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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

7 Ways To Make Your Life Successful

Ways To Make Your Life Successful

Success is the right of anyone, including you, of course, therefore you should strive to achieve it. If today you fail, then you are waiting for a turn to succeed. Trust me.

Indeed to achieve success every person has their own way. There is a success only by continuing the efforts of parents, there is also a successful result of the business itself.

I am very sure, you who are here reading this article is someone who has failed and is looking for ways to achieve success. This is a good start for you. Because in this article will explain:

7 Ways To Make Your Life Successful

Maybe you ask if the success tips that I will explain it can be trusted the truth? Everything is true, because what I will describe comes from various sources including the author's own life experience, and most of it is the result of interviews with some people who often fail but eventually become successful people.

1. Have a Strong Determination

To achieve everything must necessarily start with a strong determination. You must have a principle that other people can why I do not? Someone else is smart why am I stupid? Other people rich why I am poor? the other can achieve success why I do not ?. Decide on your resolve if I can too.

So the main thing to do is to have a strong determination first, the stronger your determination the more successful chances will be.

2. Dare to try

One way to achieve success is to try. Sometimes as a normal human there must be anxiety and fear. But you have to fight it all with courage. Usually when in business, worry to try it if using the loan capital that number is not so big.

If in work there is a feeling of fear of not being able to. The nature of such anxiety should be eliminated if you want to succeed. By trying you have a chance of failure and there is a chance of success.

3. Do not be afraid to fail

The person who will succeed in life is the one who never fears failure. Their failure is a delayed success. They are not even worried that the third and so on are still failing. And they always take the wisdom of the failures that always experienced.

Perhaps you have never heard the story of someone who has failed 199 times and just succeeded after trying the 200 times. If you just failed 198 times, then there is still a chance 2 more times.

4. Never give up

Every human being must have the chance to succeed, even if it is only 1 time in his life. If someone else can succeed in trying 200 times, maybe your luck is in 201, or even in 2001 trials. So do not occasionally say a sentence, I give up. The more often you fail to get closer to the door of success.

5. Learn from experience

People who believe in achieving success are people who learn from experience. They keep a record of what makes their business fail, and will not repeat the same mistakes in the next attempt.

6. Learn to be careful

If today you experience failure because of lack of caution, then for the next action you must learn to be careful. You have to know if the number one disease that causes failure is because it is always in a hurry to make a decision.

7. Learn from those who have been successful

Of course, when you're a kid, you often hear the old saying, my child, if you want to be smart then learn, and have to mingle with smart people. So also if you want to achieve success. So learn from those who have been successful before. Because they will tell you about why they failed and when they succeeded.


Not a single person is successful, except those who have a strong determination, have tried, never failed, never give up, learn from experience, be careful in taking action, and those who want to learn from successful people.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

What is a Distributor Supplier Agent Reseller and Dropship

What is a Distributor Supplier Agent Reseller and Dropship

In the business world, of course, you often hear the terms Distributor Supplier Agent Reseller and Dropship. But do you know the difference from all that? I'm sure you do not know yet, so you got here. Okay in this article will be discussed what is a distributor, what a supplier, what is an agent, what is a reseller and what is dropship, and what to do with business.

1. Distributor

Distributors are parties who purchase products directly from the manufacturer and resell them to retailers/stores and can also directly to consumers. So, these distributors only take ready-made products and ready for use or ready for sale. The distributor is the first network after the manufacturer. Can be in the form of individuals or companies that buy products directly from manufacturers directly with a very large amount.

2. Supplier

A supplier is a support group of business activities that sell goods continuously for production activities. Generally, they sell it in the form of raw goods, such as wood suppliers, fabric suppliers, building material suppliers, and others concerning pre-production goods.

3. Agent

The agent is intermediaries, can intermediary manufacturers can also intermediary distributors who will later sell goods to retail stores. They function more as an intermediary between distributors and retailers.

