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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

3 Tips For Enhancing The User Experience Of Your Online Store

Tips For Enhancing The User Experience Of Your Online Store

With a variety of templates that are available to the online store at this time, the problem of usability design, it seems that it's not anymore done by many online store owners. But sometimes there are still people regroup in the desultory look of online stores that they have and is not concerned with the type of business that is on offer. This is actually a big mistake that will bring marketing products offered to be bogged down.

In addition to a good product quality and competitive rates, the success of the online store will not be separated from the look of the site is user-friendly. This is one of the hearts of business success in online stores. The following are things that support the functional an online store into success.

1. Make The Visitors Who Come Are Not Easily Go

To enhance the user experience, make sure You complete web store and no mess, there are a few reasons to make your online store a well-organized and can be used easily by either people or search engines. Any person visiting your online store should be easy to navigate everything on your site so that they remain willing to come and come again. In addition, sites that are search engine friendly is also urgently needed in order for easy online site appears in the search results.

In essence, build a successful online store is an appropriate placement which in placing deals on every customer. A neat layout will always make visitors interested in sight-seeing what is on your site. Easy navigation on the site will certainly further enhance the user experience and will even preach at other people to visit your site. Besides the search engine will also take into account the visibility of a site that is user-friendly.

2. Optimize your Search

Every visitor to the site, most of them will certainly be gladder if as soon as possible what they need immediately found. If visitors cannot find what they are looking for in a time of one minute, most visitors will leave the site to find other sites. The menu at the bar is an important part of the much-used to navigate your site. Therefore make sure that everything looks neat and is also clear.

Be sure to always optimize search functionality on your site, so that all visitors can find the products they need in a folder that is not complicated and make sure there is a wide choice of products. Make all the products that you are offering has some modification, good color, size, model etc. With so visitors would be easy to find things like this sometimes make visitors satisfied and will come back again someday.

3. Offer your product in Detail

All the technical problems that have been mentioned in the above two points are not going to be useful if you could not mention in detail the products you offer. In buying online, surely people will not be able touches the item they buy directly, for it buyers require detailed information about the product being sold. In this case, you do not also have to write the length of your product, but you should provide a structured description, simple but still covers the most important aspects because the buyer should know about it to make choices for buying it or not.

In addition to presenting the content in detail, that image also knows you worth a thousand words, for it to make sure that the photographs and the image you show have a good quality so that the product you offer also looks interesting. If you have time, make short videos about your product, this would really help marketing your product.

One thing that is more important than these three tips above is about the final price of the product you are offering, there is nothing more frustrating than additional costs and also the shipping costs that are sometimes very expensive. It's better for all additional costs and also delivery better-bundled packages with existing products.

That's some tips that we can tell, the end of the word remains the focus with the products you have to offer and good luck.

Monday, November 13, 2017

5 Error Promotional Products Business in Facebook Page Which Should be Avoided

Error Promotional Products Business in Facebook Page Which Should be Avoided

When you start to open an online business venture, of course, you have to promote your business products through social media networks like facebook, twitter, and Google plus, so as to attract more consumers.

Why should through social media networks to get more consumers?

Since almost 80 percent of users of smartphones worldwide has always spent their time to open social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and much more plus other to communicate between fellow media users social and have become the trend of our time. Then, you can take advantage of this situation to do promotional products online business you have.

Talking about the application of social media for business promotional products, any current business entrepreneur more use of social media like Facebook. because facebook has ranked number one who has the most users than other social media applications.

Facebook is a social media network that may be especially appropriate to do promotional business products online. because in addition to having the most users, a Facebook application also provides special services to the promotional products business. You can use the features of the FB ads to promote your products very easily and quickly.

However, in doing business promotion via Facebook, some are saying that they failed to attract consumers through Facebook. Whereas facebook applications is a social media application that is potentially very large to capture consumers compared with other social media. Why does the error happen?

When you do business promotional products online through Facebook, there are a few important points should be avoided so that no failure occurred.

Then, through an article this time I will try to explain a mistake promotional products business in a Facebook page what should be avoided and is often done by business entrepreneurs, so as not to further failure occurred. just you see his comments below.

5 Error promotional products business in Facebook Page

Business observers from the Online Business Guide have summarized 5 mistakes to avoid if you are promoting a business via Facebook in order not to adversely affect your business. Here's the explanation:

1. Post Only discusses the Business sells products only

Business entrepreneurs are often too often do a post on the Facebook page discuss business products only, not about other things so that the consumers do not get bored. That's the most common mistake made. What is the correct way?

The trick is if for example, you have a business selling building materials products, you could post about other useful information such as:
  • How to choose a quality building materials
  • How to use the correct building material

Then, with the way you provide important information such as the above example regarding building materials,, consumers will get more knowledge about building materials. consumer auto and you will be a lot more.

2. Too often do a post for promotional products business

If you intend to attract consumers through a Facebook page, so don't post too often for promotional products business. Why?

Because your followers on Facebook, will certainly get tired of seeing the posting too many business products and they will not be the focus of the business to see the product that you have.

To perform an ideal business promotional products with a minimum has around 9000 followers of Facebook is doing a post just one to two times a day. at the ideal time are Sunday and the weekend.

3. Do not post status about a topic that could offend or alienate customers

At the moment one of the customers see your business product posting on the facebook page, the first activity you wish to view by customers is a personal profile about your facebook status about anything that you have posted.

Then, when customers see your Facebook personal profile, try not to post a status on a topic that could offend or alienate customers. for example, you post your status on religion and politics. Why?

Because the topic of politics and religion could spark a debate among customers on the facebook page the comment column. so they'll lose focus of the business to see the product that you have.

So in conclusion, do post in your facebook profile private only about topics related to your product or business activities while using building materials in your home.

4. Never Argue with a customer who commented negatively about your business products

Important to know that, in the world of business, the customer is King. then give the special services without having to utter harsh words even though they commented negatively about your product. always be professional.

If you do business in product promotion facebook page, of course, there will be an only negative comment about the products your business. Such a thing is something that is common.

Then, to address the problem of customers who commented negatively about the products your business, do the analysis of the product of your own business about mistakes what if could give rise to negative comments on the product of your own business. so you're ready to respond to negative comments in stride and still be professional.

5. Do not use Photos or Video to explain the business products

When you do business in product promotion facebook page just use the writing, then your consumers lack understanding about the products you offer. so they will turn in direction to find information on other facebook business page.

Then, take advantage of the use of the photo or video to clarify how the quality or the workings of your business.

Surveys have proven that business promotional products, on a facebook page with writing that is accompanied by photos and videos get more page views and subscribers, compared to just using the writing course. then maximize the use of photos and videos

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That's some mistakes while doing business promotion through the facebook page that you should avoid before failure come your way. and one more thing that is important to remember is to always be professional in the world of online business. good luck and success.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

6 Online Business Ideas in 2018 That You Should Prepare From Now

Online Business Ideas in 2018 That You Should Prepare From Now

2018 has been on the door, as an internet marketing course should have a plan for what business will be run. Whether to develop an existing one or want to start something new. Whatever your plan, which is certain in 2018 will be a lot of good opportunities for online business. And you must prepare from now.

What online business will be crowded in 2018? Business observers from Online Business Guide have summarized 6 online business trends in 2018 that will be booming. Are you ready? Let's get ready for today.

1. Business online courses

Looking at 2017 community enthusiast who chooses to study through online courses that are increasing, then it is estimated that in 2018 will experience a very significant increase. Therefore for those of you who have skills as an online tutor teacher, immediately prepare the studies starting today. The most sought-after possibility of science seekers through online courses is the programming language. Are you a powerful programmer? blessed, because soon you will be flooded with work.

