed by the search engine and what is required by the user.

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Search Engine Optimization

As I described above, the initial method of Search Engine Optimization SEO is that we must understand what the search engine wants and what the search engine users want, if we already understand it then the next step will be much easier in doing website optimization or blogs against search engine algorithms.

What does the search engine need?

Along with the increasing sophistication of search engine algorithms that continue to improve its performance in order to be able to display relevant information, then what is required by the search engine is nothing else but the information that is really relevant.

What does the user need?

What is needed by the user is no different from that required by the search engine, because the search engine is actually set in such a way as to be able to read human desire? Therefore, in any given information should not be solely intended for robots, but aimed at search engine users.

Well, it's starting to clear right? the desire of the search engine and the user is the same that is the content that is most relevant to what is required by the user, then which determines which articles and sites will first appear by the search engine is relevant content that is at once optimized (Search Engine Optimization).

The best practices of Search Engine Optimization

However, the search engine is just a robot that certainly will not be as smart as a human. But because the task is to deliver a message that is on our website or blog, then we should be able to clarify what is contained from the contents of our website against the robot search engine.

In what way? Actually, the robot maker has given a very clear explanation, that is to direct what is contained in the contents of the website by providing:
  • Relevant keywords
  • The description is clear
  • The content of articles that match the keyword also has a rich meaning.

Perhaps for some of the previous SEO experts, the above explanation will be slightly opposed to their experience. Because in some time backward, SEO search engine optimization practice is by:
  • Keywords based on level of competition
  • Include keywords in the first paragraph
  • Include keywords in the image
  • Include keywords in the final paragraph
  • Include keywords in the search description

In fact, some SEO experts still often rely on ways such as repeating keywords with the pretext of not more than 5% density keywords. Although, the contents of the article are completely disconnected. With an important goal can sit on the first page of search engines.

But for now, such theories and practices must begin to be abandoned. Due to the increasing sophistication of search engine algorithms, for now, the way robots work can read the entire content or articles and choose which ones are really relevant to their titles and descriptions.

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Explanation of keywords

Keywords are common phrases that are often used by search engine users. For example, someone searches for search engine optimization (SEO). about what sentence will he write? Certainly, the keywords used will be related to SEO. To be more clear, here are some examples of keywords used by someone who is deepening knowledge about Blogging and SEO.

Possible sentences that the person will write are as follows:
  • How to Make Blog on Blogspot
  • How to post titles always appear searchable google
  • How to bring organic traffic.

And many more sentences are likely to be written. And of course, from several examples above each has a different level of competition. So in the science of SEO, we are required to do keyword research or do research, which keywords are high medium or low competition level.

Once found the most widely used keywords by potential visitors, then we do the optimization of these keywords.

The types of keywords

As I mentioned above, if keywords have different levels of competition, and certainly in practice optimization will have different levels of difficulty. Keyword types include:
  1. Short keywords (typically high-competition keywords)
  2. Medium keywords (usually medium-level keywords)
  3. Long or often called long tail keywords (usually low-competition keywords).

1. Short keywords

For short keywords whose high competition level means that keywords are the most used by search engine users. And if we decide to use keywords that high level of competition, of course how to optimize its SEO must be really meticulous and needed more capabilities.

Sometimes we need to do repetition of keywords, but still, the main one should be able to provoke robots by providing content that is long and rich in meaning, not rich in keywords.

That's the difference between SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or search engine optimization now with the old one. We are not enough to play the keywords alone, but still must be able to serve the contents of the article that can convince the search robot if what we write it is really relevant to the keywords and description.

2. Medium keywords

For medium or medium competition keywords, in terms of SEO optimization (SEO Engine Optimization) we will not experience any problems, just need to repeat 2-3% of keywords only, in accordance with my experience provided with long and relevant content, can already appear on the main page of search engines.

3. Long keywords

Well let alone for the type of long keywords, hardly any difficulty that means in doing optimization, simply by entering the keyword in the first paragraph, in the final paragraph and in the description of the content though is too long is usually able to appear on the main page search engine.

With a note, however, short any article we make, it should still give priority to the relevance of the keyword.

Important note in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Use your language well or use a good foreign language according to the language we use on our blog or website. Why is it necessary and mandatory? because the real search engine is a robot is not human, and certainly, the name of the robot will only be designed to read the language that should be used by humans.

There is a way to ascertain whether the language we use is correct or not by translating our writing. If for example, we write the national language, please translate to the international language that is English, after the English language please translate back to the national language, then note whether it is back to the language we originally wrote or so chaotic ?. There we can easily make repairs until it actually contains the correct national language before we decide to publish our article.

Also, vice versa if you use English for your article please first translate to the national language until what we write it actually contains the correct English language, do not be screwed up later and will certainly be ignored by search engines.

Avoid using strange or unusual languages

What kind of strange and unusual language is it? for example, you write a phrase and replace with paper or I replace it with myself, it is obviously unusual and search engines will read it, it should be noted, as sophisticated search engine algorithm system, until whenever will not be able to read strange language, so again I emphasize, use good and correct language in accordance with the language used by your blog or website.

Maybe I can tell you about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Hopefully, there are benefits for myself as a writer and for those of you who are studying in the same field.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Site's Ranking is Due to Search Engine Optimization or Popularity?

Search Engine Optimization or Popularity?

I'm very sure, you and millions of bloggers around the world have the same question, is the ranking of a site determined by one's ability to optimize search engines, or because of the popularity of the site? Especially for those of you who feel they have done their best in applying search engine optimization techniques, but your site is still inferior to major sites. Whereas if paid attention, articles published by large sites that almost do not use optimization techniques, even how to write articles seem less quality.