The capacity of the goods is usually also smaller and their income is usually from the sales commission or the price difference purchased at the distributor and the price set to the retailer.

4. Reseller

Resellers are the ones who will later sell the goods directly to consumers. This reseller is a bit like an agent but has its own authority in terms of selling. They buy the goods and sell directly to consumers without the need of the duties of distributors or manufacturers.

Usually, the reseller will buy goods from the manufacturer with a cheaper price with a certain amount. Furthermore, the reseller will sell it directly to the consumer by taking profit from the price difference. Resellers need space/place to store goods to be sold.

5. Dropship

Dropship in its function is almost or can be said to be the same as a reseller, only if the reseller sells goods in real physical form if dropship only sells with sample inscription or picture display. So do not directly sell physically. If later there are parties who want to buy goods offered by dropship, then dropship can take goods from manufacturers, distributors, agents and can also from resellers.

In general, these drop shippers run online with capital using the marketplace or use their own website. because this way is considered very effective and cheap. Both are equally profitable. One side of the product sells fast, on the side of the drop shipper can also make money by simply selling the information.

Why should you know about different distributors, suppliers, agents, resellers, and dropship? Because it is very important in business, especially in terms of conveying information.

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That is a brief explanation of the different distributors, suppliers, agents, resellers and dropship you should know. Thank you for reading, congratulating on business and hope your day is always fun.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

5 Basics of Management in Business That Must be Known

Basics of Management in Business That Must be Known

Surely you often hear that the main factor that most play a role in the success of a business that good management. On the contrary, the collapse of a company is more due to the poor management system of the company itself.

Yes, it is not wrong if management is the main key that must be considered before you start a business. Therefore I am interested to write about the basics of business management that you should know.

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5 Basic business management that must be met

Whichever businessperson surely wants the best, therefore, management is the main thing that should take precedence before starting your business. Because of the good performance of a business depends on how to manage its management.

1. Human Resource Management (HRM)

Human resources certainly have a benchmark and ability of each. Therefore, in the management of human resources must be thorough. In order not to be wrong in hiring someone is not in accordance with its resources.

Because in a company there will be human resources placed in their respective sections. Some will hold the production section, the marketing department, the finance department, the payment section and others.

2. Production Management

The basis of production management is something that must be looked at very carefully. Because the product is a pillar of a company or business that will determine consumer satisfaction, be it in the form of goods or services.

A company founded without any knowledge of the value of production can result in large material losses. If the resulting output turns out to have no sales value, this would result in an earlier business collapse as has happened to some businessmen.

Production management should be planned, managed and controlled on the basis of the point of view of desire and satisfaction from consumers. In this case, it is necessary to have a preliminary survey by distributing questionnaires to see consumer appeal.

3. Marketing Management

Marketing can be defined as an activity that creates economic value for goods and services. Marketing management means a method to plan how a product or service can be received by consumers.

This marketing management basis plays a role in introducing or promoting a company or business to the consumer. The success of a business cannot be separated from how important the business is needed by others. The more enthusiasts the higher the business grows.

Some of the components included in the marketing management baseline include potentially an actual marketplace information seeking, designing marketing programs and evaluating corporate marketing programs.

4. Financial Management

Financial management is how to get and how to use company money. Financial management is concerned with the process of good cash inflows and investments, production funds and other sources of funding.

The newly developing company must have good financial management, because if the company's funds are not properly managed and in line with the objectives it can result in inflation within the company, where expenditures will be higher than the revenue.

Human resources managing the financial management department should at least learn in detail how a fund can be obtained, used and later returned to the company.

5. Information Management

Information management, in this case, is an activity to ensure that the business being developed can be run and can still survive in the long term or not.

Information management is very crucial when business is experiencing difficult times at the beginning of development and in the midst of growing computer capabilities.

If a business has a deficiency in an information source it can result in an inability to control resources so that it affects both short and long-term decision making.