2. Business Graphic Design Services

Furthermore, graphic design business is one of the online business opportunities in 2018 that will be more and more later. This opportunity arises because of the high social media users like Instagram and Facebook that post visual content for online marketing purposes.

As we know, there are now so many requests to create interesting visual content, be they images or video. These requests usually come from online businesses and also companies that require graphic design services at affordable cost.

If you are a freelancer who has expertise in the field of graphic design, immediately prepare yourself from now on. Because there will be many graphic design shops that require your expertise.

3. Business Article Writing Services and Copywriters

Actually now also need the services of article writers and copywriters very much, even arguably not enough writers who can meet market needs. But in 2018 is expected to increase to three-fold. Well for those of you who have the ability to write content and copywriters, do not fear the lack of workmanship. Business opportunities in the field of article writing and copywriter in 2018 will be a great business opportunity. You have to start writing from now because the soaring need for content will make yourself super busy.

4. Online Business Marketing Services

Business in the field of online marketing is already quite crowded right now but predicted internet marketing services business will become one of the largest online business trends in 2018. Some of the most widely used types of online marketing today are Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Blogging, and SEO.

If you have the ability in one of these types of online marketing, then this could be a business opportunity for you. Of course, before offering to clients, you must collect the portfolio of online marketing campaigns you have ever done. This will be more value for the business you build.

Online marketing will continue to change, but the type of online marketing through Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and SEO is predicted to remain the largest portion of interest in the online business.

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5. Business Website Development Services

According to some people, creating a website is not something that is difficult. However, more still more people who do not understand how to create a website, or it could be the reason they do not want to bother and dizzy create a website for their business.

Although the business is already quite a lot in the world, it turns out the potential of business services making a national or international website is still quite promising. Even some website creation service providers also offer internet marketing services to their clients.

Usually, people who need the services of making this website is the small entrepreneurs who do not understand about the making of the website. Or it could be companies, government agencies, and those who need people who are competent in creating and managing a website.

6. Business Mobile Application Development

With the increasingly widespread users of mobile devices, of course, the need for applications to be increasing, because everyone must have their respective joys. Well if you have expertise in mobile application development, peek from now-level app searches the current trend. The possibility in 2018 will increase to 300%.

Most app enthusiasts in 2017 are mobile device users android type.But in 2018 the possibility for mobile OS users will increase also from previous years. Therefore the business opportunity of mobile application development is one of the 2018 trends.

Conclusion: For those of you who have the skills, 2018 is the right time to show your skill and get ready to generate millions of dollars from online business.

Friday, November 10, 2017

5 Benefits Of Social Media For Business

Benefits Of Social Media For Business

Many people assume that social media is less good to be a source of traffic to the site. Such an assumption could be true if your site is a Google advertising publisher. Because Google wants publisher sites to get traffic from organic sources. It's so closely related to Google Adwords advertising business.

Unlike the case, if you use social media for business purposes, this is a smart choice. Because social media has become an integral part of society today. Social media is a staple food that they consume every day.

Many entrepreneurs who are involved in online business cannot change their marketing potential from social media. For them, social media has become one of the most persuasive business promotion strategies. With the social media has provided many options for communication between prospective customers and sellers.

Over the past few years, social media has become one of the most effective and very popular resources. Social media allows users to achieve communication easily. That way indirectly has eased in the target marketing and business branding that has become their current strength.

According to some business observers, 92% of marketers have admitted that social media remains the number one in their business. In addition, it also asserts that 72% of marketers use social media to create their loyal fan base.

Social media channels always work well as tools or tools that are easily touched by various circles, so it's easier to promote products, drive traffic to your website and increase your business revenue.

Business observers from Online Business Guide have found 5 benefits of social media for your business and will explain it to you all.

1. Increase the popularity of a product

Social media has given the opportunity to all business people to introduce their products to many audiences. The more profitable, the business can continue to do that without the need to invest large amounts of funds. And you can also promote your brand or products and services at a very low cost.

Social media also lets you reach and engage new or prospective customers while you become familiar with your current customer base.

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2. Increase visitors to websites

Getting visitors to your site from an organic traffic source is not something easy. Even if you use the services of advertisers like Google Adwords is not necessarily successful, due to the tight competition through internet search business.

But with the role of social media, everything becomes easier. You can get a lot of visitors just by diligently searching for friends and making light promotions on your homepage.

You can freely invite them to enter your site without fear of breaking the rules. Or can also spend a little cost to advertise there, you will be more than competing in search engines.

3. Improves site rankings in search engines

To get organic traffic in many search engines to your site, of course, you should be able to increase your site ranking first. With the social media, you can use to improve your site ranking. The more you love your submissions on social media, the more your followers, the more who click on the URL you share, then gradually raise your site's ranking in search engines.

Although it does not feel directly, many entrepreneurs who say, if 58% of organic traffic that comes to its site generated from the role of social media in improving the ranking of the site.

4. Increase conversion opportunities

You can freely make a pot in social media so that readers and prospects who read your writing like, comment or at least react. So you can understand the positive and negative factors based on the audience prism you are targeting.

As you build your fans, you also get a good chance to pass direct interactions with new customers in time. The more you interact with either old customers or new customers, is one way to increase your customer base.

Posts that you create in social media can lead them to visit the site, thus the conversion so increase. Please think about it now and act immediately.

5. Place advertise with low cost

It's not in doubt if social media is the place to advertise at the least cost. In fact, most of the social media can be used for promotion without the slightest cost.

So you can easily increase the constellation without needing to keep in your pockets. You need to do is spend a lot of time to exploit the potential of social media for your business.

Well, that's the 5 benefits of social media for your business. This article was written based on experiences and observations for several months. So if you want to choose social media as your successful bridge in the business world, it is the best choice. Happy business and hope your day is always cheerful.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

5 Cause of Online Business Failure To Know

Cause of Online Business Failure To Know

Of the millions of successful people through online business, no less also fail to fail and eventually stop. Yes, that's the name of the business, sometimes with only a few mistakes can be fatal and lead to failure.

Many people say that success and failure depend on fate. Oh no! that's the wrong mindset. Precisely that success can be achieved if we learn from failure. Or in other words, failure is the key to success.

Maybe you are lucky today, your business is smooth, but you do not get too late because you make a mistake, you will be faced with a psychologist because you are experiencing mental disorders due to your efforts failed.

To anticipate the worst thing to not happen to you, you must know some things that can cause failure in online business. And the following are:

5 Causes of failure in online business that you should know

What I will explain may sound simple to you. Because now you are successful although you often do one of the errors that I will explain. But be assured, if you do not fix that mistake right away, next month or next year, you will not be able to enjoy the winter vacation with your family anymore.

1. To believe in employees

Trust in employee honesty is the main thing in doing business. Because if you have an unbelieving nature, then your sleep will not be sound, and your vacation will be less fun. Because in your mind there is fear that your employees cheat.

But ... To believe that it is not good, sometimes you must plunge yourself to control your company, whether it controls goods and also finances.

Let all your employees know, if for example within 10 days will be a regularly held audit of goods and financial audits. That way, the bad intentions of your employees will be closed. Because they will also be afraid to lose their jobs.

If today you are still entrusting any management company to your employees, and do not perform the audit as I described above, then just wait for the worst day for your business.

2. Too stingy to employees

Basically, every company that will hire employees has already made a written agreement and under applicable law. For example employee basic wage $ 150, money $ 5 per day, and so forth.

But that alone is not enough, a loyal attitude towards employees in order to avoid small frauds that could result in the destruction of your company is still needed.