Actually, I've been wanting to answer this question for a long time. But I am afraid that many who claim to be search engine optimization experts feel offended. Because what I'm about to say is very contrary to the false acknowledgment of those who say, "I am able to improve your site's rank in less than 5 days". Sounds very funny.

Do you think a site can get the best ranking on the search engines because of their greatness in optimizing any published content, or by using dishonorable tools like creating a site that strengthens the crawl of a content page?. Of course, you can not answer. Well, I will answer all the puzzles that have puzzled you all. I have done some research on one of the big sites that any article published by the site always gets the best position in the search engine.

I tried to do some research recently by typing the keyword "How to Turn Content Into an Actual Product" I found there are 15 sites that appear in sequence. Because of the limitations of loading images, I can only display a small part. If you are curious please type in your own keyword search engine Google. Of course, will make your heart stop beating for a moment.


Surely you will immediately assume if the 14 sites that follow the first site is garbage sites that duplicate the content. Yes No?. Your presumption is not excessive because I myself also initially assume the same.

But before you are prejudiced, you should try clicking on one of the URLs with the same title as the topmost site. So what's the conclusion?.

I found something very surprising, all the URLs I clicked on contained only the title and a link pointing to a single site.

Some examples:


If you are unsure, please click on all URLs whose article title is the same. If you have already clicked on everything and have found evidence. Now answer my question, is it a search engine optimization technique based on the quality of a content or the coercion of search engines?. If you want to reply here, you send me a short message.

That's their search engine engagement. Not to mention how they popularized content on dozens of social media by using hundreds of auxiliary accounts.

Now the above question would you be able to answer correctly, if that gives a ranking of a site and a content that, search engine optimization (SEO) a professional or popularity?. You do not need to answer because it is the job of search engine owners that Google should answer. Because Google Adwords performance is at stake.

Interesting articles that you must read: SEO Techniques To Avoid In A Website.

Now you live to determine your own fate, whether to continue furiously until you really die to fight for SEO and still believe in SEO? Or you want to follow their steps?.

Thank you for reading, and have a nice day.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

SEO: 5 Smart Tips on Choosing Keywords

Smart Tips on Choosing Keywords

Keywords are the main capital in making an article, the better and interesting the keywords of the published articles, the more likely the article will bring many readers. Yes if the article is shared on social media. What about readers coming from search engines? Certainly not enough with the title capital just interesting. You must be smart in choosing keywords in order to bring organic and non-organic traffics.

Responding to the difficulty of finding good keywords that many authors complain about in various forums about Search Engine Optimization, SEO experts from Online Business Guide will give you 5 smart tips on finding and selecting keywords that will be used in the production of content.

5 Smart Tip of Research and Choosing Keywords for Articles

Perhaps the voice of what I am about to explain is plain, and of course many have written about this. But this one is different because I will explain it with a secret that was never leaked by the previous author.

Are you ready? Please take a good look.

1. Find keywords that are always sought by internet users

The purpose of finding keywords that are always sought after by internet users is that your article has a chance to get traffic distribution. How to find it can use free tools like Google Trend and others. Or you can also buy paid apps. It will not lose because you will get many benefits.

2. Keyword Research

Once you find the most searched keywords, the next step is to research the keywords. For keyword research you can use free tools like Google planner, you can know the level of search and the level of competition of the keywords you use.

If your SEO ability is reliable enough, can choose keywords that high level of competition and high search rates as well. But if you still have not been able to optimize SEO properly, you should choose keywords that the search rate is high but the level of competition is low.

3. Add a word sweetener to your keywords

By adding additional words as a sweetener, you will have a great chance of getting visitors both from search engines and from social media.
Once you are sure of the keywords that will be used, the next step is to add sweet words that will attract the attention of potential visitors. For example, you want to use the keyword "How to choose keywords" Use sweetening sentences such as "5 powerful ways to choose keywords to be hunted by many visitors".

By adding additional words as a sweetener, you will have a great chance of getting visitors both from search engines and from social media. Because based on observations, the title of the article that gets the most clicks from potential visitors is an article that not only uses keywords alone but articles that use additional sentences as a way to provide advice for potential visitors. Visitors will feel confident that the article he meant to be on your site.

4. Use long titles

Long but keyword-rich titles are best for bringing in traffic. Because then the opportunity of your article title appears the first page of search engine getting bigger. And it will not only show up with targeted keywords, but it could potentially appear with some keywords.

If you are unsure of my statement, please do some searches on the internet. Look at the big sites that always dominate the search engines, surely you will find long titles on their site.

5. Use lasting keywords

If you do not want to be hard to find keywords, you can use lasting keywords. Keyword eternal is what? For example how to cure acne. We all know, if the acne disease will continue to attack every generation, there can not be a year of all humans on earth there is none that does not have acne on his face. So if today you do not get visitors from the article, next month or next year you will definitely get it.

Because an article will not immediately get the best ratings, but over time, search engines will position the articles that are considered most relevant in its best position. And the advantages of enduring keywords are very easy to update. So if one day you find a more appropriate way, you can freely to update it.

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Well, that's 5 Smart Tips on Choosing Keywords for making an article in order to have a good opportunity to continue to get a lot of visitors to the site you, be it visitors from search engines and from social media.

The proverbial today: Keep reading, because by reading then you will be able to write well.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

5 The Cause of Blogging Will Not be Successful

The Cause of Blogging Will Not be Successful

Hot news about the stories of successful people in the world of blogging has hypnotized millions of humans to become a blogger. But behind it no less also the news that circulated if hundreds of millions of people who have failed. Hopefully one of the people who has failed it is not you. And if you have failed to run the profession as a blogger, this article will help you to succeed. Because here I will explain 5 Causes of failure to become a blogger.