That's the five basic business management that must be known and fulfilled before deciding to start a business.

Thank you for reading, happy doing business and hope you get inspiration from this article.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Impact of Communication Errors in Business That Can Be Bad

Impact of communication errors in business that can be bad

Did you know that the impact of communication errors in business can be fatal to the sustainability of the business? We all know that communication is something that is very important in any business, and good communication must be constantly observed and applied.

Communicating is a process of exchanging thoughts and information involving two or more people, and using that information to connect with each other. and with good communication, we give the information we have to others in need.

In the business world, communication has a very important role, for example for the marketing process, business meetings with others, and so forth. As an entrepreneur usually has the ability to communicate well so that his business goes according to what he expects.

However, as ordinary people sometimes businesspeople can also make mistakes in terms of communicating. And from communication errors, this can lead to misunderstandings between business people so that the impact on the continuity of the business they are living.

And there are times when we do not know the impact of communication errors in business, thus underestimating the problem. However, in the end, as a business actor would have to know it so as not to repeat the same mistakes for the future.

Impact of communication errors in business that can be bad

Here I will explain the five impacts of communication errors in business that can be bad for the future if the errors are persistent and not immediately fixed.

1. There will be misunderstanding

Information that is misunderstood by a person who is communicating will lead to misunderstandings. and this misconception does not mean without effect, it will surely have a bad impact on one's business activities.

Everyone must choose different perceptions and perspectives about something, and often someone's speech is misinterpreted by the other person. This is often the case, but some people find it something reasonable.

But different again when we talk about business, when there is a misunderstanding in communicating it will give a negative impact on both sides. Therefore, as a business actor, we must try to convey and receive information properly and appropriately.

And better still if we confirm all the information available to the other person if indeed we are aware of mistakes, in order to avoid misunderstanding continuously.

2. Making business performance of both parties is not maximal

Basically, the performance that is not maximal in a business can occur due to several factors, and you should know, one of them is due to a misunderstanding of information received.

There are times when a person misunderstands the information he gets, so he does not work as desired. In the end, the performance of the resulting business was not as expected.

3. The business process will never be as expected

Another impact of communication errors in subsequent businesses is that business processes can get messy. When business processes do not match expectations then bad things can happen, such as production is not maximized, sales decline sharply, and there can be a split between two businesspeople

Hence in the business, meetings to exchange notions and information sometimes made the main hall before starting a business, because in order to keep a misunderstanding of misunderstanding of information.

4. Marketing services will decline

In the business or business world, it must be related to marketing and service. And when we talk about the process of marketing and service, it definitely takes the ability to communicate well with others.

While doing marketing, conveying information appropriately and convincing others will have a great impact on long-term sales. Errors in providing information or impressed doubts, in marketing will make the marketing process is inhibited even can fail miserably.

Because customer satisfaction is not limited only to the quality of the product, but also in terms of service. Therefore, businesspeople should have sufficient knowledge to avoid giving misinformation to consumers.

5. Loss of trust from others

This is the most important thing you notice, if most of the information you provide is wrong, then your customers or business associates will begin to lose confidence because assume that what you say is a lie.

So be careful in providing information, because misinformation can lead to misunderstandings, and if misunderstandings last for a long time it will dispel mutual trust. And if the business people are not trusting each other, then your business will fail.

That's the bad effect of any communication in the business that I can say, thank you for reading, and hopefully your business today is more fun.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

MARKET ANALYSIS : The Importance Of Understanding Your Consumer And Your Competition

The Importance Of Understanding Your Consumer And Your Competition

Planning is indispensable for important actions in any commercial segment, regardless of the niche in which the enterprise operates. And it is worth emphasizing that, faced with the turbulent economic scenario that Brazil is going through, any and all commercial activity is subject to face the impacts caused by abrupt changes in the behavior of its consuming public, increasingly fearful and cautious to spend.