Occasionally invite your employees to drink coffee or eat beef steaks, for example, it is advisable to establish intimacy and foster a sense of responsibility more of your employees.

Who knows the size of the company's profits of the employees themselves. And they when you profit big but not get a bonus will whisper with his friend, our boss is stingy ..!

I've heard a story from one of my best friends who have a business of chicken cattle. In recent months many received reports that chickens than a week longer will be harvested many who died. Apparently, after investigation, the chickens are not dead, but deliberately cut by employees and sold.

When asked what is the reason? because he never got a bonus from his boss. And because they think that only 10-20 chickens at each harvest will not make the company lose, then they dare to cheat it.

Things like this can happen in an online business, employees engage in forbidden partnerships with buyers, by raising a small price with the deal divided more by two. And many more cheating gaps that can be done by your employees. If you are too stingy.

3. Selling is too cheap or too expensive

For the sake of a great profit, you sell goods at prices above the average market price. You have a pretext of the quality of the goods you sell above the average as well.

Or... in order to master the online market, you sell goods at a price cheaper than the market price, but the goods you sell above average quality.

Both ways above may be today will bring you to its peak. But what you do is an unhealthy business, which will invite jealousy from your competitors. Wait for my destruction that you will experience.

Because your competitors will be jealous, and they can do even more fraudulent things to knock you down.

Healthy competition in online business is not necessarily mutually dropping with fellow competitors. But must have a target to control a certain percentage of consumers of the existing amount at this time, they provide the best service to your customers (not consumers of others).

So with so, your regular customers will bring new customers your site.

4. Does not have good management

Management is the main thing that will take you to the top of the glory or vice versa, will plunge you to the brink of destruction.

Therefore, before starting a business, the most important thing you notice is to manage management as well as possible.

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5. Low in customer service

I am the person who has left hundreds of online stores where I usually shop because I feel less satisfied with their service.

Maybe you would think that I always get a bad thing, or I feel cheated on the price, or I often experience stuff not matching the order. So I leave their online store.

Your estimates are wrong! I left them just because my SMS was not replied, my SMS is slow they reply. I left them because my phone was not answered, my telephone slowly replied.

Because of the usual thing? Oh no..! as your online businessman do not take for granted such a thing. Your customers will be comfortable working with you if served wholeheartedly. So one of the five causes of online business failures you should know is the lack of service to consumers.

That's the five causes of failure in online business that I can convey in this article. Hopefully useful for writers as well as readers. Thank you for reading, hopefully, your business is more successful, and hope your day is always fun.

Compulsory types of insurance you have for protecting business risks

Compulsory types of insurance you have for protecting business risks

Compulsory types of insurance you have for protecting business risks - As we've started to plunge in the world of business, business online, whether it's property business, home business and much, much more, of course, we as a business have never thought about the risk of failure in building a business that will occur later. for example damages, accidents, and unintentional business interruption, thus causing great harm and had gone bankrupt without any compensation.

Then how do I protect the failure of business risks such as accidents, damage and business interruption are not in intentionally so get compensation?

If by chance you have a problem as above, the correct answer is you have to have business insurance.

Compulsory types of insurance you have for protecting business risks

Then the type of business insurance what should I have?

Talking about business insurance, there are a great many types of business insurance you can select and follow. because businesses are an important asset and have the right of access to the various types of insurance to protect your business assets you have.

Below are compulsory types of insurance you have to protect your business risks, so that your business assets will remain safe and secure, although one time there was a bad incident accidental overwrite of your business.

Compulsory types of insurance you have for protecting business risks

Have property insurance

Why must have property insurance?

Every business venture must have a property such as chairs, cabinets, appliances and more. You must have property insurance to protect all of the property in case of fire or theft.

On property insurance does not cover events caused by natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes. But if by chance your area is an earthquake-prone area, you could discuss such matters to the insurances.

Errors and omissions insurance (E & O)

Errors and omissions insurance (E& O) is a business insurance that can protect business risks, in particular, are experiencing losses caused by errors or omissions business owners. can you have this type of insurance because every industry must have its own concerns that will be addressed in the specific policy written for the business that you have?.

Product liability insurance

If you have a business that manufactures a product, you will automatically sell the products in the common market and you would not know how the conditions of the safety or security of the product.

Then, you're in product liability insurance required to ensure your products remain safe

Product liability insurance is useful for protecting your business. This insurance covers and tailored to specific types of products.

Insurance for employees (workers)

If you have a business and already have employees, you are obliged to add to a business insurance policy that is Insurance of employees (workers).

Insurance of employees (workers) includes medical care, disability due to an accident while working, death when employees are at work as well as were injured. then the insurance employees (workers) compulsory you have to relieve the burden of the workers and the owners of the business itself.

Vehicle insurance

If you have a business and already has special vehicles company, we recommend that you ensure, the vehicle completely if things happen to such unwanted accidents.

It also includes vehicle insurance for employees who happened to use a vehicle of the company if the injury time of the accident.

Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance is very useful If your company location in place of natural disasters such as the earthquake occurred, floods etc. The auto company's activity or income will be interrupted and could not be a production during natural disasters take place. In addition, your employees also could not work as usual.

If it happens in the location of your company, business interruption Insurance, increase it so that corporate earnings are missing can insure for a disaster or disruption takes place.

Compulsory types of insurance you have for protecting business risks

That's some obligatory types of insurance you have to protect the business risks that you have to wake up for years, so keep it safe and secure.

So in conclusion, please choose the proper insurance for your company in order to avoid financial losses that may be caused by lawsuits or natural disaster events.

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Before you add insurance to cover the risk of your business, ask your insurers in advance about any insurance that is suitable for the company you have. Maybe useful.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

5 How to Make Money From Internet

How to Make Money From Internet

The growing number of internet users in the world today is experiencing a very rapid increase. This has indirectly provided an opportunity for many people to earn money from the internet. And if we look, online business has become one of the very good business opportunities today.

How not, we often hear some business online earning monthly with a fantastic amount. They earn tens of millions to hundreds of millions per month. It is very tempting.

Surely most of you will immediately tempt to start your own online business, though not yet know how to get money from the internet is right.

But do not worry, because Online Business Guide will teach you how to make money from internet properly!.

5 How to make money from internet

Topics on how to make money from the internet are already often discussed in various online media. But every writer certainly has a different way of delivering. And here I will discuss five simple ways to make money from the internet that is easy to run by anyone.

1. Earn money from advertising media

The simplest way to make money from the internet is to run an advertising medium. As an example of marketing Google Adsense ads on your site/blog.

In addition to Google Adsense is also still a lot of other advertising media that require publishers to market their ads.

Why make money from my advertising media so easy? Because you simply create a site and are filled with unique content and useful to the reader. Once your content is enough, please sign up to be a publisher, then in a few days, you will have started making money.

2. Make money from Android Apps

You do not be surprised first, I mean making money from Android apps does not mean you absolutely must be able to make android apps.

Now many applications offer Rewards, for example, you install an application and complete the task given, if your task is complete then the developer will provide rewards in the form of Rewards.

3. Make money through affiliate programs

How to make money through affiliate programs is a free and easy way. You simply market a product of people, and if the product is sold, then you will be rewarded based on mutually agreed percentage.

For example one of the world's largest affiliates is, where most of its products are in physical form. Categories of products that are sold in the Online Shop is very much, ranging from cheap to very expensive, ranging from small to large. For example books, digital cameras, refrigerators, TVs, air conditioners, chairs, tables, toiletries, kitchen utensils, and others.