Before I go on to discuss the causes of a blogger's career journey, I will first discuss what the real meaning of blogging is. According to, Wikipedia Blog is an abbreviation of a weblog is a form of the web application in the form of writings (which is published as a post) on a web page. These writings are often loaded in reverse order (the latest content before being followed by the longer content), although not always so. Websites like this are usually accessible to all Internet users according to the topic and purpose of the user of the blog.

Now you enter the homepage, once you enter will appear writing, make your hobby into income. Yes or not? Why do I underline the word Hobby? That's what I will discuss in detail Because that's the main cause of the number of bloggers who fail in performing their duties.

5 The Cause of Blogging Will Not be Successful

Maybe what I will write can offend you. But if you are angry it means forever there will never be a success. Because the man who will achieve success is a man who is aware of his mistakes and who learn from the mistake. You agree? Either by answering agreed you have opened the door of success.

1. Do not have a hobby

You do not argue first. We return to the blogger homepage, it says clearly, "Make a hobby into income" If today you have failed means you do not have a hobby that can be used as capital to make money. Sorry, I'm not a fortune teller, but I look at the experience of successful people through blogging. Like the build Ezy example, he is a hobbyist who makes a wide range of wooden furniture, and every time he finishes making a project, he writes it on the blog. And now knows how many thousands of dollars of buildEzy earnings from his blog.

If you are still evasive, then what hobby you have written into a content? means no, you just follow-up writing something that is not your hobby. Padahall if you want to observe more seriously, every human being has advantages. Very unlikely if you do not have a hobby.

Your hobby of cooking? write into articles every time you finish cooking. Your hobby is farming, write every time you finish something. You understand very well by planting trees well, but others are not necessarily, Well if you write about it, then others will benefit from your writing. And your hard work will pay off.

So one of the causes of someone failing blogging is because the person does not have a clear hobby.

2. You are lazy

You must be disappointed with my statement. But no doubt, one of the causes of someone failing blogging is because the person is lazy. Okay, you can avoid it at first, you are very diligent to make posts. But because after hundreds of posts you make, still can not make money.

Blogging is like farming when you finish planting, then a few months later you will harvest. Well after harvesting does not need to plant anymore? Of course, you need to keep planting in order to keep harvesting.

If you feel just enough to plant one time and will continue to reap the results, it means not wrong my guess, if you have a lazy nature that has made you fail to blog.

3. You are not patient

You may be saturated because the first or second year of blogging has not been successful. Though you need to know if blogging is a long-term investment. As an example, one of the successful bloggers to date is Linda Ikeji. How many years did he build his site? how many thousands of articles he has published? he just enjoyed the results after almost 5 years since he started blogging.

If until now you are new 2 or 3 years of blogging, it means you have not failed, there is still 2 more years if you want like Linda Ikeji. But if you keep stopping here, your failure is because you are impatient.

4. Do not know how to monetize blog

If you do not feel doing the above three errors but still you fail, meaning the cause could be because you do not know how to monetize a blog. Surely you have not failed, and still can be fixed, you can find information on the internet about how to blogging to make money.

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But if you feel you've learned a lot about how to blogging to make money but still fails. Means you need to consult with me directly, please send questions directly to me, I will help you succeed.

5. Likes to steal other people's content

The fifth is the most dangerous. Many bloggers who enter the mental hospital because of failed blogging. And the cause is because the person has a bad habit, ie like to steal other people's content.

Bad habits of stealing other people's content early may make you feel almost perfect. Without the need to work hard already can make a lot of money. But you must know, if one day your stolen content will disappear from circulation, you will lose a lot of viewers, even to the end.

After you lose the reader after you lose the income, what can you do? fix the content? it's a futile job. Because your footsteps are tarnished. Search engines and readers will no longer believe in what you publish.

If you fail because of a fifth error, only one way you can do if you do not want to fail again. Is that? Immediately delete the site with the contents of the stolen content. then delete your email account. After that, you create a new email to start blogging again in the right ways.

That's 5 causes someone failed in the world of blogging and how to fix the mistakes that I described above, hopefully, this article is useful. Happy work and hopefully tomorrow I hear the news that you have become a successful blogger.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

6 How Successful Blogging to Become a Millionaire

How Successful Blogging to Become a Millionaire

Articles on how successful blogging to become a millionaire I write with the aim to motivate myself and great hope I can be a support for you who pioneered the business through the blogging path.

Being a wealthy just from being a writer and a content publisher on a blog is not an impossible thing. Because many examples of successful people who initially just fun to express his ideas in a writing on the blog, in the end, can make money from blogs to millions of dollars.

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Many people ask, Earning money from blogging hobby is easy? I dare to answer very easily. But if the question can be easy and fast? it's good you continue reading the article how successful Blogging to become a millionaire to complete, hopefully, you get the right answer from the question.

I once read a beautiful article on the famous website entitled 10 Keys to Make Millions Blogging. I am very motivated with that article to continue to develop my hobby, who knows luck approached me, that is can make money from blogging.

You also need to go there to read it, but before it would be wise if you read first 6 ways to succeed from hobby blogging to become a millionaire that I will explain below.

1. Keep writing

You have to be well aware, if that will be the selling point of your site is what you write. No sites can make money with just one or two articles. But they create hundreds to thousands of content, so anything searched by millions of internet users is available on their site.