The same goes for closely following the trends of its main competitors: the moment demands total attention in the dispute for new customers and also for the loyalty of the public.

In the race for the best conditions to acquire their goods and goods, the public, then weakened by inflation and diminished purchasing power, will spare no effort to find more attractive prices, as well as benefits and advantages.

One of the most assertive and concise means to gather solid data and follow the market of your company's performance is the market analysis.

An Accurate Look At The Current Market Bring More Change Of Success

Imagine a scenario where your product mix counts on potential marketing items at seasonal peaks, such as back-to-school or Mother's Day, for example. How to know, in fact, if your customer is willing to buy it at the conditions and prices offered by your store? Or, imagine that in your catalog, regular marketing items show fluctuations in sales and, consequently, in your revenue.

In both situations, without the information and data needed to assess the demand for your products and the competition offer, any action taken may lead to an even greater imbalance in sales and conversions.

By evaluating the most sought-after products by the public, your store will be able to understand consumer preferences and act by making available and highlighting the items in your catalog that are high in searches.

In this way, measures such as price formation, marketing actions and also sales, such as the elaboration of promotions and offers will have a wider reach, based on the preferences and real demands of the consumer.

It is worth remembering that your more attentive competitors tend to follow the same pattern, investing in the products of greater demand and exit. With the help of market analysis, even competitors' actions can be monitored, giving your business greater chances of competing with more realistic prices and availabilities.

When analyzing your competitors' measures, your team can more accurately calculate the strategies for approaching the public, optimizing stocks and making prices flexible according to the real possibilities of profit,

You need to carefully and realistically assess the breadth of your most aggressive actions, without harming your current revenue with poorly planned price confrontation, and also avoid delays and unforeseen customer service that could harm your brand image.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Small Business Management: 5 Actions That Can Ruin Your Cash Flow

Small Business Management

Did you know that every 100 publicly-traded companies in our country, 75 still have their doors open after the first year? To not be part of the statistic of the 25 companies that close soon in the first months of operation, it is necessary to take care of the financial management of your business. I know that the lack of control in the cash flow is one of the main reasons for the closing of the companies. Some mistakes, such as blending personal finances with legal ones, being dreamy beyond normal, among others, can undermine small business management. So, in order not to let you fall into these and other pitfalls, here I've listed you with 5 actions that can ruin your cash flow!

Do not do daily flow monitoring

Usually, entrepreneurs usually make cash flow monthly. But I point out that you do this control every day, since that way you will know how much you are spending and the amount you will have to save in the future so as not to hinder the flow at the end of the month.

Mix personal accounts with business

One of the biggest mistakes small businesses make is confusing their private accounts with business accounts - I've seen it happen several times! To escape this trap, the solution is to set a monthly amount that you can withdraw from the account, as a kind of salary. If finances are short at the beginning of the business, try at least for the first three months not to mess with the cashier.

Spend money that has not yet entered the cashier

Did you receive a pre-dated check from here a month or did you sell in installments three times? Do not spend the amount that has not even entered the box yet! This will get the flow out of control, and you may get lost amid so much financial disorganization. So spend only what you have received to make planning more realistic.

Do not personally control your business accounts

Many entrepreneurs end up leaving financial issues to their accountant. And this is a mistake that must be avoided. Ideally, you closely follow the company's routine, even in cases where someone already exists for the role. If you can not be in the company every day, try to be there at least twice a week. Often a small problem can become a headache due to carelessness with the cash flow. Remember that it's your business, and no one wants to take care of it any more than you do!.

Escape from reality

Wrong data, unrealistic estimates, among other issues that run away from reality can bring many financial problems in the future for the company. Be as realistic as you can in your predictions, not to take a step higher than what you get. The tip is to be both pessimistic and optimistic. So you make things happen instead of waiting for miracles!