4. Make money from Multilevel Marketing online

Online MLM business is a Multi-Level Marketing business that can be run online without having to interfere with daily activities. Unlike the offline MLM is very time consuming and energy, if you are tired then it will not be able to any results.

Now there are millions of Multi-Level Marketing online that you can follow and participate in the program.

5. Earn money by opening an online store

How to make money through an online store is no secret, millions of people have managed to become a millionaire through online store business. If you do not know the basics, please read my article below:

Actually, there are many ways to make money from the internet, I will discuss in the next article. For a while that 5 ways to make money from the internet easily and quickly.

Happy business and hope your day is always fun.

3 Types of Products Are Always Busy Looking For Buyers

Types of Products Are Always Busy Looking For Buyers

Running an online business is not enough just to have a lot of capital and product marketing strategy alone. But you also have to be smart to observe what kinds of products the most sought after by online shoppers.

That way you will never see the goods stacked in the warehouse, and your business will be smooth without having to spend new capital to cover the needs of the market.

Running a business with one or two products I do not think is good if you are in the online business because you will lose many opportunities to make big profits.

Because the internet is filled with billions of people of various ages, gender, and various needs. Yes, I think you already know about it.

But how can you tell about which products are most hunted by online shoppers if you do not have enough information?

By reading this article you are very lucky. Because Online Business Guide is a site that will provide information about online business, be it from the author's experience, as well as various information summarized from various sources that can be trusted.

3 Types of products are always busy looking for buyers

Here I will divulge three types of products most sought after by online shoppers and these three products have brought millions of people to the top of their glory to make money to trillions of online businesses.

1. Women's clothing

Why only women's clothing not with men's clothes? Men do not like shopping for clothes online, while they will spend on women's clothing.

If you are a man, surely by reading this article you will smile yourself. Because you often do this, is not it?.

Instead of just smiling on your own, better start now prepare your financial capital to provide women's clothes that are in great demand.

Keep up with fashion shows in the electronic media, because that's where the emergence of the desire of modern women to find a trusted online store that can cover their needs.

2. Smartphones

Number two is a smartphone. Smartphones have become a staple for every human being, they prefer to walk while holding a smartphone, rather than driving a car without a smartphone.

You may say if that's your bad habit.

That's not a strange thing because smartphones have hypnotized the world, from toddlers to parents would want a smartphone.

And this is one of the great business opportunities for you. You know that recently Google giant company has bought HTC? can not Google also produce itself? is not it android smartphone owned by Google?.

Yes, it's all right, because Google is very smart in glancing at business opportunities. By buying HTC means Google has automatically ruled the smartphone market in Asia.

Then why are you silent? Let's peek the most popular smartphone trend today, and tell your client if your store sells a variety of smartphones from the most expensive to the cheapest.

3. Laptop gaming

You still remember when you were only 5 years old? what do you like best? yes do not be shy, just say if you like playing games. It's the same with me.

So if now after you have a family still likes to play games? just say sometimes, if you feel embarrassed.

If I'm honest, before playing with my wife, I definitely play the game first. :)

And I want to play anywhere, no matter where I work. And to meet my needs, I need a good gaming laptop.

And gaming laptops are a great business opportunity, where millions of gaming maniacs will continue to look for good laptops to run their games.

Let's move, provide a game laptop in your store, prepare a thick sweat lap because your telephone will continue to ring receiving laptop game reservations.

Those are three types of products that will always be in great demand and searched by online shoppers. Congratulations on doing business and have a nice day.

Tips to optimize product marketing business online using mobile devices

Tips to optimize product marketing business online using mobile devices

Tips to optimize product marketing business online using mobile devices - If you are already a plunge in the world of online business and want to be successful, it is most important to note is you have to intelligently perform appropriate online business product marketing target you specify. The meaning of appropriate target product marketing business online is that you have to be smart choose a consumer and you have to choose the right area location or appropriate product you have.

Tips to optimize product marketing business online using mobile devices. Marketing an online business is very important to be planned in advance because the goal is to introduce and promote our products to the public so that it can reach consumers more and want to purchase the products you have.

Tips to optimize product marketing business online using mobile devices

Why you should optimize your product marketing business online using a mobile device?

As we already know, in the world of telecommunications technology at this time, the users of mobile devices such as Smartphones has increased sharply compared to PC users. In addition a mobile device more easy to carry wherever they go.

Tips on how to optimize your product marketing business online using a mobile device, you can take advantage of social media applications as a hyphen such as a facebook, twitter, google plus and many others. Why?

Because Social Media is a tool for communication between users connect mobile devices most trend and popular. In addition to leveraging social media applications, you can also optimize your product marketing business online using mobile devices with how to create a website that contains your online business. and to create a website, you can use the platform blogger or WordPress.

Tips to optimize product marketing business online using mobile devices

Regarding benefits to optimize product marketing business online using mobile devices with a way through the website, according to information from the internet i.e. corporate giants, Google Inc. says that the search engine will see a website version Mobile first before the desktop version in rank in the search engines.

Therefore, you can use this to do product marketing business online using mobile devices with highly intelligent and appropriate target marketing.

That's a little explanation about Optimize product marketing business online using mobile devices.

How I will give you an additional Tips to optimize product marketing business online using a mobile device to you so that it can be more optimally. the following explanation.

Tips to optimize product marketing business Online using mobile devices

Register your online business to the "Google My Business"

Google My Business

If you've jumped on the online business world today, then you have to start with the familiar Google search engines to do product marketing business online. because Google is the number one internet giant company in the world.

How can I order product marketing online business that I have can be traced by Google and can be seen by the whole world?

The trick is to register your online business to the "Google My Business". To register a business online you have to Google My Business, it's easy and free. After you have successfully signed up to Google My Business, then your business can be seen by people around the world while doing a search on Google's search engine associated with an online business you have.

Tips on registering an online business to Google My Business:

Fill in all the information about your online business.
Enter a photo of your online business products as much as possible.

Always Up to date product list updating all of your online business

Always update the business product online is very required. because each consumer always waits for new things or a new product from you. and don't forget to share social media appropriate with target consumers and locations.

Take advantage of social media to optimize product marketing business online using mobile devices

As I've explained above i.e. why should optimise product marketing business online using a mobile device?

Because the survey proves that current users of mobile devices more than PC users to use social media. they spend their time in front of a cell for interacting with a fellow in social media like facebook, twitter, Google plus and many others. Then take advantage of them.

If you use Facebook, use the FB ads to do product marketing online business that you have.

If you create a website in Wordpress, take advantage of the plugin for product marketing business online

Tips to optimize product marketing business online using mobile devices

As I've described above, in addition to using social media for marketing a business online, you can also create a website for product marketing business online, so that the reach of the consumer to trawl more widely.

If by chance you use WordPress to create websites, make use of plugins to optimize your product marketing your online business.

According to my own experience in using a WordPress plugin for online business product marketing, I used the "plugin WPtouch".

WPtouch plugin is a plugin that already is designed specifically for mobile devices increases the speed of website in Google's search engine, image optimization, and many other essential tasks. the point is to support the marketing of your business online.

Optimize the right keyword Searches specifically for mobile device in Google search engine

Still, discuss online business product marketing via the website.

If you use the website for product marketing business online, of course, articles on your site that discusses the product must have a ranking in the Google search engine, it should be on the first page to page three. How do you do?

The trick is to optimize the right keyword Searches specifically for a mobile device in accordance with the Google search engine product online business you have.

To determine the right keywords, you must do the keyword research in advance and you can use the Google Keyword Tool or Google analytics to research the keywords appropriate online business products you have.

Maximize the use of the image for product marketing online business that you have

If you are doing business online product marketing via the website, other than the need to optimize the use of social media, keywords, plugin, and Google My Business that I've described above, you should also Maximize the use of the image for marketing business products online that you have.