If today you just created 10 or 20 content but already complain because it does not also make money, immediately fix your mindset. Because you will never reach the goal if you stop here.

And if you have a lot of content today but still not getting maximum results, meaning you have to keep writing. Convince yourself that what you have written is not enough to be capital.

2. Make writing that is always interesting to read

In creating content if you want to always have a high selling point, then what you write should always be interesting to read. Every year internet users are certainly switching generations, your job is to make writing that will be enjoyed by generations.

Writing interesting content is indeed easy, you can peek at the news that is currently warm. But is the news interesting if it is read over the next few months? It's your job to answer.

3. Create content that will always be searched, people

Creating content that is interesting is not enough for your investment. But you have to fill your site with content that sure will be searched by internet users all the time.

Maybe you are confused, what kind of content will be searched by internet users from time to time it? For example the content of headache medicine. All humans who are in a must have and will experience headaches. And surely they will find something that can cure the pain.

That is a small example, you can find your own idea to create timeless content, which can be a lifetime investment.

4. Promote your content

In order for your content to make money, certainly not enough to create content only. But there must be an effort to promote the content to get visitors.

Promoting content can be in several ways, for example:
  • Promotion to social media. Social media such as facebook, google +, twitter and others is a great place to promote content, there are millions of people who will volunteer to provide traffic to your site for free.
  • Promotion to Search Engines. To promote the content to the search engines would require a special expertise called SEO science, but if you are confused, for this one way you can ignore, because according to my observations SEO is no guarantee to position the content in the best ranking. Which will make your site the best is after full of useful content and your site is popular.

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5. Do not rush

Lots of who fail to make money from blogging because they are in a hurry. Content is not enough, new visitors a little, already put an ad for example.

Finally, what will happen? The ads are live but no audience. That's what often makes a person lethargic and lost spirit. So let your site first flourish, having many audiences before deciding to monetize your site.

6. Have a long-term concept

This is rarely owned by most writers, they want to write today to get results today. And if we learn from some sites that are able to generate millions of dollars each month, they will enjoy the results of his efforts after 5-6 years.

Even if necessary, change your mindset, the investments you invest for your next generation tomorrow. By having a long-term concept, then your life will not be burdened. You will continue to have the passion to write and develop your site.

Six successful ways of blogging to become a millionaire that I write this is only a small part and may not be useful for you. But believe me, if you want to follow my advice, then your future will be happy.

Congratulations to work and hope tomorrow is your lucky day. Keep the spirit and smile.

Friday, November 10, 2017

The Best SEO Meta Tag For Blogger

The Best SEO Meta Tag For Blogger

Many people turn away from bloggers and then choose another platform such as WordPress because they assume that bloggers are very difficult to be optimized, especially in terms of SEO. One of them setting Meta Tags that must be manually set up, and if wrong then it will be fatal for the performance of the site in search engine.

Unlike other platforms such as WordPress that can easily use SEO plugin then everything is done with just one step that is Install SEO Plugin. Such an assumption may be spelled out right, if ....? You do not understand the HTML structure of a website page.

But for me, playing on a blogger platform is a fun challenge, because there are many things to do even if the results sometimes turn from the desired ones.

I am very sure, you who read this article are people who have a like like me, that is using blogger platform as a place to express hobby into a writing (Blogging).

And I know very much about your current problem, that is confused with setting Meta Tags for super SEO like Meta Tags used by WordPress platform which is assisted by SEO plugin.

Do not be discouraged Today is the most historic day for you because in this article I will teach you how to create the best SEO Meta Tag for bloggers, who will be able to compete with SEO plugins like they use. Trust me.

Importance of Meta Tag SEO for blogger

If meta tags, such as antenna or radar, where the crawler engine will get a strong signal if there is an internet user search for keywords that keywords are there on our site. Therefore do not be careless in setting the meta tag on our site.

In fact, if you are not sure of the meta tag settings you use today, better use default setting blogger. It would be great if it does not have more value.

The Best SEO Meta Tag For Blogger

For the SEO meta tags, I will share it is arranged in such a way as to be similar to Yoast SEO plugin, although there are some that do not exist, the effect on search engine crawling is no different.

How to install SEO Meta Tags

Please go to the blogger template settings menu, then select Edit HTML. Next delete the code between <head> to </ b: skin> with the code below.