How is the financial health of your company? Have you ever committed any of these mistakes? Let your experience, it may be useful to other readers! And be sure to read my article on how to do your financial planning!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Ideal Colors For a Beauty Salon: The Look of Your Business

Ideal Colors For a Beauty Salon: The Look of Your Business

Ideal Colors For a Beauty Salon: The Look of Your Business, Be it a small or large beauty salon, every business focused on aesthetic care should translate, from floor to ceiling, everything you want to reproduce in your clientele through your visual identity.

So, the decor comes in a fundamental aspect and it can tell a lot about your venture, which are the best colors for a beauty salon.

So, let's talk a little more about this in this post ideal colors for a beauty salon the look of your business so you can see the best options to translate, in different shades, the elegance, professionalism, and comfort that your business has to offer.

Inspire yourself, therefore, in our tips on the ideal colors for the salon!

6 Tips for Choosing Colors for Beauty Salon

As important as choosing the ideal look for the bride or bridesmaids in a wedding, setting colors for beauty salon is a task to which you must devote all your effort.

Check out these tips and start your business with the right look to attract your audience by following the best marketing and design strategies!

1- Colors and decorations: everything to see

When designing your beauty salon project, it pays to pay attention to 3 essential factors:
  1. What kind of business do you intend to launch?
  2. What sensations do you want to provide to your target audience and your salon?
  3. What kind of decoration best suits your salon?

With these answers, you already have a good direction on the ideal colors for your salon.

This is because beauty salons usually cherish light colors, but can mix shades without any problems. And, knowing your business proposal, you already know which shades to exclude from your range of options.

For example, aesthetics salons combine more with the clean look they want to translate into the skin of their audience. Therefore, dark tones, such as black, can cause immediate consumer estrangement.

In addition, the decoration of the environments also directly influence the colors selected to compose your beauty salon. So, rustic decorations should be idealized with the best colors to compose this decorative style - and also, as long as it is aligned with the proposal of your venture, of course.

And finally, it's critical to think about the kind of feeling you want to create for your consumers while they are on your premises.

Hence the importance of knowing the main meanings of colors! Do you know what they are?

2- The best colors for a salon and the impact on the consumer

A good tip to choose the colors of your beauty salon is to translate them into the concept of the four elements known to mankind, according to Feng Shui: water, earth, fire, and metal.

Each of them is represented by different shades, which allows for incredible variations to decide for the best colors for your salon.

Let's go to them:

3- The fire between the colors ideal for beauty salon

Combining warm colors brings high spirits, passion and creativity to what you do. They are, for example:
  • The Red
  • The pink
  • Yellow
  • The orange

What should be taken into account in these tones is that they can tire your customers. They are, after all, radical and require equally striking personalities in their salon. Use them cautiously to reach a more diverse audience.

4- The representativeness of the earth in the best colors

From floor to walls and beams, it is possible to bet on shades of brown, green and other neutral shades. After all, this kind of color seeks to bring relaxation, comfort, and warmth.

Therefore, it is a good possibility, for example, for beauty salons that also offer relaxation services, such as massage and acupuncture, among others.

5- The metal among the best colors for beauty salon

From bronze to gold; From silver to white. Metals are already a fundamental part of most beauty salons, and can also be among the colors that are ideal for your salon.

Thus, it is worth considering the use of them if the highlight of your business is purchasing power, luxury, and prime quality.

The idea is to make everything that glitters in your salon reflect what you do with the same glamor: the decor, the services provided, you and your clients, of course.

6- The water represented in your salon

Classical, but also modern, water, in Feng Shui, gains representativeness in blue, purple, light shades of green and shades of white.

Thus, it helps to create feelings of peace, charm and even comfort in the clientele. Being therefore versatile for different types of the salon.

Now, we ask you: Have you any questions about choosing the best colors for a beauty salon?

Share with us in the comments field of this post your questions or even the ideas that you already use in your salon and how the color combination fell well in the taste of your audience!