The trick is to make an image that presents clearly about your business and does not forget to give a description of the product image of your business.

But before you put up the pictures on the website and by chance you are not using the plugin, do the Compress pictures first so as not to hinder the speed of loading websites. that way, your site has a ranking in the search engines.

Maybe it's just that I can pass on Tips to optimize online business marketing Using your mobile device. Hopefully can help you especially are just starting an online business.

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Tips to optimize product marketing business online using mobile devices

Important to know that, the use of a mobile device in the world of online business currently is indeed highly recommended and preferred in search engines such as Google, when compared to a Desktop device. because mobile device users around the world currently have reached 85 percent.

So in conclusion, take advantage of the marketing of products to optimize your online business to attract consumers who are currently using mobile devices more. good luck.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Risks in Online Business That Must be Known

Risks in Online Business That Must be Known

Life is full of risks, especially when it comes to business. If you do it right, then your risk will be a rich and successful businessman. But if your step is wrong, your risk will be lost and fail.

And the best thing to be aware of is not to get the worst risks. Therefore here I will explain the five risks of online business that must be known.

Before running an online business, it's good you also know what are the risks of the online business. That way, you can easily find ways and solutions to overcome them.

The online business risks you will find

Often people assume that the business risks come from outside only, or from our competitors. Though not a little risk received from the environment around us. And here's the explanation.

1. Strict competition

The Internet has opened up many business opportunities for anyone who wants to do it. And as time goes by, the internet will become crowded and congested by the tight competition. Businesspersons will continue to look for ways to win the competition.

The risk that you have to face is to win the tight competition. But you do not fear because there is always a way to be able to face the tight competition. Business via the internet is very dynamic, and there are always changes from time to time.

2. Market demand is sometimes volatile

Some types of products commonly sold online, such as fashion, there is always a trend that changes from time to time. For those who play in this niche would already understand about this and already have a strategy to be able to meet consumer demand.

For new players, of course, this is a pretty troublesome challenge, especially if you do not have a supplier of goods that are always there. Things like this ever happened to my friend while running an online store business a few years ago. If there are new fashion trends and demand that many, consumers tend to prefer online stores that have stock of goods rather than waiting for stock in our online store

For beginners, I would recommend selling a product whose trends are running longer rather than products that often change trends.

3. Still a fraud attempt

Fraud can be done by the buyer and also the seller. As an online businessman, we will be faced with the risk of meeting prospective buyers who turned out to be a man who had the intention to cheat.

The online buyer fraud mode is quite diverse, ranging from proof of fake transfer, payment is not in accordance with the nominal, and so forth. As a beginner, you must be prepared to face the risk of this one online business.

4. Provision of merchandise

The process of procurement and supply of goods is one of the risks of online business that must be considered because we can lose a lot of consumers when the goods sold are not available. Goods that run out and long restock will make our business lost many prospective buyers.

When you sell your own product, then the challenge is the procurement of goods that we must control ourselves. Of course, this needs special attention, because the goods sold must always meet the standards.

If you sell products from others such as resellers, then the challenge is the availability of these items in your suppliers. The solution is to ensure cooperation with suppliers who always have enough inventory and can communicate well.

5. The Process of Goods Marketing

Have an online business with products that many people need does not mean your business can automatically be successful. In addition to the product, the key to success in doing business online is the marketing process.

Not all online businesses can market their products in an effective way. Actually, it is not a strange thing because each person has a different skill in terms of internet marketing. And internet marketing itself there are many ways, both free and paid.

Some internet marketers prefer Search Engine Optimization for long-term marketing. While some others prefer Google Adwords or Facebook Ads ads to market their products. Whatever the way it is done, for fruitful and profitable can certainly continue to be applied and maximized.

In addition, often this internet marketing requires trial and error to find what kind of campaign is most effective for selling certain products. Learning some marketing methods and doing trial and error in marketing will make you discover how internet marketing best suits your online business.

Thank you for reading, good luck and success always for you.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

How to Increase Sales Through Social Media

how to increase sales through social media

I am sure you are an intelligent person. A person who has a steel mentality in business. Because what I'll explain this time is a business strategy that requires patience, courage, and hard work. What is it? ... I will explain How to increase sales through social media.

How to Increase Sales Through Social Media

Social media commonly used by entrepreneurs to market their products is very much, but I will only explain about the three social media only, namely:
The three social media that I mentioned above is the most hunted by business actors because that is where the gathering of billions of people from all over the world.

There are children, teenagers, adults, parents, men and women who must be a percent of your product enthusiasts.

Then why do you just sit still waiting for your site's organic traffic? Or just rely on money to pay advertisers to bring visitors to your site? Why not start using social media to trade ?.

Do not say no! ... Because Online Business Guide is a site that will teach you to be a great businessman. By taking advantage of all the opportunities that exist, the one thing is to teach you how to increase your sales through social media.

Are you ready? Let's get started!.....

1. Marketing products through facebook

Facebook is a social network where people's seas are gathered from different sexes and ages. Even a toddler alone already has a facebook account? Why can? Yes, the parents created the account.

Now you invite your child to open facebook, show something interesting for them, like a toy car. What would your child say? I'm sure your child will point his finger at the screen and say: "Daddy I want that". You may smile and say, "This is a great opportunity for my business".

Where to start?

Create a facebook page
Make a page on facebook with an interesting look, include pictures of your product. Then link the facebook page to your site.

Start making some posts relevant to the product you are selling.

Make friends with thousands of people who like your product. This requires precision and patience, as you have to see what they like.

Give comments that compliment your friends, make his heart like you. You must be able to take your friend's heart to get a response from him. That's one business strategy.

Read: How to attract attention and please customers.

The more friends who like you will be more and more who want to see your facebook page. And that's where your business will start running, you will successfully increase sales through Facebook.

2. Product marketing through Instagram

Instagram is a social media where the gathering of people who are more than the middle class and above, though not close to the bottom. Really a very good prospect if your Instagram makes a means to grow your business.

Where to start?

Upload to your Instagram account interesting pictures and videos around your product. Follow those who like your product, the more you follow people on Instagram, the more you follow.

Once you have a lot of followers, start marketing your product to them, and that's where you will start to get results from your efforts.

3. Product marketing through Instagram

Twitter is also not less good than Facebook and Instagram to be a place to sell. There is a gathering place for artists and politicians, you can attract artists to be interested in your product.

Spread your products on Twitter, follow and like many users there, the more you follow and like Twitter users, then they will gradually glance at your product.

That is how to increase sales through social media that I can deliver on this occasion. Congratulations on doing business and I hope your day is always fun.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

How to Increase Sales With SEO

How to Increase Sales With SEO

What I mean by "Increase Sales With SEO" is bringing millions of visitors to your site by using SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimization).

Now try to think of it, in the search engine there are thousands even millions of human beings are looking for something that actually exists on your site. While the site you are currently the most distant, are they going to get to your site? If your product will be sold? Of course not.

Now you are trying to type the name of an item that is on your site in the search engine. Why are there other sites that appear at the top of search engines and are not ads?

The answer is SEO, they have done the right thing, bringing many visitors to the site with excellent SEO techniques.

Now my question, What have you done to increase sales? Do you use advertising services? Or are you using social media to promote your site? If not, why do not you try to use SEO as a way to increase your product sales?

You should not be ashamed to answer if you do not understand it.

With the help of this article, I strongly believe that you will understand and will do very well.

Increase sales with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What is SEO? SEO is an attempt to explain to the search engine if our site there is something relevant to that searched by internet users.