<meta charset='utf-8'/>
<meta content='width=device-width, initial-scale=1' name='viewport'/>
<meta content='blogger' name='generator'/>
<meta content='text/html; charset=UTF-8' http-equiv='Content-Type'/>
<link href='' rel='openid.server'/>
<link expr:href='data:blog.homepageUrl' rel='openid.delegate'/>
<link expr:href='data:blog.url' rel='canonical'/>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != &quot;error_page&quot;'>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> - <data:blog.title/></title>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;error_page&quot;'>
<title>Page Not Found - <data:blog.title/></title>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;archive&quot;'>
<meta content='noindex' name='robots'/>
<b:if cond='data:blog.searchLabel'>
<meta content='noindex,nofollow' name='robots'/>
<b:if cond='data:blog.isMobile'>
<meta content='noindex,nofollow' name='robots'/>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != &quot;error_page&quot;'>
<meta expr:content='data:blog.metaDescription' name='description'/>
<script type='application/ld+json'>{ &quot;@context&quot;: &quot;;, &quot;@type&quot;: &quot;WebSite&quot;, &quot;url&quot;: &quot;<data:blog.homepageUrl/>&quot;, &quot;potentialAction&quot;: { &quot;@type&quot;: &quot;SearchAction&quot;, &quot;target&quot;: &quot;<data:blog.homepageUrl/>?q={search_term}&quot;, &quot;query-input&quot;: &quot;required name=search_term&quot; } }</script>
<link expr:href='data:blog.homepageUrl + &quot;feeds/posts/default&quot;' expr:title='data:blog.title + &quot; - Atom&quot;' rel='alternate' type='application/atom+xml'/>
<link expr:href='data:blog.homepageUrl + &quot;feeds/posts/default?alt=rss&quot;' expr:title='data:blog.title + &quot; - RSS&quot;' rel='alternate' type='application/rss+xml'/>
<link expr:href='&quot;; + data:blog.blogId + &quot;/posts/default&quot;' expr:title='data:blog.title + &quot; - Atom&quot;' rel='alternate' type='application/atom+xml'/>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<b:if cond='data:blog.postImageThumbnailUrl'>
<link expr:href='data:blog.postImageThumbnailUrl' rel='image_src'/>
<link expr:href='data:blog.url' hreflang='x-default' rel='alternate'/>
<link href='/favicon.ico' rel='icon' type='image/x-icon'/>
<link href='' rel='publisher'/>
<link href='' rel='author'/>
<link href='' rel='me'/>
<meta content='xxx'name='google-site-verification'/>
<meta content='xxx' name='msvalidate.01'/>
<meta content='xxx' name='yandex-verification'/>
<meta content='Your Country' name='geo.placename'/>
<meta content='xxx' name='Author'/>
<meta content='general' name='rating'/>
<meta content='Your Country' name=''/>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<meta expr:content='data:blog.pageName' property='og:title'/>
<meta expr:content='data:blog.pageTitle' property='og:title'/>
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<meta content='article' property='og:type'/>
<meta content='website' property='og:type'/>
<meta expr:content='data:blog.canonicalUrl' property='og:url'/>
<b:if cond='data:blog.postImageUrl'>
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<meta expr:content='data:blog.blogspotFaviconUrl' property='og:image'/>
<b:if cond='data:blog.metaDescription'>
<meta expr:content='data:blog.metaDescription' property='og:description'/>
<meta expr:content='data:blog.title' property='og:site_name'/>
<meta content='' property='article:author'/>
<meta content='' property='article:publisher'/>
<meta content='xxx' property='fb:app_id'/>
<meta content='xxx' property='fb:admins'/>
<meta content='en_US' property='og:locale'/>
<meta content='en_GB' property='og:locale:alternate'/>
<meta content='id_ID' property='og:locale:alternate'/>
<meta content='summary' name='twitter:card'/>
<meta content='@Your Twitter Account' name='twitter:site'/>
<meta content='@Your Twitter Account' name='twitter:creator'/>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<meta expr:content='data:blog.pageName' name='twitter:title'/>
<meta expr:content='data:blog.pageTitle' name='twitter:title'/>
<meta expr:content='data:blog.metaDescription' name='twitter:description'/>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<meta expr:content='data:blog.postImageUrl' name='twitter:image:src'/>

For red writing, please replace your identity. And if everything is done, please click Save Template. The effects of using SEO Meta Tags will be felt after 14-30 days.

That is the best SEO Meta Tag for bloggers that I can share on this occasion. Hopefully useful, good work and success always for you.

SEO Techniques To Avoid In A Website

SEO Techniques To Avoid In A Website

In building a website, we have an obligation to know the basics of SEO techniques (search engine optimation). In addition, we also have to know and understand in advance about how so that search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines can know the existence of the website we have easily and search engines can the meaning of knowledge of what we discuss in our website. How do you do?

The trick is to start studying the characteristics of the search engines. by the way, you should implement the SEO techniques that are true and correct. So your website can automatically be seen by visitors around the world.

How do I implement SEO techniques (search engine optimation) in building websites, that entered the first page in search engines?

This is a question that very often in asks by many website owners, especially for beginners. often they build websites without studying SEO techniques in advance. Whereas SEO techniques is a basic learning so that search engines can know the existence of your website easily and quickly.

In making the website so favored by the search engines, there is also a saying that:

" Forget SEO and make the article original and most sought after by visitors "

That's the reason that it is often said by the website owner may not know the importance of the application of SEO.

But wouldn't it be better if we build the website with the correct way to implement SEO, so the preferred search engine? What do you think? Please respond via the comments field that I provide.

To build a website, applying the correct SEO techniques are required. Sometimes I personally see some websites that implement the SEO techniques wrong and still think is right, even though such techniques can be a bad thing for your website ranking in the eyes of the search engines like Google and Bing.

Then, through an article this time I will explain to you before you start to create a website about SEO techniques to avoid in building a website, so that your website could be better again in the eyes of the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

SEO techniques to avoid in building websites

The following are the SEO techniques to avoid in building a website. the following explanation.

Error Applying keywords

Sometimes website owners before creating the article, they don't do the keyword research first. but keyword research is very important to see the rivalry between the other website.

In addition, there is also already a key true research, after that, they are using the right keyword phrases in a frequency that is not reasonable. so it could be considered spam by the search engines.

The next mistake is they don't Include keywords and its variations in the opening paragraph of the article title, and meta-description of search.

The application of the wrong Image SEO techniques

The role of an image in an article is a form of information to clarify the meaning of the description of the topic of the article. the following is the application of techniques of SEO images that often made the owner of the website.
  • Do not give the name of the image file that is relevant to the topic of the article.
  • Do not give a description of Alt tags, title tags, and image descriptions
  • Do not perform compression of images, so loading the website became slow.

If you do not implement the SEO techniques above, then search engines are hard to see pictures of your website. Why? because search engines require a textual description to understand what is shown the images on the website.

Install the internal links to pages that are not relevant

Internal links are useful for informing visitors about your article more appropriate topics that are being read.

For example, if the article you are discussing the car, and then you install internal links that point to articles about the topic of cooking, then the internal links as it is a fatal error.

Link Backlink on the website that is not relevant to the topic of your website

It is true, a Backlink is a very important SEO techniques to strengthen the position of your website in search engines.

But the mistake that is often made in linking their backlinks have linked the backlink to a website that is not very relevant to the topic of the website.

The second mistake was too many backlinks to other websites linked to the comments. Then it will cause a negative impact and considered Spam by the search engines.

The posting URL link is too long and there are no keywords

If you are still a beginner in managing the website, you may not be paying attention to the post URL Link is too long. examples like this.

example: https:// www.example .com/how-to-make-website-business-online-with-easy-and-only-without-coast .html

You can see how long the posting URL Link in the example above. If you have a Link URL like that, then its negative impact is the search engine will be hard-pressed to crawl the URL.

Error sharing website Postings to social media that are not relevant to the topic of the website

Share postings on social media like facebook, twitter, Google and other social media plus indeed is one of the SEO techniques are great for promotions. But if you share your social media to a forum that does not fit the topic, it could have a negative effect on search engines.

Errors often occur are when they share postings to social media, they just think about the number of visitors in the get later and don't pay attention to whether the visitor is in compliance targets. the following sample share to social media.

If your website is about cars, then you share postings to the forums of social media Isn't about cooking, it is a fatal error?

Then, before you share postings to social media, please select the appropriate topic community forum or website that you discussed.

That's some errors frequently do SEO techniques website owners that I can tell. But if by chance you have problems with the application of SEO techniques as above, below I will explain to you about how the application of the correct SEO techniques in building the website.

The correct SEO techniques in building website

To implement SEO (search engine optimization) is right in building an online business website, you should apply some important part on every article page of the website, including:


Do keyword research in advance according to the business products you have. You can use Google's keyword planner to determine the keywords with the most searches and have low competition.

Next, enter the keyword in the title of the article with its variations and enter keywords in the opening paragraph, alt + image title, link URL and description search.


When you want to insert an image in the article, do the first drawing compress so that the loading speed of the website when opened by visitors are not too heavy.

Moreover, do not forget to give the name of the image fits the topic and enter your keyword. next contents Part description of the image, the Alt tags and Title tags.

URL Link Posting

At the time you make the article title a Link URL, website postings will follow the title. in this case, try to create an URL link in a nutshell and there are keywords in it. You can look at the posting URL link error is too long, then the correct link URL and appropriate SEO technique are like this:

Example: https://www,example,com/how-to-create-website,html.

Internal links

An internal link is a link that leads to a page of your other article postings on the insert in the pages of postings. so that visitors can see other articles.

To determine the correct internal links appropriate SEO techniques and preferred search engines, create internal links that are highly relevant to the keywords previous articles and do not spawn too many internal links. A maximum number of internal links in one article page is an internal link to 1-2 per 1000 words.

Outbound links

Outbound links are links that point to pages of other websites. for example as in the link I put above i.e. outbound links lead to Google's keyword planner.

SEO techniques using Outbound links are very nice to determine the ratings of your website in search engines. Note Outbound links should be relevant to the topic and keyword articles that you discussed.


a backlink is a relationship between one site with another site. the meaning of is you put the URL of your website link on the page of the site another website so that your website can be open in these other websites by visitors without having to sign in to the Web page you have.

The benefits of creating backlinks are indeed very important done to strengthen website ranking in search engines.

How to make very easy Backlinks namely can with the way other website page commented by putting the Url links that point to your pages.

However, to make the appropriate Backlinks SEO techniques, create Backlinks that are relevant to the topic of your website articles and do not mislead too many backlinks because it can be considered Spam by the search engines.

Use the tags H1, H2, and H3 on every page of the website article postings

When you make Posting articles, please use Tags H1, H2, and H3. its purpose is to provide information of the target keywords about your topic discussed when search engine robots to crawl your articles. Here is how to put the Tags H1, H2, and H3 appropriate SEO techniques.

The future or future of the application of Tags H1, H2 and H3 on posting articles is you have to rewrite the article titles containing the target keywords specifically with how to thicken (BOLD) and enlarge the writing.

If you are using the Blogger platform, you can use the Tags H1, H2 and H3 Headings, which include subheading and minor headings as in the picture below.

SEO Techniques To Avoid In A Website

Here is a way of applying the techniques of SEO tags H1, H2, and H3 are right on the page posting the article website.

Title tags
Title tags are the writing target primary keyword that is located above the body of the page posting the article.

Tags H1
You can place the Tag H1 on the title page of the corresponding target keyword.

Tags H2
Tags H2 is writing the target keywords in a paragraph of the opening page of the article in a way (BOLD) thicken and enlarge.

Tags H3
Tags H3 is writing the target keywords in the middle of the article page with the way (BOLD) thicken and enlarge.

For the application of Tags H1, H2 and H3, you can immediately see the example image below.

SEO Techniques To Avoid In A Website

Share Postings to social media

The role of social media to build a website is very important to do and is one of the SEO techniques. because we can't rely on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo just so that it can be seen by visitors.

but you can take advantage of social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus to promote Web sites that you have.

To share postings to social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google plus, please choose a forum or community that is relevant to the topic of your website, so that your target keyword can be achieved to get more visitors.

After your website is popular on social media, then automatically search engine can judge just how important the topic of discussion of the website you it could be more and strengthen the position of page ranking of your website in search engines.