Well, simple is not it? Then why they say that SEO is very difficult and must use SEO services? That's their business strategy, if you can why not do it yourself? You will be the luckiest human, you will save money and get a lot of profit. Believe me.

Then how to apply SEO techniques so that your site and products can easily be raised at the top of search engines?

Understand how search engines work

Then how does the search engine work? Search engines are designed to understand human needs, after which search engines will search the sites that are most relevant to the human's wishes.

Your job is to give a detailed explanation of the search engine to direct your visitors to the site.

Actually, SEO technique is very easy, just four things you have to do.
  • 1. Relevant title
  • 2. Use brief and clear descriptions
  • 3. Describes the product
  • 4. Add captions to images

1. Relevant title

How to create relevant titles should be short but clear, for example, your store is a leather football seller. Then make the title "Sell football boots of genuine leather".

By just reading the title alone, potential visitors will be very interested to enter your site so your sales volume will begin to increase.

2. Use brief and clear descriptions

In order for the search engine to better understand the title, it is necessary to give a brief and clear explanation, for example if you use the title "Sell Football Shoes From Genuine Leather "So a good description is: "Stores are a site that sells various types of soccer shoes with original leather base".

3. Describes the product

I think you better understand this. Explaining about the product is very important to increase sales, you have to know as much detail about the product, then explain in your article.

Let the prospective buyer read the description of the product to buy, and remember, not because you want to top the search engine rankings, you use false words in order to trick search engines.

That SEO should be prioritized for humans, not for search engines, but it will automatically search engines can also understand it.

4. Add captions to images

When inserting an image in an article, you are required to provide an explanation of the image. The goal is for search engines to understand the image because search engines can not read images if not using information.

If you follow all of my suggestions, wait in the next few weeks, your site will be flooded with buyers, and your product sales will increase sharply.

That is how to increase sales by using SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimization). Congratulations on doing business and have a nice day.

How to attract attention and please customers

How to attract attention and please customers

Before I discuss how to attract and delight customers who shop at your store, I want to invite you to ponder for a moment.

Try to think that you are a buyer. What do you want from the seller in the store where you are shopping?
  • You want good stuff but the price is cheap?
  • Do you want to be warmly and wholeheartedly served?
  • Would you like to be given a chance to get a discount?
  • Do you want to get a change when you find the unfairness of the goods you have bought?
  • You want the seller in the shop to apologize while smiling for making a mistake?
I'm sure everything I say is true because that's what everyone wants. Pleasing customers is your main task in doing business.

How to attract attention and please customers

Once you can position yourself as a buyer, now position yourself as a seller, can you comply with all customer desires?

You should be able to tell! Because the only way that you draw attention to customers, and wait a couple of days ahead, your store will be met by prospective buyers queued up.

1. Give good stuff at a slightly cheaper price

Many people who have the wrong mindset, they sell goods at high prices, with the hope of a quick profit. That's true, but ... the next few days you will lose a lot of customers because they will run to the store that sells the goods for a cheaper price.

Let's change the mindset like that, we learn from entrepreneurs from China, they control almost 60% of the world's capital markets because they are able to sell good stuff but the price is slightly cheaper.

2. Prioritize quality

Quality is the main thing in boosting sales, pay attention to your merchandise before deciding to sell it. When you see the slightest lack, separate do not put together, you can sell it another way.

3. Discount the price

Taking the hearts of customers is not so difficult, giving a small discount on the price you set is enough to attract attention. Remember that besides you have millions of other sellers, you should be able to compete, but ... lest you drop the market price, stay in a healthy business corridor.

4. Provide full warranty

Maybe the moment before the goods you send everything is fine. But it could be the goods are damaged at the time of delivery.

Or it could be, you or your employees are less thorough, so do not see if the goods there are little defects.

It is certain that once the item gets to the buyer, your phone will ring, and you will receive a cry "why with my stuff?".

You do not panic let alone behind the scold, you should immediately say, madam or lord, calm it, we will replace our goods following the cost of delivery.

5. Friendly and patient-serving customer complaints

Sometimes human nature is different, there are friendly in complaining, there is also a scolding. Faced with any situation, you must remain calm and patient to serve.

Say sorry to them, and give assurance that the mistress or the master will not lose a bit of shopping in your place.

Those are some tips or ways to attract and delight customers, so they want to go back to shop at your store, even they will come with friends and family.

Thank you for reading, congratulating on business, and success always for you.

Friday, November 3, 2017

How to Promote The Site to Get Lots of Visitors

How to promote the site to get lots of visitors

Surely you will be confused when your site is quiet, how your product can be sold if no one is visiting your site. Therefore you should know how best to promote the site to get lots of visitors.

How to promote your site or product can be done in several ways, and the most common way is to do 3 things. Among them:
  • 1. Promote to search engines.
  • 2. Promoting through social networking.
  • 3. Using the services of advertisers.
With three ways above can be sure your site will be crowded visited by visitors. But there are some things you should know so that visitors who come to your site are visitors who want to buy your merchandise, not just the audience.

1. Promote the site through search engines

Promoting a site through a search engine is the simplest way but the result is very effective because there are hundreds of thousands maybe even hundreds of millions of potential visitors looking for something they want there.

But ..... You have to know too, if there are hundreds of millions of sites competing to attract visitors to their site, including you of course. Therefore if you decide to use a search engine as a place of promotion, you must understand about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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2. Promoting through Social Networking

Social networks like Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Instagram and so on are the best places and also free to promote the site and products. But you must be smart in choosing a bunch of people there, lest you offer flowers to people who do not like flowers. That's an example.

If you are wrong to offer, your site will be crowded but its content is just people who are confused, and they will leave without your intention to return again.

3. Promote the site through the services of advertisers

If I think the third is the best option, with a little cost but you will get multiple benefits. Provided you are not wrong in choosing an advertiser of your product.

There are two advertiser services that you can use to promote your site and products, including:

1. Google Adword

Yes, Google Adword is the best choice, as your site and products will be promoted to relevant places, and will bring in visitors from different countries, as the Google Adwords reach is international.

And visitors who will come to your site will come from search engines and from sites that discuss your product (but not sell it).

2. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is also still a great choice of places to offer your site and products because there are billions of people accumulated, and Facebook ads will offer your product the right set of people.

Do you now know how to promote your site and products to get the most appropriate visitors.?

Happy business and always a success.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Tips On Creating a Site For Online Stores

Tips On Creating a Site For Online Stores

Do you intend to create an online store? You want your phone to keep ringing to receive orders? You want your consumers interested to see all the products you sell and buy them? If so, you must know how to create a site for a good online store and liked by the buyers.

Here I will explain some things to consider in making the site for the online store so that your site visitors have a strong desire to buy your product.

1. The name or brand of your site

When you start creating an online store site, the first thing you should look at is to determine the name or brand of your company. Give a name that is relevant to the product you are going to sell, there are two choices in determining a good name for an online store site, ie:
  • Use your name by including the product. As an example: "Gerry Fashion" your name is Gerry, the product that you will be selling is covering all kinds of fashion.
  • Using the product and the place where your store is located, such as "California clothing store", so your potential buyers will know if your store is in California, so the prospective buyer's desire will be stronger, and even more likely, your buyer will come directly to your store.

2. Use a quality hosting service

To achieve something big, you must dare to spend a large capital as well. Never use a cheap hosting service that is at risk of interruption in the server.

Do not let the incident, prospective buyers want to settle the payment, suddenly your site server is a nuisance, they will not think well, but will assume if there are fraudulent attempts.