Create an article with a minimal amount of 300 words or more

When you create the article, try to at least 300 words or more is better. because the search engine is very fond of long articles and contains a topic that could be useful for the reader.

Please note that the Search Engine, like Google, has a Tool serpIQ that acts do research to find out the average word length of the articles that appear on the first page of Google.

Surely you've seen while browsing on the internet such as Google, the average article that appeared in page rank 1 to 3 are articles that have a length of 2500 words. Why?

Because of the lengthy Article usually contains a lot of information. the more information in the article, then the more visitors satisfied and get the information they want. automatic and visitors will come back to read your new articles etc.

Furthermore don't forget enter keywords in the headline, first paragraph, second paragraph, third paragraph, image and link URL.

Create Original content

Original content has a very important role and is still the King of the entire SEO techniques. But that does not mean you do not need to implement SEO techniques because SEO techniques aim so that it can easily crawl or read a page of the website that you have in the search engines.

Important to know that, if you want to succeed in building a website, never once did take other people's copyright works such as doing Copy paste other website articles. because the article copy-paste activities could destroy the reputation of your website in search engines. even your website could be dumped on every page of the search engine if your website is reported to Google DMCA.

Google DMCA is a service of Google specifically for website owners that his article on copy paste by others. so if your article to report on these other websites, your website will be lost in the search engines.

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SEO Techniques To Avoid In Building A Website

That's what some true SEO techniques and you should apply it in every page posting articles that I can tell.

So this time the blogger Tips articles i.e. about SEO techniques to avoid in building websites. and hopefully, this article can help you on how to correct SEO techniques application in building the website, so that your website can do better in the search engines to be able to compete with other great websites. Thank you for visiting.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

7 How To Create Complete SEO Content For Blogger Platform

How To Create Complete SEO Content For Blogger Platforms

Maybe for you who manage the site be platform WordPress, how to create an article on the optimization of search engines is not a difficult thing. Because there are some plugins that can help you in writing good and correct content. Like SEO Yoast plugin, SEO All In One Pack and others.

But it's different if you manage sites that use blogger platform. In making the content must have special expertise to make content that is able to compete for the best position of internet search engine.

You may believe that the content that will get the best ratings of the search engine is unique and original content and has sufficient text. I deeply appreciate your belief. You are one of a thousand webmasters who have great potential for the successful blogging world.

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But according to my experience, writing in a style of language that flows like water sometimes unconsciously repeats a sentence that can destroy the uniqueness of the content itself.

It's like over-repeating keywords, while a search-friendly article is an article focused on a single keyword by not over-repeating the keyword. Or meet the standard density keyword in accordance with applicable rules.

7 How to create complete SEO content for Blogger platform

Here I will explain how to create content in blogger based on my experience of writing content in WordPress using SEO plugin. And after I apply the site to blogger platform was the result is very amazing, some articles that I writeable to occupy the topmost search engine.

There are seven important elements that must be properly equipped in creating content or articles to meet the standard SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Among them:
  1. Title is SEO friendly
  2. Focus on 1 keyword
  3. Using Heading with the correct order
  4. Added outbound links
  5. Added internal links
  6. Word count is at least 300 words
  7. Using description
Here's the explanation.

1. Title is SEO friendly

What kind of article title is friendly to the search engine? What kind of article title is friendly to the search engine? The title of an SEO friendly article is that it meets two conditions.
  1. Must contain keywords in it
  2. Length should not be more than 60 characters
And because in blogger we do it manually different from the site that can install SEO plugin, in making the title of the article we must be really careful.

For example, the title of the SEO friendly article is as follows: "How to create a blog for beginners only". And to focus his keywords is "How to create a blog for beginners only" Notice the bold!.

2. Fokus on one Keyword

This is one of the toughest challenges in creating content on the blogger platform, we have to stay focused on one keyword, it should not be excessive, and because there are no SEO plugins that help monitor every keystroke we get. It will be more difficult.

But you can use a manual tool like Microsoft word to control keyword, the best rule of application of keyword in the article is maximal 5% from the total word.

Or if the article has a length of 1000 words, then the maximum repeat keyword should not more than 20 times. And remember, it should stay focused on those keywords.

If the focus of the keyword is how to create a blog, then do not deviate to other things, because the type of article that does not focus on one keyword, will be very difficult to find a search engine, although sometimes can appear with any keyword, it is very rare.

3. Using Heading with the correct order

In an article sometimes requires an explanation of the topic being discussed, and for the search engine to understand with our intent it is necessary a good explanation, namely by applying a heading tag.
And if you do not understand the so-called heading tags, the order is as follows:
  • H1 = Title
  • H2 = Heading
  • H3 = Sub Heading
  • H4 = Minor Heading
An article should not have more than one H1, so to display the title in the article must use H2 (Heading).

As the example of the article, you are currently reading is 7 How To Create Complete SEO Content For Blogger Platform. I use H2, and because of the title there are 7 ways, then the way one of the seven ways I use H3 (Sub Heading).

You must remember the correct order after H2 is H3 after H3 is H4, do not put H2 after H3 or put H3 after H4.

You already understand? Okay, let's go.

4. Added outbound links

To strengthen the position of our article search engine is required to add outbound links in the article at least one link. But the link should really lead to another site that is relevant to the article. And also must be a healthy site.

5. Added internal links

Maybe you ask, what purpose of an article needed an internal link? in the science of the website there is called SEO friendly there is also called user-friendly.

Well, the purpose of having to add internal links in the article is to be user-friendly. Or make it easier for users to drill down other content on your site.

6. Word count is at least 300 words

In terms of the actual length of the article is not necessarily to be very long, short but relevant and can solve the problems facing the reader it is already very good.

But try not less than 300 words. Because there is competition in search engine regarding the seizure of the best position. And because of the high level of competition, sometimes the search engines will ignore the short articles if other sites have the same article with the number of words longer.

7. Using description

The description is a brief description of the contents of the article. And since search engines will first crawl the title and description, then be adding the description is something that is mandatory.

If you ever write a site that uses SEO plugins, the SEO level of the article will never be good if it has not added a description.


There is nothing difficult and impossible if we want to learn. Others may be proud of being able to create super SEO content but with the help of plugins.

You can also be grateful because by reading this article, you will be a great writer who is able to create quality SEO content, even if only using the site be platform blogger.

That's how to create complete content with special SEO optimization for blogger platform sites that I can deliver on this occasion. Happy work and success are always for you.

6 How to create a blog site to make money

How to create a blog site to make money

It's been a lot of sites that write about how to create a blog. But this is different because this article will teach you how to create a good blog until it can really make money.

Yes I know, you got here because of information on how to create a blog to make money you've read and you've done it all confusing. So much time you throw away without any encouraging results.

But you can smile in relief because today is a day of luck for you. After reading this article I am very confident, you will be a great internet marketing.

Because the article you are reading now is a true story of my own, where some blog sites that I manage have given my welfare because every month I always get money from the results of my hard work.

6 How to create a blog site to make money

Actually how to make a blog to make money is not as complicated as they say. Because all questions will come back to you as well, ready or not?

Why did I say that?

Because I often see a lot of misguided, do not have the ability to build blogs continuously but still force. Finally, many who stop with no results, there is also a forced forward but perform actions that are prohibited. It's like deliberately stealing someone else's content for not having an idea to write.

How to create a blog until it can make enough money to do 6 steps, which include:
  1. Define blog topics
  2. Choose a platform
  3. Start blogging
  4. Organize templates
  5. Start creating content
  6. Start making money

And if the six steps above you do a neatly arranged, then according to my promise, you will be a great internet marketing that will never feel tired or confused in taking care and develop your blog.

Are you ready? Let's start!

1. Define blog topics

Deciding what topics you want to write on your blog is the key to your success. And this should be considered carefully. Make no mistake in determining the topic.

Why is determining the topic should be considered with great care? Because your first article is a challenge and heavy responsibility for the future.

You must be aware, do not dream, blog sites that will succeed in earning continuous income is not a site that publishes 100 or 200 articles and stop and calculate profit.

But ... a blog that will make money every time it is a blog that never stops making content to entertain the reader. Well, how can you do that when determining the topic of blogs is wrong?.

The best way to determine a topic so you will never lose the idea of creating content is to learn what's inside of you. What are your skills?

You are a wooden furniture craftsman? make a topic about it. Or are you a farmer? make a topic of how to farm properly and properly.

But there is one other thing you need to consider, what is it? Not all topics are loaded into a blog and published into articles, can be used capital to make money online.

As an example you are an expert in making bricks for building materials, it's a bit difficult if your content will be sold to online business. Because what you will wrestle is internet marketing, so try to determine the topic must be closely related to the perpetrators of online business as well.

Okay, I assume you already understand the above explanation on how to determine a good topic for your blog can be used as capital to make money.

2. Choose a Platform

Once you have a choice of topics to be the main pillar of content on your site, the next step is to choose a suitable platform.

As a suggestion you can consider, if your site will load more text content with fewer complementary images, then using the Blogger platform is also more than enough.

But if your site will use many images and files downloads, then you should use WordPress platform. It will make it easier for you to manage your site.

3. Start Blogging

After choosing a Platform that suits your site needs, the next step is to start creating a blog or website. Please login to the platform you want and start by creating a name for your site.

Please note, in creating the name or title of the site, it should be relevant to the topic you will be discussing. For example, you want to discuss topics about business, use titles that contain business sentences. Like my site, because of the main discussion of online business, then I gave the name of Online Business Guide.

4. Organize templates

Once you've finished making a good and relevant title for your site, the next step before starting to fill in the content, you should first rearrange the template of your blog site.

You should be able to create comfort for your site visitors. As in terms of site speed, brightness size, and clear navigation menu, so that visitors to your site can freely uncover all the available content.

And because today most internet users use mobile devices, then in choosing a template should be mobile friendly. Even highly recommended to use AMP template.

5. Start Creating Content

Please publish your content on your site. And I hope this is a good start and will bring good luck to you.

You need to know if a good site and will evolve to follow the times, not a site that blindly in making the content and stop for a long time.

But consistent sites continue to keep articles regularly even if only two or three articles each day.

The more routine you make the article, the faster it will bring good changes. And according to the author's experience, it only takes 12 months to bring in 5000-10000 visitors per day.

6. Start making money

After your article is enough, visitors to your site a lot, then you can start making money from your site.

Can make money from where? That's a good question.

You have to believe me. For sites that have good development, have quality content, have many visitors, you do not have to bother offering your site to the owners of capital.

You are diligent enough to open an email, will be a lot of incoming email from those who scramble want to put banner ads on your site.

Or if you are not patient enough to wait for that moment, you can register your site as an ad publisher. Like to Google Adsense and others.

Or you can also follow the affiliate program. You do not worry, for a quality site, very potential buyers of capital. The most important thing for you is to build your site first to the best to develop.

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That's 6 how to make a blog site to make money that I can convey on this occasion. Thank you for reading, and success is always for you.