Are such assumptions exaggerated? I think not, try to position yourself as a buyer, definitely think you will be the same as them. So, therefore, in choosing the hosting that will be used for the manufacture of online store sites, use a quality hosting service.

3. Use a bright template

99 out of 100 visitors to online store sites prefer a brighter site display, so it's best to store online sites it is more advisable to use a template with a predominantly white or green color.

Because the two colors will be very contrasted with any items posted on your site, or you can also use yellow, although sometimes the color is slightly painful to the eyes of visitors.

4. Use product merchandise layout with grid mode

Grid mode layout is a favorite of visitors online store sites because they can freely see the products they will buy. Even according to some trade experts, with a grid mode layout, it will create tremendous appeal to anyone who sees it.

In addition to other advantages when using the grid mode layout, all your merchandise will look very attractive, although there are some products that are classified as mediocre.

5. Complete with address and phone number and email

The three things are address, phone number and also email is included mandatory requirements that must exist on the online store site because it will facilitate your customers in interact with you.
  • If they know your full address, maybe they will come directly to buy.
  • Phone numbers are a means by which buyers can inquire directly about the products they will buy.
  • Email is a means of interacting with buyers and sellers at a very low cost, they can ask questions and complaints completely.

6. Use one or more account numbers with one name

If you decide to sell online, you have to be prepared with all the consequences, online business is full of deceit, so public trust is the main thing that you should prioritize.

For means of payment or billing would require an account, and remember, do not use multiple accounts with different owner names, because it will reduce the confidence of your prospective buyers.

That's some of the best tips you should do in creating a site for online stores to make your site a lot of visitors, many buyers and trusted by many buyers.

Friday, April 21, 2017

3 Internet trends for business in 2017

3 Internet trends for business in 2017

The internet offers more and more solutions for those who have a business and digital marketing is one of the possibilities to succeed in the sales and propagation of the company. To help entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who want to invest in this online market, Fabio Ricotta, a specialist in Digital Performance Marketing and CEO of AgĂȘncia Mestre, listed three opportunities to take advantage of in 2017.

Inbound Marketing

"Throughout 2016 we confirmed that the strategy is very solid and can generate great results if applied in the right way. I saw a case in which sales of an e-commerce increased 400% using Inbound Marketing, "he says.

The specialist explains that in 2017 the market will implement much more strategy and for those who will start their own business, it is essential to acquire an efficient tool for managing leads - which are the contacts that can be transformed into customers - to do a personal planning, Purchase day and develop all channels of acquisition.


Ricotta says that one of the other trends for the coming year is the delivery of value to the customer through personalization, be it content, materials, points of connection with the audience, among others. "In the case of Inbound Marketing, for example, you can get to know your people better and their buying time, and from there you can personalize emails, ads, offers, approaches and even content such as e-books and videos "He explains.


One of the best opportunities for business will be investing in videos. This is what says the businessman, who since 2015 bets on the format to produce content on Digital Marketing. "I think 2017 will be a strong year for the videos, because broadband is being disseminated in the world, and with more people with quality internet access, more videos will be consumed."

The specialist concludes that it is ideal to add these three opportunities. "Do not consider them in a segmented way, because the three boards will be mandatory in various strategies and will make a difference in several markets."

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Time To Start Your Business

Time To Start Your Business

At some point, you thought about starting a business, a business or a project. At various times you had brilliant, wonderful ideas. You then visualized how this idea would change your life. It would make you a better person, help people around you, bring more income to your family.

But it was a few seconds, a few minutes ... and you went back to what you were doing, to your routine. Or he did nothing else. What could be another website shining on the internet, plus a company or a business generating income and jobs, did not happen.

With each new day you have a new choice: create something new, or continue doing the same thing you always did.

I'm here to tell you that creating something new is possible: with the advancement of technology, the cost and time required to start a business or product has dropped precipitously in recent years.

Check out 5 key steps to launch your own business and the solutions for each of them.

1. Business plan

To understand the market potential that your product has, you do not need very complex searches. Some online tools allow you to quickly identify a favorable scenario, or not. You can use Keyword Planner, Adwords, or SEM Rush to understand the volume of searches performed on Google for the product and/or service you want to offer. Even here, you can understand how much the clicks on your ads will cost and estimate the investment needed to get it on the internet.

Want to go deeper into your research? The crowdsourcing platforms were designed to raise funds for the business you want to accomplish, right? But you can do a lot more, how to understand how many people actually want to buy your product or service and how much they are willing to pay for it, without the need to manufacture it. That is, it is no longer necessary to produce something for people to test and decide whether they want to buy or need it. Crowdsourcing platforms have reversed this cycle and made it much easier to launch new products and services.

2. Creation of the brand and visual identity

A few years ago, in order to create your brand, it was indispensable to hire a professional designer or an agency, which is great, though, expensive. If you need to start a business and want a professional-looking visual identity, get in touch with services like WeDoLogos. In a short time, this network of designers can bring good visual proposals to your company, and you only pay for the option you like.

3. Online presence

The cost and complexity of having an online presence, that is, an internet channel (website, store, or blog), has dropped significantly. There are already specific plans and services for each level of expertise and need that a person may have.

For example:

  • Do not you know what HTML is? No problem. There are already solutions, such as Site Builder, that allow anyone, even without design and programming knowledge, to easily create a website in just a few steps. You can click, drag and delete elements, and play with images and text content. It is an affordable, easy-to-handle solution that can be your gateway to the online environment. Worth a try!
  • For those who have an intermediate level in HTML and know how the environment of a blog works, there are solutions that meet this profile, such as WordPress Hosting. It is a service optimized for those who want to have a blog or website that is easily editable and updatable. The control panel is simple to use and comes with a tool that performs automatic backup.

  • Are you programming expert and need a customizable environment? A VPS server is a feature that provides root access, that is, allows you to install and configure systems according to your needs in relation to your site or virtual store, such as choosing scripts, software and other settings.

  • For those who have a website or e-commerce that has a lot of traffic, that is, many daily visits, a dedicated server is the best solution. This type of service provides full control over the hosting environment, making it fully managed by the client. The infrastructure is robust, and the performance and processing power are very high. For this solution, HostGator technical support is also done via WhatsApp with a team of experts.

  • Also, if your intention is to set up your own business in the field of web hosting and online presence, it is indicated the reseller hosting service, which gives the flexibility to manage hosting plans and provide this service to own customers.  

4. Launching Your Project

Putting your website on the air is a big step, but you need to publicize your business and attract visitors. Before, it was necessary to take expensive courses and spend a lot of time to learn how to perform such actions. Currently, there are portals such as Alura (100% in Portuguese), Coursera (partially translated) and excursions (100% in Portuguese) that allow you to study with teachers from the best universities and schools in the world for an affordable value ), And various workloads and complexity levels, from 4 hours to 2 months in duration.

5. Business management

Do you have no background in administration, finance or sales? This is no longer a problem. Sebrae offers several tools to control cash flow, structure the cost of its products, map and identify competitors, among others. Already Endeavor brings 50 tools to assist in running a business, creating a sales plan for the 360 - degree assessment of the business.

The world has never been so supportive of new opportunities.

How about starting your business?

Should I Purchase A New Domain Extension For My Site?

Should I Purchase A New Domain Extension For My Site

Driven by the saturation in the volume of extensions of most popular domains, the new generations of first level domains have been gaining space and world trend status on the internet. Do you already own a domain? Learn why this should not be an excuse not to pay attention to the new domain extensions available for use.

Verisign, the world's leading provider of domain registration and internet security, released data from a survey conducted in 2016 that points to more than 143 million URLs using ".com" and ".net" extensions, And another 149 million that use acronyms of countries, like ".br". Still, there are 41 million domains that make use of other extensions, among others many published data.

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Faced with this scenario of scarcity in relation to the traditional ".com" and ".net" extensions, ICANN ( Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), which controls the granting of domains and extensions to the Internet worldwide, has A project that is expanding the number of generic domain extensions, the gTLDs. The result of this action will be the significant increase of new possibilities of domain names available for registration. An example is the existing generic extensions ".tech", ".host", ".space", ".me", ".mobi", ".press", among other creative and innovative alternatives to this question of demand faced currently.

Reasons to purchase a new domain extension for a website.

Ok, you already have a registered domain, and your site has been active for some time. So you must be wondering "why should I think about changing my domain or buying a new extension available?" Here are some reasons.

Boost the brand's breadth

Acquiring an existing domain in a new extension can increase the reach and coverage of a brand on the network, as it gives scope for a domain to be found in different ways. For example, a site can use an extension , , and so on. This is not to say that you necessarily need to stop using the traditional "", but rather, add other options, increasing the competitive advantage.

Another very important reason is that by acquiring the brand name in new extensions, you become the owner of them and automatically prevent another company from making use of the same name, to a different extent, by changing only the TLD. In the competitive environment in which we currently live, being aware of and protecting a brand is very important. As there are many combinations available, the tip is to focus only on the most relevant to the business. In this case, the user will be directed to the site in question by accessing any of the extensions, increasing the chances of conversion on your site.

Strengthen brand identity

Owning a domain with an extension that complements the name of a brand or company is a great way to consolidate your identity. Many of the new domain extensions refer to a specific type of interest, business or location. This facilitates the understanding of users and consumers in relation to a specific product or service.

If you have doubts about the user's adaptation to this news, do not worry. The level of adaptation in relation to the evolution of new devices and platforms is more than proven with the innovations launched in the market in recent times, besides the fact that it is a change that gives a better experience in the digital environment.

But what about the SEO of my site?

Google has already stated that new extensions will be treated in the same way as existing ones, requiring the same settings and having the same weight when indexing, sorting and crawling the URL. In this explanatory video, it is clear that search engines continue to rely on the relevance of site content, among other issues, rather than on registration time or type of domain extension.

Step by step to change a domain

If you want to change the domain of your site, know that this is possible, but some care is needed not to undermine the existing indexing and all the SEO work that has already been done. The search engines see a new domain as something that starts from scratch so that a site does not lose position in the migration process, one must follow a step by step proposed by Moz, a world reference in SEO services:

  • Create a current site sitemap
  • Create new site content
  • Set up and install the new domain
  • Register and verify domains (new and old) using Google Webmaster Tools
  • Develop a 404 page, with a custom message, directing the user to the new address
  • Test the redirects from the old domain to the new domain in an online testing environment
  • Perform 301 redirection from the old domain to the new one - key point for the migration to succeed
  • Send the old domain sitemap to Google and Bing
  • Fill out the Change of Address form of Google Webmaster Tools
  • Make a sitemap of the new domain and send it to Google and Bing
  • Check the updates and the diagnosis given by Google Webmaster Tools, and correct the errors that are pointed out
  • Analyze search results on engines, making sure the new domain is being indexed

The process may seem a bit complex, but by following this step-by-step it is possible to perform a trouble-free domain migration.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

How to Build a Cheap Virtual Store

How to Build a Cheap Virtual Store

Want to know how to set up a cheap virtual store for my business? This question I have heard countless times and the answer begins with an expression I particularly detest; It depends.

Unfortunately it would not have otherwise, because the concept of cheap virtual store depends a lot on the circumstances. First, we must evaluate what budget is available for the e-commerce project , obviously including digital marketing.

What's more, what is a cheap virtual store? The low-investment virtual store or the one that, because of its resources, generates such a return that the initial investment and the maintenance lose much of its expression in terms of expenses for the creation and maintenance of an e-commerce?

As I have just demonstrated, the term "cheap virtual store" varies greatly depending on the approach. But let's focus on the most common understanding of how to build a cheap virtual store, where the initial investment is very small.

Is there a cheap virtual store?

Of course, it exists. The Brazilian market already offers cheap solutions for virtual stores with prices starting from $ 100.00 or even less. The question then becomes: Why do some stores cost so much more.

The answer is simple; Resources. The price of a virtual store varies in the direct ratio of available resources, such as everything in life. A BMW is more expensive than a Fiat Uno because of the features it offers. That simple.

When in other articles I say that there is no free virtual store the basic argument is the same. Why would anyone invest the time, money and technology to develop an e-commerce platform for you to make money without being paid for it?

I have been criticized several times for saying that free virtual store does not exist, but my argument is simple and irrefutable, the cost may not be in the system, but at some stage of the process of purchase, configuration or hosting, there is a built-in cost that pays Directly or indirectly the system developer. Nothing juster.

A virtual store is worth what it offers

A common question that we come across in our e-commerce consulting is the question of the value of the e-commerce platform .

Many people come to us with the distorted view that they can set up a virtual store with a few swaps. This is not so. An e-commerce project is not restricted to the purchase of the virtual storage system. In fact, this is one of the lowest costs of a virtual store today.

Digital marketing is the hallmark of modern e-commerce. Issues such as SEO design for e-commerce, sponsored links, email marketing and social media marketing are increasingly decisive for a successful e-commerce.

What are the options of low investment virtual stores?

The Brazilian market is full of options for those who are in search of how to set up a cheap virtual store. The choice will depend on the resources you have. I'll explain.

There are basically two options for you to open a virtual store without spending too much on the system, one of the most expensive elements of any business.

The first is you create the store yourself, from ready-made templates, also known as Open Source e-commerce platforms. The two most indicated are Magento and WordPress.

The Magento is a more robust system, and I can say quite complicated, especially if you're not used to it. So we would leave that option to those who really have deep knowledge of systems, which your is not the reality of most people.

The other option, even in the area of own systems, is to build your store using WordPress, a simple platform that is capable of producing stores of the highest standard, with a low investment and does not require so much programming knowledge as well.

The option that does not involve programming is to go to a leased virtual store, ready systems that you pay for the right of use and can already leave setting up as soon as the contract is signed between you and the system supplier.

The cost in this case varies greatly depending on the system you intend to adopt. In our section of Suppliers of E-commerce Platforms you will see stores that cost from $ 100 and account for the market. This is a very viable option for those who want to build a virtual store without spending a lot of money.

How to advertise a virtual store without spending too much

This is another big challenge for anyone who is looking to know how to set up a cheap virtual store and to be defeated depends only on their personal commitment. Of course, there are digital agencies specializing in e-commerce , but the amount to be invested is not what you can call cheap.

So, if the budget for setting up a virtual store is short, the best option is to start with the marketing of your own resources, and the best way to achieve this is the areas of SEO, search engine optimization and marketing social media.

In the case of SEO, you will seek to put the pages of your store in the best possible settings on the Google response pages. It's not easy, but the result is simply sensational in terms of sales.

For this, the best way is to take a good SEO course and learn the techniques to achieve positions of relevance in Google. These techniques do not involve programming, but require a thorough knowledge of the method.

The other way is the spread in social media. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great allies at this time and with a good campaign, using the right techniques and an extremely professional approach, you can turn your Facebook page into a true sales machine.

Also in this case, we recommend that you train yourself, for a Facebook marketing campaign, for example, there are appropriate techniques that will ensure you a good return.

The best way is also to empower and seek a good course of Facebook Marketing is one of the best ways to ensure good results in this area as well.

Now that you already know how to set up a cheap virtual store, if the problem was the resources, the path of the stones has already been given.